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GameSpot Reviews – Singularity Video Review

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Kevin VanOrd takes us back to the ’50s to show us how the Russians almost ruled the world in his review for Singularity.

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  1. Never liked BioShock even though I haven't played it but hopefully it will be worth it

  2. I stopped playing multiplayer in this game b/s every day I got on, less and less people were playing it until it got to the loin where I couldn't find a match, so I stopped. BUT if Activion would e advertised this better I'd still be playing it today cause its my top 5 list game.

  3. It just makes me really really sad that too many people didn't know that this gem was coming out or wasn't feeling confident enouph in the purchase cause of the looks. BUT this game is a masterpiece, when I was done..I was back from another universe

  4. Does the game have a difficulty setting?

  5. A hidden gem. To bad the campaign is short.

  6. I have been a hardcore gamer my entire life and hearing a reviewer complain about graphics for the millionth time makes me realize that our generation is undoubtedly the most whiny in the the history of the human race. Graphics are something that help a game but they don't make or break it unless they are extremes. Old Atari games are nearly unplayable but a game like singularity is certainly not hurt by it.

  7. It's not really a gem, it's just a regular shooter with an awesome concept. I was just left a feeling of wanting more because the campaign is definitely on the short end.

  8. dead space and metro used many ideas from this game

  9. From what I've gathered in this video, this game seems like a combination between Bioshock and Metro, minus the deep story. As much as I view the story as the most important thing in gaming, I think the gameplay seems enjoyable enough. I just hope that I won't be too affected by glitches or bugs. Nobody wants to restart their checkpoint (or possibly the entire level or even the whole game) just because of one systematic fuck-up. Anyway, I'm interested.

  10. Thought this game was so underrated great idea really enjoyable!

  11. Bulletstorm+bioshock+wolfenstein=singularity

  12. I wonder if singularity be great competition for wolfenstien

  13. Only get this for single player. Multiplayer is completely dead. Not a soul to be found. so sad.

  14. Why the pc version looks like shit? I know it's 2010, but other game manage to looks better than this. I mean in option menu there is no AA, no 10:6 resolution besides 1280x720p and also audio problem for win7 and above user (the audio is too fucking low)

  15. it was never glitchy for me but I've never played online only the campaign

  16. got this game back when it first came out. loved the single-player and multi-player. sad that the multi-player doesn't exist anymore. 🙁

    I was able to get every achievement though.

  17. picked this game up last month for 3 bucks at game stop. its been sitting collecting dust. today i clean that dust and give it a shot. nice review.

  18. most underrated game ever. One of the best games last gen

  19. Underrated as fuck, I loved it, especially the time travelling was some epic shit!

  20. 2017-07-17: I've never heard of this game before, but I bought it on the "GOG sale" and this game still holds up until today!

    I played through the whole game in one sitting, I rarely do that..

    Good gameplay and nice kick from the guns + decent sound all over, very good voice acting, great variation of freaky monsters!

    <3 the bullet holes after you hit enemies or you might dismember them, and you can execute soldiers that are trying to crawl away

    I love the time traveling between soviet era & the post-apocalyptic world!

    Lots to upgrade, weapons/armor/implants etc

    The game feels like a mixture of: Metro>S.T.A.L.K.E.R>Wolfenstein>and a little Portal/Half-Life

    Just download the free program (Flawless Widescreen) and change fov to 80-90, also play on Hard difficulty!

    We NEED Singularity 2 and more commie killing!

  21. This is a fantastic very fun shooter , IMHO if you don't get this game you are really missing out a hidden classic gem well worth having completing and keeping

  22. I got this game for 2.69 yesterday at game stop and was sad to see this game didn't get the recognition it deserves not saying it's a great game but it's nice to play different shooter other than cod or battle field

  23. yo i remember watching the review for this and being like super hyped, and then totally forgot about it

  24. I had a lot of fun with this game when it came out. Never touched the multiplayer though.

  25. Man I miss Kevin VanOrd at Gamespot. He was wonderful

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