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Grim Quest | Totally HONEST Mobile Game Reviews

Ismoll Chee Ken
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Grim Quest | Totally HONEST Mobile Game Reviews

This game is truly something, been playing it since release. It’s a fairly new game in the store, so updates and more content is to be expected for the game. Hope you all enjoy/enjoyed this review, more mobile game reviews soon to come.

Also, since this is a new game, there isn’t much Grim Quest content out here on YouTube…..I might capitalize on this 😀

0:00 Intro/Title
1:40 Mechanics
2:13 Progression
4:08 Events
4:51 Balance
5:55 RNG
6:48 Microtransactions
7:25 Ad Rate
7:56 Summary/Final Review
8:11 Letting the Game Speak for Itself
11:32 Thanks!

Impermanence – Prod. Riddiman


  1. For anyone wondering why the video was suddenly muted on the 9-minute mark and onwards, it's because some dumb fcks decided to copyright claim the music on there even though the music used is "Free-for-Profit-Use". I don't have time or even stand a chance to dispute it as YouTube doesn't care about small Content Creators like me. And don't worry, you didn't miss much on there, just some uncut/unedited gameplay, and my thanks for watching the video.

  2. Ngl i just watched the full video, and it feels like this came from a big YT channel, well done

  3. As a humble meme seller, I agree with this review

  4. I'm on permadeath and after 1st dungeon boss now i just know what suffering is

  5. As a game full of texts, this game makes it feel like each and every word valuable. Amen to that.

    Like srsly, who wants to read lore that doesn't impact the game

  6. This review is so accurate it physically hurts

  7. so it's more like a mobile, less graphically intensive version of darkest dungeon

  8. Word of advice, dont try to copy the "Everything wrong with" channel so blatantly, also, for you final review part at the end, dont say the thing earlier in the video that you are going to make the final reveal. Its lame. Allude to it. Mention the other gameas and how its like a combination of them all, and save the Darkest Grim Souls for the final reveal. Also, either stop trying to be funny, or be funnier.

  9. You want to know whats even more fucket up? the fact that this video has only 3.3 k where it shoulve got way more than that

  10. As a person who just finish the game in nightmare difficult i can confirm the suffer

  11. Oh boy I hope I can pause the game so I can read the story. I read better when the text isn't moving, I'll check it out after watching this video. LOL this video is funny 😆

  12. Thanks for the review. On the Apple Store in the US it's $3.99 and in-app purchases.

  13. All right cool I know where to file my complaint now It's not your fault It's the developers fault this s*** is not landscape.

  14. I love this game hahahha and this is certainly one hell of an accurate review

  15. In normal mode the game gets extremely tough as you progress but in easy(Classic) mode its a breeze.

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