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Godzilla Unleashed Double Smash (DS) – MIB Video Game Reviews Ep 4

Monster Island Buddies
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Let’s review Godzilla Unleashed: Double Smash for the Nintendo DS! Then let’s go to therapy! Adult language, not for children.
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Pookatori and Friends Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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  1. I remember a really good Godzilla game on PS2.

  2. mettaton ex undyne mettaton neo undyne the undying says:


  3. I still have this game and even after all these years I still love to play it from time to time, but for sure it wasn't very good. Personally, I would give it 2 1/2 stars

  4. "Same boxart" they literally took the teeth out of Godzilla

  5. 3:17 why does Titanosaurus sound like deranged Mickey Mouse

  6. I played this whole game, since I was around 4, I still hate it.


  8. Bro I remember being so excited getting this I thought it was going to be that badass fighting game but no

  9. 4:12 I thinking why mecha-king ghidorah is darn!!! freaky!! HUGE!!!

  10. Oh wait is gameboy Godzilla: domination the final boss is mecha-king ghidorah is Gigantic three-heads the dragon God this is crazy🙃

  11. Here's How i think A DS godzilla Game should be made:
    1. Its story should be impressive and original .
    2. The gamplay Can be fun like fighting but also finding some collectables . Also to be a 3D overworld Game with open space
    3. Amazing soundtrack that sounds like a kaiju/godzilla or giant monster movie.
    4. Unlockable monsters . Monsters that Are From godzilla films but Never Been in the games.
    5. Impressive looking graphics.
    6. Great sound design
    7. The cutscenes Are now Fully Animated with Good lip syncing
    8. Very Good Voice Acting.
    9 Interesting dialouge and script
    10. Good Character Developments.
    11. All the monsters have different attacks and combat.
    12. More focus on the combat.
    13. Nice Character Models.
    14. Good AI
    15. Incredible Bosses.
    And that's How i think a godzilla Game for the DS should be like. (Sorry if this Comment was From another video but copied and pasted)

  12. You will NEVER KNOW HOW LONG DESTROYING CRYSTALS TAKES unless you play it.

  13. Am I the only one with good memories
    Ok I was young
    But still
    I'm here cause of good memories

  14. dude, idk why but i like this game at my ds.

  15. mettaton ex undyne mettaton neo undyne the undying says:

    FUCK YOU too satan

  16. And so MIBs decent into madness on his game review series began…

  17. I remember this. Old times

  18. As much as that game sucks ass that music fucking slaps

  19. I loved how the back ground had the country bears

  20. I rember playing this and wondering why I couldent unlock the bosses to fight with at least the small ones like titanosaurs and baragon thoes guys looked cool plus to use mecha Godzilla or mulgera that would of been awesome!

  21. I need to get this on ebay I remember playing this so much on my ds but then I lost the game. I know lots of people don't like this game but it's part of my childhood

  22. Yeah DS ports I'd console games SUCK SO BAD… They could have gone so many different ways with this game but they ruined it.

  23. I remember I was nine and thought it’d be like the Wii but portable. I had my mom buy it and oh boy was I a pissed nine year old.

  24. i played the shit out of this game solely because i love godzilla that much

  25. Oooooh I remember this game as a kid cause I was allowed one $15 game and I hated it

  26. At least you didn't have to shake the remote like a madman on ketamine

  27. I played the game and all I can say is that the crystal combo parts suck.

    Edit: so does Krystalak, his combos are tricky.

  28. I played this on my DS as a kid….it sucked.

  29. I know a trick if you play as mothra or battra and go the top left corner and hold the x button you will”never”get hit and yes I’m a loser

  30. As much as this game gets bashed on, I’ll always remember and hold onto it dearly for how much I played it as a kid :’)

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