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Mark takes a voyage on the Enterprise in Star Trek The Video Game and finds a mess of bugs, glitches, and thoroughly uninspiring shooting.

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  1. Thanks to JJ Star Trek looks something more than just people running around in their pyjamas fighting poorly masked humans

  2. Oh look, another cash-in licensed movie-game that turned out to be terrible.

  3. Will there ever be a decent film tie in game? They could do so much with Star Trek.

  4. How do we differentiate all these guns? Why just change the reticule and the color of the shots.

  5. I think they gave it a 3.5 cause it looks like a lame 3rd person shooter wheres my space combat ??? this is star trek after all

  6. It's Shit. Thumbs up to save people wasting time

  7. Getting tired of your shit gamespot… This game doesn't deserve a 3.5… It deserves at the most a 5.5…

  8. riptide 4.0, ST 3,5. Is gamespot looking to get more hits on their site with these numbers?

  9. chronicles of riddick: escape from butcher bay (early 00's) was a classic that won GOTY's, and a modern remake with nice visuals was done.

  10. bad core gameplay, terrible companion AI (and you had to use him, because coop didn't work at the beginning) that gets stuck in the middle of a field forcing you to restart the entire level, terrible lip sync…must I go on? If this is a 5.5 game then I don't wanna se your 2 XD

  11. I'm talking about the one from a couple years ago.

  12. This is why games are selling so bad! Who would put down $60.00 for a piece of s%#t like this?

  13. Isn't keyboard and mouse supposed to be the superior controller for first and third person shooters?

  14. As much as I enjoyed the Star Trek reboot, lets not be bad mouthing the tv series and and original movies, they where far superior.

  15. I hate the new star trek films, and this game looks shit also

  16. In what way!?!?! I tried to watch them and my god they sucked, yes I did take note when they were done but still!

  17. well most games based on movies are not so good

  18. Correct. He only directs Movies, not videogame studios.

  19. what isnt great about it.great stroy set in a world that we all should be trying to achieve free of all the problems of todays that doesnt seem that far fetched considering we have alot of it today (mobile phones, ipads, laptops, lasers)bring on the holodecks and gamers r sorted.U mite think its shit and ur entitled to ur opinion but it wouldnt have become one of the most famous shows of all time if it many people dont no who captain kirk is?

  20. Reasons why you should slap programmers. Lolly-Pop chainsaw failed in gameplay because of programmers and such. Imagine if the game had better mechanics with a batman:arkham city fighting mechanic alone with great A.I veriety. :/ I really wish they would remake that game…. It didn't deserve what it gotten from the game developers. Models, story, textures, effects, voices was good but it comes down on designers & programmers and they failed us. Just like this Star Trek game.

  21. Am I the only one that played through the entire game without getting a single noticeable glitch? I'm a casual Star Trek fan and I found a lot to like here, it may not be original or perfectly polished, but I didn't get any major glitches in my playthrough, nor do I think it's worth the TERRIBLE scores its been getting…

  22. Platforming with mouse and keyboard is not some handicap compared to a controller, the fault lies with the game design.

  23. Its actually not really a bad game other than there are a lot of glitches, it looks like they cheesed out on the graphics in areas and it is 2 player and fun to play together. plus you can choose to stun their drones and then hack them with your tricorder. I thought it was a decent game but wait till it goes down in price.

  24. In that case you should play Goldeneye, Wolverine, The Chronicles Of Riddick Escape From Butcher Bay, Spider-Man 2.

  25. together with alien colonial marines this has to be to worst two games of the year

  26. BH09 Classic on topic gaming GF-Shorts says:

    Slightly better as a PS3 game than a PC one. not by much however.

  27. Michael Scott, Dunder Mifflen Scranton says:

    Lets see if I can start a comment war.

  28. I love it that you can play as Sylar…no…Dr Thredson…oops I meant…Zachary Quinto, in this game – just for that I would give it a 10. Apart from that, this game doesn't appeal to me as much. I would have preferred that GameSpot gave it more like a 6

    It would have been nice if they added some game play where the gamers can play as William Shatner and Leonard Nimroy as older Kirk and Spock

  29. I honestly doesn't think this looks too bad, just kind of bland and generic. I think the story sounds pretty solid

  30. You I haven't played this, nor am I planning on it. That being said I think it's good to see a game at borrowing as many elements from other 3rd person shooters and so forth to incorporate into the game. I mean it's a movie game from god knows what developer, did you actually expect it to be that good?

    Is it playable, barely. Then it's playable. Looks alright if you're a StarTrek fan, so give it a go if you're not a fan, avoid it, It's easy to just sit there and say it's shit.

  31. LOL original Gorn vs. James Tiberius Kirk footage !

  32. I like the more action packed star trek as the character drama is still there alongside it. That is the film however, not the game. I would not touch this with a 10 foot barge  pole being held by somebody else

  33. I wish this wasn't such a good review. This game looks bad.

  34. So evil aliens have stolen a superweapon and are threatning to take over the Galaxy eh? well we better rush in and shoot everything untill we get it back,and then we do.sorry if I spoiled that non story for you.

  35. A good example of a hidden gem but not appreciated on release

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