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GameSpot Reviews – Dante’s Inferno Video Review

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Dante’s epic quest loses momentum long before you reach the end. Read the full review:


  1. I owned this game, I don't remember it much, but clearly the graphics and production value were fantastic

  2. A bit harsh, but not too much. The fucking Malebolge is bullshit in this game. Seriously, wtf?! Overall I really liked it and wanted a sequel. I think this criticism is less than half deserving if on target.

  3. This game is awesome, the whole artistic vision behind it is amazing, and the way they reimagined Dante as a warrior seeking redemption is also great. Combat is standard hack and slash but still very fun. The story, while heavily following the book, is very interesting and enjoyable. Still, what sells this game to me is the way the world and the characters are so beautifully made to match the theme. It's worth playing for that alone.

  4. I always wanted to play this cuz the 360 didnt have god of war. One day

  5. Love this game it's so different and disturbing

  6. I feel like this game and Castlevania LOS both got reviewed in an era where people came in just thinking about God of War as opposed to just reviewing these games based on their own merits. It's sad because they were really good action games that had their own feel and appeal.

  7. very nice review and videos, maybe a little bit stern about the final comment. The last part of the game is uninspired, that's true, but 6.5 is too low score for a good action game like Dante's Inferno

  8. This review is on crack! This game is AMAZING!

  9. Why does ign always clown on excellent games? Rich spoiled nit-picking fucks! I love god of war as well , so what is the problem?

  10. Way better game in my opinion.. The depiction of hell was awsome in this game.. Stop comparing it with GOW

  11. The game is legit amazing. Different take of a GoW style game. It’s legit just a different methodology. That’s it. I actually prefer it over GoW.

  12. I enjoyed going toe to toe with death because i didnt feel like dying

  13. I have all the GOWs. While taking into account the drudgery of the Maleboge stages, this game is what GOW3 should have been. The frame rates of GOW3 and Acsension are absolute shit compared to Inferno.

  14. No wonder the dislikes and likes are the same. This is a masterfully done game with a great story dont hate

  15. This game is good. Started playing it again in 2020 I really like it

  16. May 2020 my first time playing this game on Xbox and man loving it!!!! fun game challenging and engaging 🙂 the graphics for a game over 10 years old is pretty good.

  17. For me this Game Looks GREAT. I will be getting this for the PS3.

  18. Glad nowadays we dont need stupid Reviews Like this to know more about Games. Irrelevant Video , Instant disklike

  19. This reviewer stepped into the game and instantly became biased as soon as he made the comparison to GoW. Poor job for a reviewer.

  20. It’s not an “inspiration” literally almost everything in the game is copied from god of war

  21. To me this is so much cooler than gow. The story is so cool here
    I mean you are in hell how bad ass is that

  22. Now this video game uses the poem Dante's Inferno which by the way isn't supposed to be taken seriously it's a poem.

  23. I cant see the comparison to this and god of war since the book has been out way before the ides of GOW even existed

  24. This game is better than the GOW trilogy.
    Part of what makes it so good is that all this is based on a poem. You slowly realise that Dante is Satan's pawn. God of war is just a parody with a insecure main character…still fun.

  25. The reviewer had so much anger in his voice. This game was a masterpiece. The voice acting, soundtrack etc. Santa monica pays these rachet reviewers to discredit good games

  26. Started playing today on gamepass , The game is Awesome , Having a Blast so far 😍😍

  27. Wrong this game was one of the best I've played i want a sequel or a remake

  28. This game is a gem . Bad review from you Gamespot

  29. My friend kept recommending this game to me

  30. “You fight a condemned prostitute…”
    No that’s cleopatra dummy

  31. Shut. The. Fuck. Up. About. Fucking. God. Of. Fucking. War.

  32. I downloaded this game a couple of years ago, it was on games with gold.
    Only playing it now. Underrated af

  33. I never played this on PS3 bc i was so prejudiced being a GoW fan before. But now that i am so sick of same old GoW, i am giving this one a thought. But this reviewer rekindled my prejudice. The reviewer says its bad, but these comments says its good. Is it really good or bad?? 🤯

  34. Hopefully we got remastered version of this game

  35. Currently playing in 2021. This game is so badass especially the combat. This guy did not play pass the reaper boss.

  36. This game deserves a remake or atleast a remaster and through this a release on pc.

  37. The sound design alone is reason to play this game. Didn't it run at 60 fps to. look at all the dislikes here lol. Bring it back!!

  38. The review was harsh but fair. The 10 challenge arenas were a bore and slowed down the pace of the game horribly.

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