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GameSpot Reviews – Batman: The Brave and the Bold – The Videogame Video Review

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A great sense of humor and flashy style make the Caped Crusader’s latest adventure entertaining, despite the lack of challenge.


  1. @Deltacide1 I agree, 2D side scrolling game? How fucking old is that? Damn.

  2. wow people actually think this is meant for everybody if its based of a cartoon its obviously meant for kids seriously i cant believe some people dont know tht

  3. @lucymydog1995 hellz yeah! i'm seriously considering getting the 3ds rerelease of the game even though i already have 3 copies of it.

  4. @lucymydog1995 super mario is so much better than this game

  5. Don't forget that you can link up with the DS game for a third person.

  6. Gamespot doesn't give a score at the end? that's bullshit!

  7. wtf, i thought this is the next batman 2. this is shit

  8. i personally prefer arkham asylum, but since this is obviously a childrens game, it doesn't really matter

  9. @TheCrazedLorry98 now why the fuck whould you comment about a game on another games video ???

  10. Batman beating sapient gorrillas riding giant flying robot beetles.

    ..Your argument is invalid.

  11. Yep! GameSpot knows how to make Good Video Reviews 🙂
    (Compared to some Ignorants)

  12. a X-Men Evolution game should've been made by now.

  13. Never knew this game existed! I love the show!

  14. finally a reason for me to buy the Wii

  15. i dont know about you, but i liked the show and i liked the game.

  16. This game is an awesome throwback, its a I love you letter to beat'em ups:)

  17. They need more tv based beet m ups like BTBTB and TMNT turtles in time

  18. Got it brand new sealed for a tenner.Yes much better investment than watching that recently released movie ( what's it called again?)

  19. I don't like it personally. It feels slippery and uncomfortable.

  20. It certainly isn't a bad game, but it leaves something to be desired. It is a really average game in the side-scrolling beat'em up genre. There are better games out there that are even way older than this, that have more challenge more, variety and especially better controls, this game just felt way to slippery at times.

  21. Dude, it is a children game, of course it is easy. Self-optioned difficulty is what these games are supposed to have -.-

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