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Godzilla and Friends (CD-ROM) – MIB Video Game Reviews Ep 22A

Monster Island Buddies
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This 1997 CD-Rom is just one of four educational games under the name “Godzilla and Friends”! You won’t believe what we discover on this disc!

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Title Card art by: MIB

Long Note One, Pookatori and Friends, Sneaky Snitch, Lost Time, NoGoodLayabout
Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


  1. I Thought This was a Sequel Of the Sega Pico Game Just By the Kaiju And The Mini Godzilla On the Thumbnail

  2. @ I would do anything to get a copy of “Virtual Date with MIB”.

  3. Okay, I'm actually interested in seeing you review those other games, but only IF you can find any surviving copies that don't cost like $1,000,000 a piece. I don't want one of my favorite youtubers to go bankrupt Lol.

  4. Isn't Biolante female? Why is she voiced by a guy?

  5. i like the back ground inclusion of bertholdt/ the colossal titan

  6. I think rodans game is based of bug noises like cicadas or crickets

  7. 6:38 it sounds like it’s being sang by a Japanese Eric cartman

  8. This game made me feel like I had a great attack on my senses.

  9. Is godzilla a girl or boy in this universe
    Like for boy commet girl for girl

  10. It looks like he has a pott on his head so hes a pott head

  11. Why King ghidorah sound like goku japansene dub

  12. I feel like Ghidorah is voiced by the woman who played Bandora from Super Sentai

  13. Megalon looks incomplete and also Gigan’s game theme for some reason kind off reminds me of the SEGA Genesis game Dr Robotniks Mean Bean Machine.

  14. What would it look like if a Godzilla game look like in 2021

  15. Games in Godzilla King Of The Monsters the game (education edition)
    King Ghidorah:Dodge the fireballs
    Megalon:Kaiju Race
    Mothra:Make Moth Eggs
    Mechagodzilla:make a robot
    Gigan:Fix wires on chainsaw
    Biollante:make bio plants
    Ebirah:Memory whirlpool
    Manda:Target Fire
    Hedorah:Swimming Race
    Varan:Soccer Battle
    Battra:Make a Fire
    Jet Jaguar: Same as Mechagodzilla
    Rodan:Same as Ebirah
    King Ceaser:Same as Manda
    Kong:Punching Battle
    Skullcrawler:same as Kong

  16. are you shure thats godzilla? or did he just steal a ladys voice

  17. Godzilla King of the Monsters The Game (Battle Edition) Levels of Kaijus
    Mothra:Level 1 to 30
    Rodan:Level 1 to 30
    Muto:Level 1 to 40
    Godzilla:Level 1 to 50
    Clover:Level 1 to 50
    Mega Kaiju:Level 1 to 90
    Ghidorah:Level 1to 100

  18. This is so awesome! A super rare holy grail of a Godzilla game

  19. Top 10 Rappers EDM Doesn’t Want To Diss
    Little Godzilla

  20. The ending song is cool as hell, does anyone knows where can I download it?

  21. Spike : makes virtual date games

    Also spike : makes educational game

  22. I don’t know if I’m either a circus freak or a freak of nature, mib what do you think?

  23. It’s interesting to think that some kid in Japan at the time loved this.

  24. This is lag but now is fix

  25. Am I the only one who though King Ghidorah sounded like Japanese Goku?……..Is that racist?

  26. I fucking love unnecessarily long Japanese media titles. It’s like they think the customer won’t be brought in by ‘Godzilla and Friends, Great Attack’, we need to throw in questions that they need to ask going into it as well!

    Though I believe we missed the great attack.

  27. Whats funny is that We own 2 Windows XP Computers (THAT STILL WORK TODAY!)

  28. Spike? The same company that made the Dragon Ball Budokai series?! What?

  29. Grey King ghidorah isn't real, it can't hurt you
    Grey King ghidorah: 2:27

  30. Ay yo mib mgodzilla and the game's mgodzilla almost have the same familiar voice

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