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Godzilla: Kaijuu no Daishingeki (Game Gear) – MIB Video Game Reviews Ep 26

Monster Island Buddies
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We play the 1995 Godzilla Game Gear game: Godzilla: Kaijuu no Daishingeki! Is it any good?

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ROM English Translation patch by TheMajinZenki
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Script Editing/Revision by cccmar

Title Card MIB by Bianca Wallace

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  1. Just please add monster hunter characters.

  2. I managed to play the game in Japanese no problem. It took a little while to figure everything out though.

  3. You CAN play as the space monsters. You just need to use the debug menu.

  4. I remember I recommended this on Instagram, I wonder if he saw that?

  5. I used to play this and I still have it on my phone

  6. Is there a link to that big Godzilla plush in the background

  7. He reminds me of the angry video game nerd except with the Godzilla head

  8. 7:00 Is this where the giant Serizawa appears again? 😄
    Edit: “MeatLoaf Rotation” is now on my list of totally kick-ass band name ideas 😁

  9. Can't wait for Godzilla singular point which of the new series on Netflix coming soon

  10. Help burn the demon known as tik tok before people start doing godzilla tik toks and start ruining Godzilla

  11. Well there's is a Godzilla rip off in the Shinobi game for the Sega Genesis. And that's the closest thing to Godzilla on the Genesis

  12. “I might be demonetized by YouTube bots” precedes to swear

  13. Can you review SNK's King of the Monsters 1 and 2

  14. Why not play Roblox because they got some godzilla games

  15. Are you gonna review the Godzilla Pipeworks trilogy

  16. godzilla looks like squrtle and this game should be called poka'mon godzilla edtion

  17. The only reason the OG game boy won because of game boy had Tetris

  18. MIB: That’s Squirtle.
    Godzilla fandom: Face palm
    Me as a Pokémon fan: Yep sounds about right.

  19. Kinda reminds of fire emblem it will be really cool if Godzilla crossed with fire emblem though

  20. Fond memories of road trips as a kidlet with the Gamegear. Especially when the trips began around 3 in the morning before the sun started to come up.

  21. you gotta review the snes game with super godzilla

  22. Fukuoka isn't-

    (Violent words caution)

    "Fuck u oka"

  23. Best Godzilla kaiju channel on YouTube

  24. hey mib try roblox kaiju universe game its on roblox its a fan game

  25. Do YouTube what was it called again like the letters the Google YouTube’s captions he said bad word but you said go to the cooler something in the YouTube or bad word so it sends it out when I don’t even think he didn’t say a bad word it’s part of the Japanese word but you say a lot of bad words not the life I am not offended by it

  26. A level based on the two Showa MG movies could have bein nice. It starts with the first MG, and after he is scrapped MG2 and Tytannosauraus spawn and you can either defeat them directly ore find the building Katzura is I and destroy it wich then instant defeats MG2 so you only got one dino to worry about. Ore Destroy all Monsters as a Bonus Level where you command the military, AND the Earth Kaiju against King Ghidorrah, Gaigan, Megalon and Hedorah. And you can also choose to play as the Aliens. That could have bein realy cool. But maybe a tad to ambitious fore the Gane Gesr. Honestly I think a Godzilla Strategie games isnt all that of a dumb idea. I would love a new one where you can unlock all the cool stuff the Humans had over the years. MG2, Moguirra, Kiryu, the Super SX and all that fun stuff.

  27. Who is better godzilla or gamra. Type to win. No prize or money.

  28. Ofcourse that looks exact like the muppets waka waka

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