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Godzilla vs 3 Giant Monsters (MSX) – MIB Video Game Reviews Ep 23

Monster Island Buddies
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Also known as “Godzilla vs 3 Major Monsters”, this MSX game marks the first ever official video game appearance by the Big G!

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Title Card art by: MIB
Video Game Godzilla by:TwoStripTechnicolor

NoGoodLayabout, Spiders Web, Sneaky Snitch, Feelin Good, Pookatori and Friends
Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


  1. You're gonna hate me for this:
    My first Godzilla game I played was GODZILLA: SAVE THE EARTH.

  2. I'm kind of shocked you don't have Godzilla Generations: Maximum Impact in your Godzilla Video Game video list. You should play it lol, I'd like to see you play and review that, I remember it as a kid and it being pretty awesome for its time. The fact that it surpassed The 2014 Godzilla video game with flying colors, makes it deserve a shout out lol. There is a Godzilla Generations game, but it was only released in Japan only and Idk anything about that game, but it was the prequel so I doubt it's better lol.

  3. Is this just an excuse for you to tell us you had a kid

  4. Why did I watch this also did you kidnap a kid?

  5. The first Godzilla video game I ever played was Godzilla unleashed double smash

  6. First Godzilla game I played?
    Save the Earth.
    It's great. Good fun for the whole family, especially when you all come down with a cold. (2015 was fun)

  7. Infant me: I want to suck on some Titties

    Me now: I want to suck on some Titties

  8. the first Godzilla game I played was Godzilla(1993) arcade

  9. I have two hard copies of this game, one boxed w/ manual and one loose (with a ripped label unfortunately).

    The boxed one is one of my prized collection pieces. Still have to get Monster's Fair and I'll have all of the Goji MSX titles.

  10. Squibbles should be a monster island buddies regular character

  11. There was a Godzilla RPG for the snes that I vaguely remember rage quiting

  12. (Pulls out SNES Super Scope) WHERE DID THE BABY COME FROM? ANSWER OR I BLOW YOU TO PIECES!!!! And first ゴジラgame i played was Godzilla: destroy all monsters melee.

  13. Where did that baby come from?

    I dont need sleep I need answers

  14. My first godzilla game is 'Godzilla strike zone ios android'

  15. My first Godzilla game was Godzilla df

  16. The First Godzilla Game I Played Was Godzilla Defence Force

  17. I think my first Godzilla game was Godzilla: Save the Earth. Not a bad first Godzilla game if I do say so myself.

  18. When I played a godzilla game for the first time it was godzilla defence force

  19. Godzilla Save The Earth on PS2. It was okay, I enjoyed it

  20. The first godzilla game i played was godzilla vs

  21. The first game I ever got to play was Godzilla Unleashed

    On the ps2

  22. Godzilla saves the Earth is my first and only godzilla game to date! My little cousin and I would put in a merry medodies kids casset tape mute the game and die laughing as we did a spinn attack as it perfectly timed with "the green grass grew all AROUND". GOOD TIMES 💙My uncle had an nes but it was badly damaged. So was his jurassic park…but hey. Halo has aliens and monsters :p

  23. Is that baby a random child or cgi or his child.

  24. My first Godzilla game was Godzilla unleashed on wii

  25. Monsters unleashed for the wii caught me and helped me to start liking godzilla

  26. Next Secrets Video at 125k subs!

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