General Lotz Reviews (Jurassic Park: Sega Arcade Game) -

General Lotz Reviews (Jurassic Park: Sega Arcade Game)

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This was the second game review that I ever made. As such it is a bit rough, but I feel that it should be uploaded with only a few video quality improvements.

This time General Lotz reviews the classic Sega Arcade Game Jurassic Park.


  1. The fish physically can't hit you.

  2. Picard v Kirk. Picard all the way.

    Ah, the difficulty level of arcade machines to pry away hard earned pocket money. Twas a good, if bizarre, arcade game.

  3. ive always wanted to play that as a kid.the onley one in my chukie cheese was broken.i was sad

  4. 'wood is rather combustable.'

    True, but if Trespasser's physics is anything to go by, logic and reality has no place in Jurassic Park. How very dare you!

    Great video, but what's with the German name calling?

  5. 8:20 Jurassic world? its funny that its being made

  6. I remember playing this at Chuck E. Cheese as a kid; it was about the only reason I ever went, actually, besides the ball pit. This game was absolutely insane; there was no way this game was intended to be anything other than a quarter-eater, but it was hectic enough to remain fun.

  7. k like the vid and have you every play army men 1998 or any army men game at all as a kid?

  8. this is graphically intense i dont think a pc could of ran it back in the day.the cabinet must of used some serious hardware.

  9. I need to know. What is that intro song called?

  10. Could you make another video please. It's been a while

  11. I know that you probably want to see this franchise that I am about to mention DIE a horrible death. But could you please review batman arkham city.I would like to hear your thoughts on batman in general

  12. I like this game and all – I play it on my computer whenever I have 15 minutes to kill. But, after playing it so many times, I've come to realize a few things.

    For the one thing; the game is absolutely pointless. What I mean by that is that most arcade games, especially First Person Shooters have a scoring system that gets higher by killing enemies. Your score is recorded at the end of the game to see if you beat the High Score. This game however does not have any sort of score system. This means that playing the game has absolutely no reward. This also unfortunately means that the game is just a Token Trap. Just imagine it; you go to Chuck-E-Cheeze, put in 20 bucks at the Token Machine, and throw all your tokens into this game, trying to get past that part with the Brachiosaur legs. Can you imagine how much this game raked in?

    I've also noticed a few other things; playing with two players actually INCREASES the level of difficulty. I've played the game enough to know that you can actually do the first fight against the T-Rex without taking much – if any – damage at all. It's all about making sure the cursor stays over his head. But with two players – the beast is faster and stronger, and is able to keep up with the car and not fall behind even if you constantly hit the target. So if you or your friends go to the arcade and find this game, do yourself a favor and go in alone; it'll save you money. Besides – I've also noticed that a player's "hit-box" is localized to their half of the screen – meaning that only half of the enemies on the screen can hurt you. Aim accordingly.

    Here's something I found to be quite amusing. The game actually has a form of physics engine. Much like how you can prevent the T-Rex from hurting you if you shoot him properly, you can actually prevent the big boulder from doing the same. I've discovered that if you shoot near the top of the boulder, you can actually SLOW the rotation, preventing the rock from rolling into you…Enjoy the life that this trick saves you, because the boulder is going to break into smaller bits and its going to drain your life badly.

    This last bit is something I've only recently noticed but really wish to mention…I don't know who is driving the Jeep…but they are a Real Asshole. In the scene where you "fight" the Volcano, you'll notice that a group of Triceratops is charging toward you. However, they are not attacking you; they are simply trying to escape the eruption. If they hit you, that just means the jeep is in their way – and I've noticed that MOST are actually trying to avoid hitting the jeep. So what does this have to do with the driver? Well there are plainly obvious moments where it seems like the Driver is PURPOSEFULLY driving into a pack of oncoming Trikes. In this portion of the game, there are moments where the plains in front of the car are clear enough to drive through with no obstacles. But when you see them, the car suddenly makes a left turn and steers right into an incoming group of Triceratops. This driver is a prick!

  13. I've never heard an american use the term 'Bloody' so much. Must be a British influence haha.

  14. I used to make my mom take me to a Peter Piper after school to play this game. I think I may have single handedly burned it out through overuse. Good times.

  15. Dude u take the game too much seriously its a fun rail shooter

  16. They should've ported this to the Sega Genesis or Sega Saturn.

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