Games companies are trying to END VIDEO GAME REVIEWS!? | PGSS Episode 7 -

Games companies are trying to END VIDEO GAME REVIEWS!? | PGSS Episode 7

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Hello and welcome the Pretty Good Saturday Show for October 29, 2016.
In Today’s show we’ve got all the big gaming headlines, your comments and giveaways.
We’re also discussing Bethesda’s decision to hold back review copies of ALL its games in future until one day before release.

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  1. Out of curiosity. I see you guys reply to your comments. Which one of you two reply? Or is it just a staff member / representative?

  2. What's more important the Companies or the Customers? If the gaming companies release quality games they wouldn't have to worry about reviews. The only companies that are worried about reviews are those that are releasing broke, unfinished, poorly made games.

  3. People who worry about their spending habits don't buy games or even consoles right away regardless. So I don't think it will be that much of a difference in comparison to someone who just buys tons of games already, this does hurt the developers tho in a sense that less people will buy the game on release date. If the game is a wreck they'll be way behind their schedule

  4. I definitely think that I actually prefer when games get pushed back, like the new persona 5 game, I know they are a great studio and that they'll make a great game. Pushing it back just means that want to take extra steps to give it more nuances and make sure everything is perfect.

  5. Just started watching your videos and I love them. They are very  informative and comical. Keep up all of the good work; I'll be watching.

  6. I'll give Bethesda a pass cuz I don't think I've played a shity Bethesda game yet. Well maybe Dishonored but it was still entertaining. I think it's a good thing. didn't it used to be that way? I remember buying Resident Evil just on the fact it was made by Capcom. maybe Bethesda is trying to take it back to a Time where you didn't need a game review to know it was a good game, just the simple fact that it was released by a certain company, you know it's a good game. Like a former once great Capcom or konami.

  7. I wait anyways. I never grab the games at release. I wait til they go on sale at some point. This avoids paying full price, and waits for the game to mature. I get a game that is less buggy by the time I pick it as well. First day launch bugs are notorious with certain game titles and game companies. Bethesda being one of those.

    I just prefer to wait things out anyways, so game reviews a day before launch is not a big deal to me.

  8. Game companies and fuck off I'm not buying shit without knowing what I'm getting.

  9. Reviewers have issues as well, bought and sold for by the gaming companies. No Mans Sky is a great example of that as well. They hype for that game was huge and it was terribad. Reviewers need to take some of the responsibility for the part they played.

  10. These company's are crooked I'll never buy a 2k game after being ripped off with mafia 3 what a joke that company is

  11. My favourite gaming news channel, you guys will get big, i know it.

  12. Bethesda not handing out early review copoes is NOT supressing reviews. Reviewers need to check themselves and see that they're not growing a sense of entitlement, expecting a backstage pass.
    I think it's best not to make pre-release copies for reviewers. I think people who want to make informed decision should just wait until a reviewer who got the copy at same time and terms as everyone else.
    I understand reviewers want to maximize their traffic by having the reviews on day 1 or at least earlier than competitions, but I think there's a moral hazard lurking in that practice.
    Angry Joe once talked about his experience with a big publisher, how they herded reviewers and pampered them, then pressured them into giving better reviews.
    If Reviewers start holding grudge against a game company for not providing early review copy, their integrity as reviewer is over.
    If more people opts to wait for reviews, companies will start releasing early review copies.

  13. Wish my content was half as good….here's to improving!!

  14. Well, then I won't buy any games until I have watched some reviews which is gonna make it even worse for these companies because even if it's a mommyfukin wicked game I will NOT buy it until people have bought it and I have trawled through the youtubers reviews and then I will decide on if the game is worth my mun muns or nabot 😀

  15. Game reviews haven't been reliable for a long time now. It's either big gaming publications that have agreed ahead of times to leave a glowing review, or the counter culture of hyper over critical hipsters who thing every nuanced complaint makes them sounds smarter and deeper. (they are a reaction to the untrustworthy big media though)

    What you can trust, is that they'll be Twitch streams and Youtube streams the moment the game goes live, which you can watch, see the game for yourself, and listen to the streamers live reactions.

    Pre release reviews being subbed does say something about the companies faith in their game; but since it's impossible to know if a positive review is honest or not; or if a terrible review is someone trying to sound smart or not, neither can be trusted. Seeing the game for yourself on someone else's dollar, is the way to go.

  16. all it does is hurt them by reducing preorders and delaying the effective release date.

  17. ok, if they want to play it like that when they put out a game thats full of bugs and glitches return it as a broken product.

  18. Good, less pre-order and first day purchase. Less "Nomansky"

  19. NMS sold ALL gamers on a Spielberg world, but delivered an unfinished Uwe Boll mess. The lawyer / legal rep for Hello 'games' pwned an obviously unqualified court, unfamiliar w/ interactive media; gamers do not forgive, forget so easily.

  20. Joel is the same voice actor as John Marston

  21. I very rarely buy within the first 6 months, prices come down, issues get patched and I usually skip any marketing bullshit and overhype

  22. Dont forget, some reviewers get paid to give positive reviews!

  23. Every game company just needs to be like Rockstar

  24. This could be good, it could be bad. I often don't trust pre release reviews by popular reviewers, especially if the games are from large publishers. The reviews are often part of the hype machine and give far better reviews than the game deserves. I find it best to wait until gamers get the game and start posting their views about it.

  25. I don't consider reviews at all, I prefer gameplay videos or twitch streams

  26. I never preorder and dont buy Games blind. So im not to blame. The Fucktards who preorder are the real Problem.

  27. Sigh… the biggest issue about Mafia 3 is it's pace and it wasn't nearly as polished as Mafia 2.

  28. This could be great. Maybe people will actually stop preordering = )

  29. there is a quote in gaming industries "pirate it first before buy it"
    i dont trust reviewer either.

  30. Been watching your channel for a while, but now I started watching this video, which is still good, but I gotta say I really like your current set up etc. I think it's a really good change that you made.

  31. Reviews are a protection? hmmm
    acc to metacritic, from 95 review of no man´s sky, 20 gave 80 or above…

    mafia 3 – critics gave a 6 against a 3,4 from general public…

  32. That really won't happen because even after a games released a review can happen

  33. there's nothing better then coming to pretty good gaming for reviews that concern everybody's exact thoughts

  34. Pro tip, pirate Bay is your friend. Preoreders are rediculous and games don't have demos anymore. Play it for half hour and if you enjoyed the half hour delete the illegal copy and buy it legitimate. If you don't enjoy it then you've not wasted your money.

  35. it means Bethesda is gonna have to wait to get my money (if at all).

  36. The industry has become such a bloated mess. Developers and publishers both, are less concerned with making a quality product and are instead focused on raking in cash and getting returns on their investments (which is understandable, but when it comes at the expense of the consumer, who ends up paying regardless of the quality of the product, thats immoral business practice) especially on AAA titles, that have massive budgets.

    Instead of building the industry on a foundation of figuring out what true quality content looks like, how to develop it and bring it to market, a market with which the industry has established trust, through proven products that consumers really want and would be faithful to.

    They instead build upon a foundation of pumping out poorly put together products, with flashy gimmick features, market and consumer manipulation, a market that has grown increasingly wary and mistrustful of the businesses that are asking for their trust. The only thing they can do then is buy off reviewers, when their products quite clearly suck for poor quality and now reviewers are outside of the mainstream media that are readily bought off, they must clamp down what access potential consumers get to their products, lest they be shown to be the shite they already know them to be.

    While I get from a business persepective, how, with the current model of games development and marketing, this has to be done to protect the income and financial futures of these companies, the reality is that it's a short term fix for an industry that has serious issues with it's underlying processes and philosophies, when it comes to development and marketing.

    While in the short term, it might work for them. In the long run, they'll lose all trust with their consumers. The industry itself is ripe for some innovative and more honest business models from more progressive development and publishing companies. It will happen, the question is will it be before these present companies have become intellectually moribund corpses that no longer have financial futures or will it be in time for the present game industry to actually reform and change into something more sustainable?

  37. Always a good video…thanks for making another morning great!

  38. Anybody know the name of the music track they are using in the background?

  39. XD I love when they're mulling over the name at the end, there. So funny!

  40. how do you not have a massive following guys? your videos are awesome!

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