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Godzilla Vs. (PS4) – MIB Video Game Reviews Ep 3

Monster Island Buddies
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Pookatori and Friends Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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  1. Megalosaurus Studios 2 Electric boogaloo says:

    To the person that stole MIB’s crush…

    F*** YOU

  2. The generator part is the most annoying part of the game.

  3. Little did he know, Godzilla PS4 would become one of the rarest PS4 Games out there and would sell for almost $200

  4. I NEED this game too bad it’s like 600 Canadian dollars :(((((

  5. MIB: You should definitely scoop this game up!
    Me: Finds out that the game is over £100. Yeah, hell no.

  6. Destroying generators and fighting monsters is the best

  7. I appreciate your autistic sense of humor, it’s charming and comfy.

  8. I like how before the vid ended mecha godzilla was so small

  9. This atomic breath has no range

  10. The PS3 game has less content than the PS4 game. Might want to make that difference.

  11. At 3:45 is so funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😅😅😂🤣

  12. I think he glithched the game at the end bc he Way bigger then mecha godzilla but its shows that hes 50 meters

  13. Anyone know where to buy this game as if right now?

  14. I agree with you and my beer I feel like that people bully this game

  15. 20 dollars my ass! I just tried to find this game online and it's going for over 500 bucks in some cases! A factory sealed copy goes for almost 1000!

  16. I wish I could play this on ps4, but it's not available digitally and it's super hard to get physically

  17. Hell, my favorite thing to do was fight the Super Xs and playing their themes while fighting them

  18. Dude where the f*** did you get the game for 20 bucks!?

  19. Ngl, Biollante and Mothra (Imago) are op as fuck in the game. Mainly Biollante as she has very insane ass range.

  20. I actually really love this game…it's not, i repeat NOT perfect, but it's not the tire fire in a septic tank many others claim it to be, the Controls might be a bit arkward to learn when you first start but they are actually pretty easy to use once you get the hang of it, it has a good Monster roster, the photo mode where you can place models and monsters and take photos is pretty fun, the soundtrack is amazing and the looks great, heck once i got used to it the time limit levels dident even really bother me and now i can easily kick the collective asses of the Super X trinity

    Ok but on a serious note if you had a gaming series, where you play different Godzilla games…. I WOULD WATCH

  22. Any reason why no Millennium godzilla was in the game

  23. I wish I would have bought this at $20 it cost way to much now.

  24. Glad I bought it at $17 bucks. It's a rare and expensive title now.

  25. Get rid of the annoying woman and the generator thing. Make this game more like Rampage but bigger!

  26. How people talk: blah blah blah
    Me: omg shut the fu-

  27. Still miles better than any mobile Godzilla game

  28. Wait this has 69 dislikes too lol

  29. And now, you can only get the game for hundreds of dollars

  30. Only thing I dont like is that Goji 1954 look's like heisei Godzilla. Other than that 5 stars

  31. I'm glad I stayed to see Godzilla 2014 fight Mechagodzilla 1974. Lol Mechagodzilla 1974 is so tiny compared to Godzilla 2014.

  32. "GODZILLA" is my favorite PS4 game of all the PS4 games out there. Thank you so much for making a video of it. 🙂 But! If you say you hate it… I will rage over nine thousand… So don't say it's the worst… 🙂

  33. And as of this comment this game casts more than a ps4

  34. I'm no expert in money stuff but damn the price for this game skyrocketed

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