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GameSpot Reviews – Game of Thrones Video Review

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Join Tom Mc Shea as he delves into the George R. R. Martin inspired world, Game of Thrones.

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  1. The game is entertaining, But comparing it to Skyrim is out of the question.

  2. Stop making skyrim bigger than what it is, its a horrible game, it wanes in comparison towards, Morrowind, Oblivion. FFs Skyrim has no SOUL

  3. In the end, it all comes down to opinion. Also video games don't have soul, they're a bunch of coding. They don't have a personality.

  4. Soul, personality, they are fucking metaphors son and so what, down to opinion? no dude some games are bad and that is a fact

  5. You paid $60 for a game and you uninstalled it…. Shame.

  6. This story is not in the books…. Its not a direct adaptation (thank god for that), but rather a side story. They are based in the world, and interact similarly, but in the end, they are different stories. So if you are a GoT fanatic (I know I am, in terms of story), then its worth playing Id say.

  7. this game looks carp, yet i love game of thrones and will probably end up getting the game . but why couldnt they just get some good company to make the game like Bethesda or bio-wear. and i would be happy if it was in the world but didnt make you important in the wars and stuff. like a guy comes on a boat from across the narrow sea and trys to build a life for himself. kinda like skyrim but with better combat (perfect game) and i want a pet wolf

  8. Amazing game! I really didn't expect it to be this good since most reviews said otherwise.

  9. Although the plot is amazing, the graphics and combat system i found tended to take away from the game. I think it would have been a lot better if the studio that made it had gone with the walking dead game style of being a visual novel with some game action mixed in. Over all though the game is worth a play through for those who are fans of the novels and/or show.

  10. Lol, I like this kind of combat in the game, it reminds me of KoTOR and KoTOR 2

  11. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, good one, you had me for a sec there.

  12. The story is good, but when it's told by the shittiest voice actors in existence. No thanks.

  13. That would be an idea if there was a "fucking book" of this story, smart-ass.

  14. I agree with you. Most of these so called "gamers" never played those classic and epic games. The combat was kind of repetitive and the Graffics weren't the best, but WHO THE HELL CARES? if the only thing you care is about combat and graffics, go to play your "awesome" Call of Duty #8 of the year

  15. Oh, you don't like repetitive combat?
    tell me more about how much you enjoyed the new Call of Duty
    and don't even make me start with Fifa

  16. i can see this as an awesome total war game

  17. YES! give us a total war: Game Of Thrones!!!!!

  18. If you actually like quality games, skip this one.

  19. That's just flawed logic. KotOR is a 10 year old game – do you think people would still love it as much as they did back then if it was released now with enhanced graphics? Certainly not.
    Apart from that, it just had so much freedom, different possibilities and made you feel like a part of the most believable Star Wars video-game adaption at the time.
    Game of Thrones has a great story but the gameplay as a whole (not just the combat) is simply extremely dull. That's why it's a bad game. Period.

  20. tom is one of worst at gamespot, im sorry but you are :/

  21. Well put, there are tons of games with bad reviews that I loved, and many games with A+ ratings that were enjoyable, but couldn't play it more than a couple hours.

    I usually take these reviews as a guidance, not my final decision when it comes to playing games. After all, most reviews are done with a single individual/small cast, and doesn't portray everyones' opinions.

  22. Its there any exploration? can you run around Kings landings? or something?

  23. 1. True

    2. True

    3. True

    4. True, but 3/4 of them are sex mods where you can have animated nude females.

    5. I don't think so.

    6. True.

    7. True.

  24. No. I mean, you can walk around king s landing, but with nothing to do. There are only two or three people to talk in each city, and when i say King landing I mean, 5 or 6 streets, not a whole city. You can t explore or do anything, you only use your stick to move and A boutton to talk…if you find some one, not jumping, no aiming bow, nothing, not rolling, only those two bouttons. There are some side missions, but still very linear, talk to x, protect y and that s all

  25. Tell me more how you press one button over and over again in most of those "amazing games".

  26. while i can agree, these are two characters stories we've heard nothing about

  27. Gonna kill God. Whacha gonna do about it, eh. Bitch? says:

    call of duty – no explanation

    Fifa – ^^

  28. So, it's basically a shitty Dragon Age? It looks like a fucked up clone of it.

  29. Because, although the options aren't huge or major, they can allow people to change some events that if in a book some may think "well i would have done that differently". It's that thought that entices people

  30. cod reference okay but leave fifa out of that wow its for football enthuists trying new players versing new teams ect not like cod…

  31. We need to spam these reviews with these faulty reviews

  32. what's so funny is the fact that cod haters never tried playing COD lol, it's a casual multiplayer shooter and it does good in it. there's no way to picture COD as a hardcore FPS meant for competitive. No one is making it so, it's just mindless dickheads not seeing things. it's like complaining why PONG doesn't have crysis graphics.

  33. This game doesnt deserve your time. It was obviously rushed and gamespot sounds like they got paid to do a commercial here. Tom reads off some script and says the game is good enough to make it "difficult to turn away". It was actually difficult to keep playing because it was a drag. It feels like cheap poor PS2 game no one ever heard about. I felt insulted to know they took advantage of the fan base here with this unpolished game. It was just a gimmick to make quick money, there was no love given to this project at all. The only thing I like about the game was the gear design and the story, but the story is all choppy because of the choppy virtual world and the gear isnt really customizable, so it still failed there. This review is what many consider to be a fake review, where somehow someone got paid to sell this. Why they didnt mention the birds that sir around and walk in the sky instead of flying, I dont know. Dont even bother torrenting this game, it will just take up hard drive space. Go back to skyrim, get some mods, dont bother with this.

  34. 7.0? Are you serious? This game is horrable!

  35. Seriously make a game of thrones game with a budget !!!! No kinda movie licensed game like this crao its like narnia the game it sucks !!!!!!!!!

  36. Powerful story, good voices, enjoyable combat, acceptable graphics. Buy it from a bundle and felt extremely happy. I think the only reason that people rate it so low is the original 60$ price tag. 

  37. lol, IGN gave it a 4.0. which one to believe now?

  38. As a big fan of Game of thrones series and books AND RPG games like the Elder scrolls Line I have one thing to say: Loved this game. Many games are made to make money using an allready succesfull name but this is not one of them. There were times my reactions on this game were similar to Red wedding reactions!

  39. This game is not bad, it isn't great but still good. Combat is tedious but the story is interesting. So this is something to play while waiting for the next season! But be warned the visuals is terrible

  40. LOL how he reads from a script! Like someone that just learned how to read yesterday HAHAHA 

  41. Fuck! They had a solid foundation on which to build this game but they just had to screw up.


  43. Someone needs to buy the rights for this game and completely revamp it. It has a brilliant story which is so rewarding to play through, especially if you're a book fan – but everything else completely takes you out of the moment. If they recast the voice actors, added more customisation options and put more effort into textures then this game would be flying off the shelves at full retail price, and definitely not trying to sell for 90 cents on PSN 😂.

    But for now, I say if you are a huge GoT fan then buy it and play it. It's God-awful, but you will be able to look past that once the story really gets going.

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