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Game Reviews – How Can We Improve Game Journalism? – Extra Credits

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Game reviews have so much opportunity to go beyond a simple numerical score, but often they don’t. Learn about the process of reviewing games, how to pursue a game reviewing career, and how game reviewing might be improved overall.
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(Original air date: June 22, 2011)

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  1. I never ever pay attention to paid reviews. I go to and just see what a majority of regular gamers rated the game.

  2. I'd forgotten about this one.
    I've given up using reviews for anything more than entertainment now as I've been gaming long enough to know that my tastes and the tastes of the reviewers (particularly the younger ones) aren't likely to be the same. Plus I find the ratings a bit hard to take seriously once 7/10 started getting considered a low score.

  3. Weeeeell, I am personally astounded by how high many (AAA) games score in reviews despite of massive shortcomings, some of which might be considered game-breaking by some customers. Consider "Fallout 4", for instance: the buyers of the boxed PC version still have to download a whopping 20+GB of game content before even being able to LAUNCH the friggin' thing. Even by 1st world standards, this is a LOT to ask. Some people just don't HAVE a DSL line, because even if they were willing to pay for it, it's technically just not available where they live.
    So, in case of FO4, some customer reviews on the PC "DVD" version – quite accurately – stated: "game not included". Still, half of the major gaming magazine reviews (in Germany) failed to even mention this game-breaking publishing policy. I had to go to "MetaScore" and "amazon" international to find the 30% 1-star customer reviews execrating these shortcomings (lowering the pro reviewers' 85+% score to a sobering 60-%).
    Games that crash on a regular basis (yes, I am looking at you, Bethesda!) usually get a measly 1 out of 100 points substracted from their overall score for game-breaking publishing screw-overs. We have a long way to go on this one.

  4. "Most reviewers are given 3-4 days to get through a 40hr game"
    That's… Fucked up. No, really.
    It's completely fucking dumb! -_-

  5. Was it just me that found the movie critique absolutely inferior to the game review?

  6. games are more expensive and require more time than a movie. if you go to see a crappy movie its two hours at most and ten maybe twenty dollars. games are around 60 bucks and require more time. youre not gonna want to subject yourself to a shitty game.

  7. You really need to send this to all the big reviewers out there, guys. This is fantastic!

  8. your game reviewer guide is good, but when i was a game reviewer, i got to it by chance 😉

    game reviewing is not the same like it was 10 years ago :-/

  9. why did they ignore a lot of the youtube reviewers, even letsplayers have a lot of reviewing qualities to them

  10. Why is it that $60 for 10+ hours of content is outrageous, but $20 for a 2 hour movie is fine?

  11. I've been striving to achieve what you've said here. I review small, innovative indie games to try to extract why certain ideas and mechanics work the way they do. I've been trying to work on making the reviews more oriented towards defining what makes the game what it is, rather than using a vague description of things. Altogether though, I think that I might just stop making reviews that score the game, and make reviews that ONLY define what makes each part of them good. That way I can completely avoid non-descriptive explanations of what the game is.

  12. critics suck. Half of them review the game before it even comes out.

  13. your like gaijin goombah version 2 except your about biology and some stuff:)


    Graphics:For an portatile game they are not that bad actually i liked it even if it took the series charm out

    History:Awful history looked a lot like some kind of generic bad anime plot

    Characters:Some of the old character like ayumi where awful ot was her fault anything happend and they even changed some of their personalities like moshida that never wanted to split was fucking sugesting that every second,about the new character i dont even remember their names because they sucked

    Gameplay:Terrible most of the time you where running arround having no clue where to go or what to do looking to not step on glass or wires,some times creatures appeared and you had to run from them but that was awful,you would normally end up dead for like 5 times before figuring out what to do,but the worst thing was that you cant choose anymore well at leas not how the other games where like corpse party was a game of choices,if you choose this you die if you choose this you can proceed whats the point on taking that off that sucks

    Bugs:There are so many bugs,enemies that get you a corner and beat you onto death,enemies that see you hide trough walls,wires that hit you even if you cut them its just awful

    Scary: The game is less scary than the other games when a bad choice could kill you instantly but it has its moments even if it jumped from tryng to be scary to tryng to be gross it doesnt mean its bad on this aspect

    2/10 the game sucks badly awful characters awful history awful gameplay but it dont fail on the basic aspect of a game (Cof cof big riggs)

    Is this a good review?

  15. in a very dynamic world, this sure has changed since 2012. with vlogging and such

  16. This is all really helpful, unless u work for ign. Then you do whatever the heck u want

  17. I think the lack of critique is part of the reason why feminism is having such a hard time in games too.  Actual criticism in games is apparently tantamount to demanding a lawsuit or something.  Which is just not how criticism works.  People in the gaming industry (including the fans) just don't know how to deal with it.  Even when it's someone as moderate as EC doing the criticism (notice all of the dislikes on their female characters video).

  18. Angry Joe I feel is a good example of a reviewer that really gets down to what makes the game fun. Most importantly, he doesn't believe in the "7 is terrible" mindset that most people have nowadays. There was one game he rated a 6/10 only to then give it a high recommendation to a lot of players and explained why he gave the score he did, but assured that the experience is still great (this is in his Asura's Wrath review if anyone's curious)

  19. Gametrailers was truly pro at getting the crux of game reviews. Pity they closed down.

  20. I think a large part of the problem with our current 6.5/10 system for rating games is that it's too easy to convert scores to what their letter grade would be if the game were a school assignment. For example, 6.5/10 would be a solid D as a school assignment, which pretty much means a student is performing below satisfactory level; meanwhile, a 6.5/10 on a videogame means a game is "Okay" according to IGN.

  21. 3:04 that happens a lot with books being compared to hunger games and harry potter. It just surprised me how u did not mention book reviews.

  22. The scoring system is something I've always ignored. It's arbitrary, it's unclear, and it trivializes reviews.
    If you're gonna have a rating system, you need to make it clear what each one means. That's why I personally like to instead categorize games rather than giving them a score. My personal system, from worst to best, goes something like this:

    Avoid It – Nobody should ever play this. Avoid at all costs.
    Skip It – Unless you really like its concept and can find it for a cheap price, don't bother.
    Try It – Does have one or two notable issues, but has enough redeeming qualities to at least give it a shot.
    Get It – Solidly good, and easy to recommend to anyone interested, and may even win over some people who aren't.
    Hunt For It – This thing is a masterpiece; among the best of the best, and should absolutely be experienced by anyone.

  23. If you ask me, reviews for games (and in general, but I'll keep it topical) should completely do away with a score system. A 7 or an 8 seems completely superfluous when in the end it's a binary decision: Yes I want to play this game, no I don't want to play this game. Therefore reviews do better as a simple Yes or No. This game is worth your money, this game is not worth your money. A simple and straightforward answer that is elaborated on by an in depth look into the mechanics and gameplay of the game. This gives you the reviewer's personal opinion on if the game is good, why they think that, and enough information to weigh the reviewer's opinion and your own impressions of what was shared about the game.

  24. This really REALLY nails the issues I had with Xenoblade Chronicles. I was hearing things about it like, it's the next great JRPG with an amazing story. That was the overall image I had of the game when I went to buy it. I love games like Final Fantasy 1-10, but honestly, I found Final Fantasy 12 to be seriously lacking because I did not like the gameplay style of 12 nearly as much as the gameplay style of 1-10. If you've played Xenoblade Chronicles, you'd probably say it feels more like 12 than 1-10, but the only way I've ever herd it described was as a JRPG, and it turns out I seriously disliked Xenoblade Chronicles. Yes, I want a crapload more JRPGs to come out in the future, but I don't want another Xenoblade.

  25. Bayonetta "a very competently executed game" not an "all time classic"…okay.

  26. I greatly argue against calling Bayonetta "competently executed " and not a classic

  27. So this means… that Angry Joe not only brings a perspective, but makes it clear on why he thinks some elements of a game are good or bad. He also didn't need to go for a big company to be a reviewer…. he did it all himself (with a bit of help from friends).

    He's certainly more reliable than most other reviewers, and he's less boring.

  28. Bayonetta is "very competently executed?" I thought it was INCREDIBLE.

  29. I keep watching this video as I am still trying to find my hold and actually review a new game. (or maybe I could just "review" an old game to start?) I felt like reviews were garbage when this came out and still do to this day. I still rarely see reviewers giving a good, honest critique of the game and simply go for the "what I liked" and "what I disliked" approach, which is not good at all. You should not have to read between the lines of a review to know if you want to play the game or not. (and this branches out to other media as well, but I will stick with games) I think the best "reviewer" I have ever seen for games was "Mike B AKA Fony" as he was never reviewing the games like basically everyone else does. He was never aiming to grade stuff with a score or focusing on only certain aspects like "graphics" or "gameplay". He gave a very general overview of the game so that the viewer could decide for themselves whether the game was for them or not.

  30. The only game reviewer I trust anymore is the black hokage. He doesn't review a ton of games but when he does he hits it out of the park. He typically goes through a list of what he liked and what he hated and describes each point with detail and helpful insight. Then at the end, instead of giving you an arbitrary number, he tells you what price you should buy the game if you want it. For example: "Buy it when the price drops about $20 or so". Genius.

  31. I personally believe that people should watch the completionist if they want to get into reviewing and learn from him.

  32. I just want to review Sonic games and give them far more positivity then they get but that being said I only just finished Sonic rush and both sonic colors

  33. Can you give an example of a well thought out review.

  34. what's your thoughts on the mighty no 9 fiasco?

  35. I'm struggling to review things in general, and I've had the luxury of reviewing things where the community is so tight knit, so knowledgable that I can refer to the past and minutia without having to be worried about my writing being exclusionary. I'm trying to break into reviewing something completely different, but the community members, on average are not as knowledgable. Even professional commentators engage very little with depth and minutia associated with their field. Any tips for getting over the hump?

  36. I much preferred the game review in the examples. I had no idea what the movie reviewer was saying or what it was supposed to mean. The only I caught was "not… godawful". On the other hand, a couple examples of how glitchy Thor is tells me all I really need.

  37. 3-4 days to play a 40 hour game fuck give them time to breathe

  38. Funny that gamers got angry the moment a woman actually tried to review games on more ground than just describing what you do in it.

  39. it sounds like zero punctuation with it a lot of these issues well with his reviews

  40. Is that rocked out Blaster Master music I hear? Nice.

  41. I am pretty damn sure 2 out of 5 stars in the move industry is a 4.0 in a video game scale. Its simple math.

    8/10 would be a 4/5

    2 x 4=8
    2 x 5=10

    4 divided by 2 = 2
    10 divided by 2 = 5

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