Game Reviews Are Now Just PROPAGANDA (Part 1) -

Game Reviews Are Now Just PROPAGANDA (Part 1)

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  1. I said "what does that even mean" just a second before you did lol

  2. Ahhh you put too much trust into the companies on not being paid

  3. Whenever you say "downward spiral" it always takes me back to EmpLemon.

  4. unfortunately user reviews are hardly ever actually a real score, if people don't like it they give it 1/10 lol, but even so it shows how much people dislike it regardless of numerical rating

  5. I never listen to mainstream reviews. You have to get your reviews from people with the same interests as you. Professional reviewers are worthless nowadays. Cheers.

  6. "Remember lads, Anthem is good, Rimworld is heteronormative, and va11halla (a visual novel) is bad because it's not an action game." – PC Gamer, the kings of corporate cuckhold

  7. While you're right that this is the case with reviews, the word "now" in your title ignores the fact that this was already a huge problem back in the 1980s, when gaming was still in its infancy. From someone alive and gaming at the time, believe me, I saw the same crap back then.

  8. Oh IGN is payed of for sure i mean everytime; The best game of the series so far…

  9. I trust Giantbomb. If anyone is unfamiliar Jeff Gerstmann, the co-founder, he was fired from Gamespot because he refused to give better reviews to games whose developers were advertising on the site.

    That said anyone who trusts any reviewer to decide for them whether they're going to like a game or not is just asking to be fleeced. I trust Giantbomb to tell me if a good is quality made, but I do my own research as well. I'd never buy a game day one. I do like Magneto said in the 3rd X-Men movie and let the pawns (Early Adopters) go first. I watch gameplay videos and twitch streams of the game and then decide if I want to try it out, and even then I'd only ever buy a game on a platform like steam that lets me try a game for a short period and have the option to refund it if I end up not liking it.

  10. What’s this? A comment section on YouTube where people are having civil discussions and openly debating what they disagree on without acting like middle schoolers?
    BRB I’ve gotta check outside to see if pigs are flying

  11. The only glowingly positive review that convinced me to buy the game was RPS's review of Nier Automata. It set my expectations really high but the game exceeded them effortlessly.

  12. Everybody needs an Upper Echelon in their lives

  13. What you are saying is true for journalism in general, not just game reviews.

  14. There’s a serious problem of cooperative circle-jerkery going on in video games ever since about 5-7 years ago, and your channel doesn’t shy away from exposing that. Thanks for keeping your integrity when reporting on the state of the games industry.

  15. I swear everyone who had old consoles must be able to think of some great unique games
    Lets start a list xD

  16. Channels like you love the horrible state of the industry. You, Yongyea, The Quartering, etc. are all parasitic profiteers off of the daily gaming scandals.

  17. That's why I ask other people about if a game is good on Reddit.

  18. I'm like the only person that liked Artifact. Ask me Anything.

  19. I have a better question: do game journous have to be gamers?

  20. Still here watching your videos, now about 4 hours in😂

  21. But how am I going to know if the game makes me feel like Batman?!?!

  22. If they'd ever release the remake of ff7 I'd buy it. Doesn't look good tho. Besides that I haven't been excited about a game since Diablo 3. I'm just kinda playing. Aggressive microtransactions and manipulation through adverts. Then blaming people and calling them toxic and bringing identity politics into it to deflect from said money grubbing. Now we're at the point where it's just political activism right from the start and they STILL have big time money grubbing. I'm playing fortnite and ff15 and skyrim modded waiting for something good.

  23. That clip of the reviewer playing cuphead gave me actual anxiety.

  24. 0:51 – No, it IS quite accurate. A lot of publisher money comes flowing into publications – whether they be online or in print (as they used to be). Dan Hsu used to be the editor in chief of a magazine called Electronic Gaming Monthly. In his farewell letter to readers, he EXPOSED how publishers will withhold advertising money and review copies if they don't get at least 'favorable' reviews. This is WELL KNOWN within the industry and it's even more prevalent now. Gaming 'journalists', even some YouTubers, are on the take.

  25. This is why i always look for reviews from youtubers.

  26. 1:20 Pokemon Sword/Shield. Awful, terrible games that removed more than 60% of the content present in Ultra Sun/Moon (the last two 3DS titles), broke promises, have major graphical and framerate issues, have horrendous online elements, and fail to utilise the power of the Switch whatsoever. An obvious 3/10.
    Critics, though? Incredibly lenient and forgiving of this betrayal of the Pokemon series. "Gotta Catch 'em All" is now officially impossible.

    #BringBackNationalDex #GameFreakLied

  27. Back when I was a teen with limited money to buy games, it was common for publisher to give out demos in various magazins or through the internet (late 00s). So you played the demo or read some extensive reports in magazines about the game and even waited for some comments of friends that already played and if you liked what you had as information about the game, you bought it. I do not remember buying a game i did not really enjoy before 2010. Afterwards magazines and onlinereviews became what is described in this video. I never buy games on release… nowadays games on steam have to sit a long time on my wishlist not because I cant afford them but I want to make sure I will have fun with this game in the future. latest exampel would be Grim Dawn. I am a big fan of Diablo and Sacred. I found Grim Dawn a long time ago and thought it is a cool looking oldschool Hack'n'Sley. But it sat there in my list for almost 2 years before I was sure to buy it and even then waited for summersale.

    Players these days are also partly responsible for this. Publisher offer a ultra early access bullshit version with special features and shit for double the normal price and people buy it… without any review or something.

  28. That cup head footage is beyond ridiculous. You don't even need to be a gamer. Its basic problem solving skills with quite clear instructions in the screen…

  29. Delusion. They were always just paid shills. I have hundreds of magazines from the 90's full of outright advertisements presented as 'reviews' in numerous different publications.

  30. Isn't this a big part of what caused the Gaming Crash of the past?

  31. Stopped taking Gamespot seriously ever since they called Serious Sam 3 a repetitive shooter but praised Modern Warfare 3 as if it was the GOTY of 2011.

  32. Remember X-play with Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb. That was the last time I took mainstream games reviews seriously. I don't even buy new copies anymore I just wait for sales or buy used at Gamestop or even rent games.

  33. Typical dumbass: Fortnite sucks because im a memer and im stupid duh durr blah blah poopoo peepee

  34. IGN rates the game 0/10 – too much water and Orange Man bad

  35. You know what distinguishes game critic from actual propaganda? The fact that they still show the average user score and the different opinion on the game.

  36. In terms of the worst games I’ve ever bought until these 2 I don’t think I’ve ever bought a game I didn’t like to some degree first is fallout 76 in which I got as a gift I’ve not touched since the month I got it and most recently is ghost recon breakpoint which I was disappointed at the complete content drought after how I felt playing wild lands and got what felt like ghost recon the division 3 no single player forced gear grind to be able to take down bullet sponges and therefore less sandbox elements and that you just can’t have fun without friends

  37. i turned the likes form 7999 to 8k, i finally accomplished something!

  38. I got duped into buying The Wlaking Dead where the trailer featured that old man in the car with incredible graphics.. I felt so fooled after I played it. Advertising like that needs to be ILLEGAL.
    Big problem is these well connected rich kids fresh outta college get Gamer jobs because it's "cool", they have Zero actual interest in Gaming themselves. (CupHead player)

  39. Thank you so much for this video. I always thought how off the critic reviews were.

  40. Cough war thunder merican and other nato countries cough cougj

  41. what game is he playing ? Is it metro dark light?

  42. I used Nick930 as review for Ghost of Tsushima for buying it. Didn't get disappointed at all.

  43. Well, back several years ago, an Australian gaming magazine, Hyper, did a review of an Assassin's Creed game. They basically gave it a lower score than most of the other reviewers here, and I applauded them for their effort. Only Hyper could defy the odds and be truthful in their opinion. Too bad they no longer publish their magazine anymore. They just vanished without a trace.

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