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Godzilla (Arcade) – MIB Video Game Reviews Ep 30

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We take a look at the 1993 Godzilla arcade game by Banpresto! This 2D fighting game was only released in Japan, but you can play it right now, right here:

Kaiju Days are coming to Bridgeview, IL this Sept 11th and 12th! Shop toku toys and art! More info here:

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  1. Get that board, get an arcade 1up, custom skin it, mod it. Space problem solved.

  2. Anyone else chuckle when they saw what cabinet was next to the Godzilla cabinet?

  3. Godzilla: go's crocodile

    Godzilla villains and kong: OH SHI*

  4. Knowing now what I didn’t know before I watched this video..👉👏👈

  5. Thanks so much for videos like this. It feels so good to be a Gfan here.

  6. Would love to challenge my brother to a couple of rounds on that arcade game!

  7. They probably should've had Natsume develop this using a modified version of their Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Fighting Edition / Gundam Wing engine. That way the characters would be able to play more like regular fighting game characters while still having a sense of weight.

  8. Whoa I live in palos, I'll check that out.

  9. Galloping Ghost is the biggest arcade in the country …. but it's the BEST arcade in the known UNIVERSE!!!

  10. Ok MIB I got the vaccination because the almighty Paul Reiser spoke to me from the heavens and demanded I get the vaccine!!

  11. Megaron Swanson.

    That’s it. That’s my joke.

  12. Is anyone going to point out how they spelled Megalon ?

  13. Ok, in 1995 I played the Godzilla japanese import at an old “penny” arcade in Frankenmuth, Michigan. No idea if anyone can confirm it tho. But I’m 100% sure

  14. "first you get some smashie smashie" I love the way you said that haha

  15. Me In 1993: Man it would be great if there were a Godzilla Arcade…
    America: PRIMAL RAGE
    Me: no… this is NOT what I meant

    I want to die now : (……

  16. I seen godzilla fly like a rocket in a movie, to bad he doesn't do that more often to get around quicker.

  17. Alright when the time I’m making this comment I just got back from galloping ghosts (Illinois) and can confirm they have they have the Godzilla arcade game on display. It’s pretty fun and was basically the same as you said but different cabinet art and playing with joystick and buttons.

  18. I'm not joking when I say this but I would kill to go to G-Fest just name the person you want me to kill and I'll do it to go to G-Fest

  19. I always enjoy watching your videos about Godzilla and learning more about it, even though I'm not a big fan of Godzilla in the first place.

  20. 5:45 I guess they accidently got mv rodan to fight ghidorah instead of the showa rodan.

  21. I gotta be honest, Godzilla performing Tatsu's with his tail is one of the most awesome things I've seen.

  22. Had a chance to play this in a old arcade in my hometown back in 2001 I remeber beating it in 12$

  23. at 2:07 you have the spacegodzilla micro battle playset out of the package why is it out of the package?

  24. Is it just me or I’m just seeing I see in the background the rare mini space Godzilla by trenmasters

  25. Damn, you're lucky to have your own rare Godzilla arcade game. Let alone your very own custom cabinet!

  26. Question: how do you play the game cause whenever I try to play it from the link it shows the controls then 2 A.I monsters fighting and one of them loses and it takes me to the start

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