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GameSpot Reviews – Dante’s Inferno Video Review

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Dante’s epic quest loses momentum long before you reach the end. Read the full review:


  1. This game is awesome!!! Who cares if it's similar to another game? It is fun. It looks great. The story is great. The gameplay and puzzles are great. And the mechanics are legit.

  2. The only thing i got from watching this review is this dude really loves god of war.

  3. you guys have lost perspective of gaming, all you do is compare games to other games, instead of reviewing the game for what it is, unlike god of war, this game has history, as it is supposed to be what hell looks like from the perspective of Dante Alighieri.

  4. Shit review, while it did copy alot of elements, this game had its own style and flair. I enjoyed the hell out of this when it was released. This reaks of GOW bias.

  5. This all stems from game informers BLATANTLY bias review of this game and other reviewers just followed suit. the review in game informer cited the button pressing quick time events was a huge factor in its supposed "rip off" game play and in small part certain elements of it's story telling. they gave it a low score because it didn't "innovate" in any department. i say go fuck yourself….first off fucking RYGAR for ps2 had the lore and quick time action sequences long before GOW, also they gave GOW 3 a perfect 10!!! wait a fucking minute!! by their logic GOW 3 is just a rip off of the previous 2 and is not an innovative or original product, something they cite as a PREREQUISITE for all games given a rating that high. fuck reviewers and their bias bullshit. dantes inferno was a great game that looked good, had tons of shock value and NO BUGS OR GLITCHES!! in any of the 5 play throughs i had with the game. the company behind GOW was nervous that another game might steal their precious thunder and paid off whoever they could pay off, happens all the time.

  6. Despite the fact that people are always saying that this game copied God of War, I'm just glad that we got a game better than God of War for those of us on Xbox, so then if a PlayStation player tries to rub it in our face we can just say that we got Dante's Inferno

  7. Boo hoo I'm mad because it's sort of like another game and it gets a little predictable but it's a fun game that looks good runs good why cry.

  8. reviewer's an idiot. This games rocks, just as good fun as the GOW series!

  9. I actually don't find this game as gross as those developer diaries made it out to be, idk.. it's almost like the animation aren't that high of quality as GOW3 was and it doesn't get that sense of small scale to huge creature ratio, it might be due to the camera being so far away.

  10. So I decided to pick up a Ps3 to play all of my favorite games. I'm replaying Dante's Inferno now and what the hell is the reviewer talking about. This game is very good. I like it just as much as God of War. 10/10 in my book. If you have never played it, play it. Go buy it now.

  11. Tbh i tougth the combat was boring for the psp it felt like it didnt had impact my swings i mean but i looked pretty interesting in terms of world and story

  12. Well I'm comparing it to Bayonetta, and Bayonetta looks far better

  13. I think the game is OK. I had fun.

  14. But you forget most people on planet earth believe hell is a real, place nobody believes in Greek mythology lol

  15. sounds like a bunch of salty fanboys upset a ps exclusive is getting praise this game was terrible so bloody boring with boring and limited combos compared to games like bayonetta and devil may cry this is a boring hack and slash, i literary had to force myself to complete it

  16. so I got 1 minute in to the review and I can already tell that they're gonna shit on the game for being a copy of GoW. how does that make any sense? the game is based on dantes inferno, the book that is over 600 years old. yes the game play can be similar in some ways, but I would argue that it's a mixup of GoW and darksouls, no where near as complex and hard as dark souls but at the higher difficulties I would often find myself having to die a few times learning the attack patterns of the bosses, when to block, when to dodge and when I can get attacks off without getting hit for 70 % of my hp. and the fact that the game feels like a mix of these two games is not a bad thing at all, it's a very good and effective way of telling the dantes inferno story.

    but then again when can we ever expect good and well thought out reviews from gamespot?

  17. who is watching this because it's on game with gold this month

  18. I found my way here after seeing this coming to Xbox gold.

    "[..] bursting with disgusting imagery […]"

    "[…] utterly repulsive in these crimes against humanity."

    […] you fight an army of unbaptized babies that is sure to disturb even the most jaded of players."

    This all seems like a good time to me. Seriously, I get to kill babies? Call me "jaded," but that sounds awesome.

  19. I'm here from Xbox's Games With Gold. Suprisingly, November 2018 is pretty good. 3 good games out of 4.

  20. My main gripe with this game is that struggles to find its own identity, compared to dmc, gow, and bayonetta, it's basically a carbon copy

  21. yea this game stole gow game play but i still really enjoyed it.i enjoyed the atmosphere and sounds better than anything.

  22. Wow this review sucked. All you did in the entire video was compare it to God of War, even saying its a pale imitation of the real thing? Of the real thing?? It's not trying to be the same as GOW and "a GOW alternative. Also, the story is loosely based on Dante's Inferno which was written hundreds of years ago, not on GOW. I can understand the criticisms on the level design and repetitive nature of the last few levels, but the other criticisms are lazy and not based on an objective view of the game

  23. Just got a used 360 slim and downloaded the demo. Loved it, I'm getting the disc.

  24. Come on! Tell me the ground opening up to swallow you in the cathedral don't give you chills. Just replayed this game and seriously still love it! I can't think of many games that can rival it's sound design…seriously! The art team is great though I will agree I think they started running out of money near the end of the game. The circle of Fraud was a let down but the whole game is a hellish adventure I haven't seen anything else like.

    I still wish they would drudge this up and continue through the mountain of purgatory.

  25. You know, he talks about how the game turns into small rooms as you get further into the game. But if you understand the Divide Comedy you'd know the circles get smaller as you go down.

  26. I like how they called Dante's inferno a GOW clone when any fps gave can be called a Doom clone

  27. sorry but the last of hour of the game you fight LUCIFER if that's not a memorable fight i don't what is …

  28. This game is more God of War than God of War 2018

  29. I really liked GOW so I don't mind if this game has the same play style. However there is no mistaking that the play style and the way the game is presented is EXACTLY like GOW. Even the HUD is looks like a reskinned version of the one used in GOW. Not a big deal since it was an awesome game but anyone saying the mechanics and presentation of this game isn't exactly like GOW is fooling them self.

  30. "eerily accurate vision of the land of damned spirts" — uh, how do you know it's "accurate?" — you been there?

  31. 2019 and this game still has amazing graphics and gameplay

  32. This game is better than god of war. If you disagree I don't give a shit.

  33. God of War was good but that doesn't mean every other hack n slash ever made must be compared to it. Dantes Inferno stands on it's own merit and was awsome. This review is a cringy pile of shit. Too many GOW references. Dantes Inferno is at least an 8 or 8.5. Is this guy purposely trying to sound like a prick during this review?

  34. This is a lousy review that largely parrots the same trite that other mainline game review outlets were saying, the game is in the same genre as God of War 3, but Dante's Inferno is about as far removed from a clone as you can get without shifting into a different genre. I'll admit that the 8th circle (The Malebolge) was a tad disappointing, but the scenery and game play in Heresy and Violence were incredible, and the scenery for Anger was also very well done. I did kind of wish that they'd brought in bosses for some of the other circles like Medusa for Dis and maybe had a more involved battle against Phlegyas in Styx and a more formidable Malacoda to face in the Malebolge, but overall the game was solid and the ending fight with Lucifer was amazing.

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