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Dante’s epic quest loses momentum long before you reach the end. Read the full review:


  1. This game PLAYS exactly like god of war; the combat, the opening of doors and where you replenish hp and mana, save points, the fixed camera and evade with the second stick, etc. I'm not saying this is a bad thing and I sill think its good game but there are many rough edges in many aspects of the game, like the evade with the stick sometimes doesn't respond very well, some absurd spikes of difficulty (many cheap deaths), It starts really good but at the end like the reviewer said it gets so repetitive, and some boring bosses (that look nice but i dont like how it plays).
    Good things about this game: The art style is really good, the mythology I find interesting, the combat, and I liked the progression system. If would describe this game in a word it would be: unpolished.

  2. I loved this game. If you haven't played it, it's probably only like 5 bucks at gamestop. Do yourself a favor and get this game!

  3. That's like saying gow is a ripoff of devil may cry and therefore it's a inferior game

  4. "dis is God of war obv, story so same" they realize this was a book right?

  5. I liked Dante's Inferno a lot more that God of War 1, 2, and 3. God of War felt too bland.

  6. Just beat this game today. The art and animation is top notch. The rest of its contents are terrible though. 4/10 :/

  7. This game is good if you look at it as a Christian hell version of God of War. 

  8. I enjoyed Dante's Inferno much more than God of War. The character design was better, the combat was better, the fps was 60 and it ran smoothly. I really enjoy this game. Its just more fun.

  9. story copied god of war? The book is around 700 years old…

  10. Furthermore, every FPS is also a rip of Doom & Goldeneye! There were quite a few GOW type games beforehand such as Soul Reaver, Rygar(PS2) and DMC..

  11. Are you fucking insane????? What a shit review… dantes infernal is as good or BETTER than god of war….the story and everything is awsome…. you are just hating on it cuz you think it coppied god of war….

  12. I'm not saying that Dante's Inferno is terrible but Castlevania: Lords of Shadow copied God of War better.

  13. Just recently beat this game and I gotta say other then the story and atmosphere the game is an exact copy of god of war. The combat, magic system, save mechanic and even the upgrade system is similar because you have to collect orbs and once you damage an enemy enough you can do a quick time event to finish them off. Not to mention this game has ps2 graphics. It's not a bad thing but the game doesn't throw anything new into the table and definitely gets boring fast

  14. The thing is that the best way to do hack and slash with god like creatures is the god of war formula.

  15. I just keep wondering after this…why is bad that a game is as epic as god of war?

  16. I loved this game & would welcome a 2nd since it ended in TBC

  17. People who say this is a God of War knockoff, that's bullshit. The story is from Divine Comedy, Inferno: Dante, and gameplay is exactly like Devil May Cry. From short range blade to long range projectile weapon, just like the many swords and Ifrit from the original except you can pick up different guns other than Ebony and Ivory.

  18. I really hate it when critics can't simply review and judge a game for what it is without having to compare it to another game/series. Yes, both Dante's Inferno and God of War are hack n slash but don't compare them in a review because Dante's inferno is NOT God of War. It's not trying to be God of War, it's trying to be its own game and that is what you should judge. It seems like with every new hack n slash game critics will always whine and complain that it is not God of War -_- The only times I think it is OK to compare games in a review is if both games are from the same series. Example: If you review Super Mario Galaxy 2 you could compare it to Super Mario Galaxy and let people know if it does things better or worse than before.

  19. Terrible review. Why don't you idiots compare COD with Battlefield?
    Just because its a hack n slash doesn't mean it copies GOW. This was a fantastic game, and a very original one too.

  20. The like meter of this video makes me question the reviewer…

  21. One of the best hack/Slash on consoles….the gameplay is not ripoff but it becomes familair to all gamers…becoz GOW is first of kind

  22. All these comments about this: ''don't compare games! it's not ok'' – bullshit clearly havent played both dante and god of war.
    I recently played trough all god of war games and then I booted up dantes inferno and was surprised to realize, that the control is exactly the same!
    Just everything about this game oozes god of war. everything just feels like gow, just worse. and I was looking forward to Dante a long long time, very dissapointed.
    Pretty accurate review though 🙂

  23. the fact that it could draw such a comparison is a compliment you ninny, this game is very good

  24. God of War: Coca-Cola
    Dante's Inferno: Pepsi-Cola

  25. I agree with some of the points but it's still one of my most memorable games of all time. I would love to see a sequel.

  26. i donno, I'm playing this game right now and I'm really enjoying the story. personally I think its great. i love the connection to history and the way you get to make decisions to be good or bad. the puzzles can be annoying at times, but for the most part its a great game

  27. This was a good game don't understand the review.

  28. Although it was very much like God of war, and being a God of war hardcore fan, this game was awesome in my opinion

  29. This feels more like devil may cry not like god of war

  30. i skimmed through the video. the reviewer says this is a ripoff of god of war? never played that coz i own a xbox

  31. Don't know why some hating on it.its a good game.

  32. It is a decent game. Not great and not bad. It was a lot more like Devil May Cry than any other game in my opinion.

  33. I remember seeing this review back when I first wanted to buy this game when it came out. Last time I ever listened to an IGN review…..

  34. When this game is a complete rip off of God of War.. I only ever played the demo on Xbox and it was aggravating how everything was similar to Kratos' frenchise.

  35. what a prick! its a wonderful game! If you have a chance you should play it

  36. completely biased and crap review of a great game with brilliant art direction. this guy sounds like he's shitting on the game not giving it an impartial review

  37. Not a great review no matter how old it is, this game is good and deserves more recognition

  38. 応じます Carterガブリエル Gabriel says:

    I've played and beaten this game has god of war rip off all over it

  39. 応じます Carterガブリエル Gabriel says:

    think killing unbaptized babies are bad try having the choice to kill a botchling in the witcher

  40. This game was my 17th platinum, it's actually no where near as bad as the review makes it out, it's amazing actually except for the last part (besides the lucifer boss fight) where you have to do the platform challenges

  41. Loved the atmosphere of this game. Am looking forward to Agony. Can anyone recommend anything else similar? Not necessarily set in hell, but something with a similar atmosphere?

  42. i still want a sequel or the company to do a reboot that fits to the actual story and has a game mechanic where you can still fight, just not like god of war though. I think dantes fighting style should be like FF 15, but just by urself…wait isnt that like god of war just with more people?

  43. It's clear this guy is just a GoW fanboy kiss ass. GoW was amazing, but Dante's Inferno was a badass game too. Visceral didn't make shit games…remember Dead Space? So yeah, they're similar, BUT WHO GIVES A F**K?! And btw, to all these people saying that the "mechanics are exactly the same"…thats done on purpose for our benefit, so that u can start enjoying the game as soon as u start playing it. That's why most shooters have similar mechanics too. Anyway, Inferno was the only GoW alternative for those of us who only had an Xbox. The only reason I even saw this review 7 years later is bc I'm currently playing thru Inferno for the 4th time. GoW and Dante's Inferno will both permanently be in my collection….not either or because one "copied" the other.

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