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Ghost of Tsushima Review

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Ghost of Tsushima reviewed by Mitchell Saltzman on PlayStation 4 Pro.

Ghost of Tsushima is an absolutely gorgeous open world action/adventure with incredible combat and clever solutions to longstanding issues in the genre, despite dropping the ball on the stealth side of its stealth/action split.



  1. Im planning to buy a game what is better?
    Ghost of tushima or ac valhalla?

  2. Please do a new review now with the Legends Mode

  3. did you really play it on ps4 pro? the start of the video didnt feel like you felt the excellence of PS4 Pro. I t was magical boss. Why is this youtube video not uploaded in 4k. It deserved atleast 9.5, dont insult it by scoring it below AC Odyssey. This makes me really sick, man

  4. IGN reviews used to be so much better. Now it seems that they look for the most irrelevant things to nitpick.

  5. All this tells me is that these reviewers have never seen a Kurusawa film. Regardless, in my opinion: Great gameplay, beautiful visuals, mediocre story, dead world.

  6. Yourworldsavings[dot]com & Yourworldhobbies[dot]com says:

    Meh, Okami's still the most beautiful game 😉

  7. I'm playing this for the first time on PS5 and it's honestly the best looking game I've ever seen. 🤯

  8. Don’t tell about story dude you ruined the opening

  9. Beautiful, but so boring, too many cut scenes, very long stories…….

  10. Eh what you about? Standoff streak only goes to 3 on ps4, does pc version let you do 5?

  11. I've remembered it being announced in the Nintendo switch what happened to it?

  12. Imagine a game lke this featuring Zoro from One Piece as the protagonist featuring various skill set using solo, dual and tri blade.

  13. 2:32 In my opinion GOT's combat has nothing in common with Sekiro's combat. Even tho you can parry in this game it doesn't mean that it has parts of Sekiro's combat. The parry window in this game is painfully large.

  14. This game was a 7/10 for me. Gameplay gets old after 25 hours or so and the story isn't anything mind blowing. Solid game with a lot of room for improvement

  15. If my grandparents buy this game
    My life is complete

  16. 3:05 "true to the fantasy of being a lone hyperskilled but outnumbered samurai" onscreen 5 enemies are just looking at the player while he fights 1

  17. The Assassin's Creed we didn't know we didn't deserve.

  18. The fps upgrade this got to 60fps on the ps5 makes the game feel like I'm playing it on a nice pc at 1440p

  19. Thanks for telling this game review detail by detail 😀

  20. Directors cut out today ⚔️ maybe you can do another review now

  21. Directors cut out today ⚔️ maybe you can do another review now

  22. Hands down one of the best games I’ve played. If you own a PS4 or PS5, do yourself a favor and pick this gem up

  23. Easily a 10, the 9 is literally such a punch in the face… This is a masterpiece.

  24. 1) slap yourself for giving this game a 9 when its a 10
    2) slap yourself for calling it ac japan when it's not
    3) director's cut soon lands !!!

  25. what a amazing end for a ps4 a absolute roller coaster of a life for this console

  26. That game is a pure Assassin's Creed wannabe but in Japanese fashion…🤦🏾‍♂️

  27. Basically assassins creed if it was made by rockstar

  28. This game especially along with the other exclusives show perfectly why the PS4 is the best PlayStation and probably the best console in general

  29. They say he lacks emotion even tho it’s explained in the beginning of the game that he was raised as a samurai and samurai suppress their emotions to appear stronger. Jin from a young age was not raised as a child, but as a warrior.

  30. This is what assassins creed should have been instead of valhalla

  31. So for anyone JUMPING right now into the PS5 version, or PS4 Director's Cut with all the hype and craze. ALL of these issues are fixed. NG+, New Armors, New Multiplayer, New Replaying Camps/Duels, New Charms, New Difficulty, Lock-On, Removing Quiver, Improved Stealth and Fighting Animations, DualSense/DualShock 4 Motion Controls for flicking the blood of your sword without sheathing it, skipping cutscenes, proper japanese lip-sync (Previously some of the cutscenes were videos to hide loading times, they were SUPER HIGH quality tho, so you couldn't spot them at all), etc.

    Stealth has been fixed, and doesn't work that way anymore, once you are spotted, you are spotted and enemies follow you and you can't assassinate them by staying out of sight unless you really hide away from them. Standing in a camp or on a roof doesn't work anymore. You can't prompt a stealth kill, plus they improved the variety of stealth kill animations with the tanto.
    So playing as a Stealthy Ghost feels like one.

    On top of that PS5 Features Haptics (One of the best along with Returnal), Triggers, 3D Tempest Audio, 4K (Slight Checkerboard) and Improved Textures for Characters, NPCs, Clothes, Weapons and even Terrain.
    PS4 is still backwards compatible with 1800K Checkerboard (Don't know the native resolution from which has been used to checkerboard) and 60 FPS, you just don't get the DualSense and Termpest/Textures upgrades.

  32. Dont forget to mention that!!
    The End Credits is longer than any mission in the game……. And you cant skip it 😐😕

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