Guardians of the Galaxy Review -Surprised- "Buy, Wait for Sale, Never Touch?" -

Guardians of the Galaxy Review -Surprised- “Buy, Wait for Sale, Never Touch?”

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Karak reviews Guardians of the Galaxy Review “Buy, Wait for Sale, Never Touch?”
PC and Xbox code supplied by Square Guardians of the Galaxy game. Tested on xbox, and PC.
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  1. How many people watching this even recognize what you mean by "MDC armor equivalents" at 13:38? It's been a while since I've thought of Rifts and its 'Structural Damage Capacity' and 'Mega-Damage Capacity' armor system (where most infantry weapons target SDC, but if the target has MDC they're completely and utterly immune to the SDC damage).

  2. I gotta argue with you here. Star Lords moms face when she smiles is nightmare fuel. But the rest look great.

  3. Seems so far the absolute only thing that's rubbing me the wrong way is how weird the animations can get while maneuvering about during battle (also would've loved to be able to play as any character instead of just Starlord).
    Either way, the more reviews I see of this game, the more I'm interested. Seems alot of the naysayers were wrong here. I'll probably get it at some point but for now I'll just wishlist.

  4. I purchased this game and want to like it so much but I have a game breaking glitch that will not go away. I just can't access the guardian menu. I tried restarting the game and reloading an older save. Nope. Just broken. Such a shame.

  5. Ok so on a scale of 1-10, 3 being the Avengers game, 5 being Cyberpunk at launch, 8 being Star Wars Fallen Order and 10 being RDR2 where it go?

  6. Where's your AoE IV review which you mentioned? 🤔😀 …

  7. I really love this game. It has a great story, and nails the characters. It's a great single player game. It did not re invent the wheel but is a fun game regardless.

  8. Guardians of the Galaxy PS5 in Quality Mode uses a dynamic resolution with the highest resolution found being 3840×2160 and the lowest resolution found being 2880×1620.
    Xbox Series X in Quality Mode uses a dynamic resolution with the highest resolution found being 3840×2160 and the lowest resolution found being 3200×1800.

  9. Rocket Racoon's suit is wearing Kiryu's suit from Yakuza. Now this game is on my radar!

  10. Boring, repetitive, micro-managerial combat. I absolutely loved the game aesthetic and the story and characters – but the weak point is the combat! I got so sick of it I had to quit and refund. If this had a more Mass Effect style combat – I would have considered it a masterpiece.

  11. So which part of the game is a PS5 exclusive?

  12. loving this game!!! lately i’ve been on and off games, they just havent been catching my attention and making me want to go back for more. for example far cry 6.. another good far cry game but after roughly 8-10 hours i dont see a reason to keep playing. but man this guardians game is great. i cant wait to get back on and see where the story takes me, along with laughs throughout the entire experience.

  13. After just finishing this game with the first playthrough at 25 hours i can happily for once in a long time say THIS GAME ROCKS HARD!.

  14. This game REALLY gives me the same vibe as Fallen Order. Not actually great let alone as amazing as everyone said. Just good when the bar was set somewhere around “abysmal”. And not good for an AAA budget, just in general the kind of “yeah sure, it’s good” that indies would get labeled with “there’s better uses of your time” for

  15. I only have one complaint about this game. There is so much dialogue throughout that I actually find it quite hard to focus on everything. The characters are always talking… ALWAYS. I love a good story and find the context and accurate character personalities refreshing, but my god. Conversation while your navigating through the world, conversation on the ship, conversation during combat, it just never stops. Even the NPC's are always talking. There is so much good content in the game, but I feel like I'm missing a lot of it. I'll probably need a second playthrough.

  16. Eww can't believe you consider Spidermans story to be good. It was so basic and predictable.

  17. I loved it but there was few bugs, nothing game breaking. Jw anyone else get stuck in a animation loop on any of the ledge animation sections? Weirdly you can’t go both ways so I was stuck going one way to then getting looped back on to the ledge back and forth for a good few mins until I manage escape the animation haah

  18. I have issue with calling Guardians of the Galaxy – Superheroes. I have issue with their title as well. They aren't Green Lanterns.
    Unless it's some inside joke from the comics(which I haven't read), I won't acknowledge them as superheroes.

  19. I hated the combat in biomutant and this just looks a lot like it, can anyone who played both tell me if they are similar or not? 👏🏾😁

  20. I missed this on the drop (moving to a new house), watching it now. Glad it came out overall good, now that I'm looking for a game to play, this might just be the one. Thanks, man!

  21. This game is awesome, I am really enjoying it. I think the next one will be game of what ever year it is released. This was a great first entry to a franchise I am excited about.

  22. despite the good reviews, this game looks like absolute garbage, i can't take anything made by Eidos seriously.

  23. I thoroughly enjoyed this game. The story was great, the combat is fun and there’s not a micro transaction or a season pass in sight. Hell, they even thank you, the player before you play the game. I support everything this game did wholeheartedly. I’d love to see more games like this

  24. People who think audio and sound design don't matter will and have always been idiots. Love the amount of care and attention to audio this game puts forth. The fact there is a setting to help balance out ambient noise with audio to better hear player dialogue deserves a medal. I'm looking at you GTA

  25. Everything about this game is outstanding except the combat. Which is a shame because if it weren't so boring and simplistic, it would've blown me away. Maybe it gets better later on? I don't know because I had to refund the game after 2 hrs of play.

  26. Its always hard for me to get into a movie based game that doesn't have the actual characters from the movie. It just feels generic without the actual guy that plays starlord.

  27. So…. Where is the Buy, sell, never touch? CLiff Hanger!!!!!

  28. This worth the full price to me they did the story good with good dialogue and characters.gameplay is good and really fun too and its replayable.marvel avengers is in a stale state with their multiplayer content and guardians of the galaxy story is way better with top tier dialogue.haven’t played a good story game like this in a good min.9/10 but if u could play as the other 4 it would be a 10 for me🎯u wont be disappointed if you like single player games with good combat and adventure simple and clean.

  29. Your reviews are always spot on and SO GOOOOOOD !! 8:30 Best part 🙂 as someone mentioned your review is an art and from me you are the Picasso of reviewing. Keep em rolling !

  30. I can't get over the ridiculous animations. They are almost gen 7 bad.

  31. Thx for the review, now I'm intrigued and I'll have to buy it. 😉

  32. Said a few Lil hiccups with frame but not at all bad loving the story graphics is awsome

  33. The voice actors have so much more than the live action versions

  34. Tbh this game looked alright, but when I got my hands on it I fell in love. Just how whacky and comic everything felt. Especially when never gonna give you up started playing in the first huddle.

  35. I've loved this game, but I love these characters. The writing and story of it has kept me hooked for 20 or so hours already. Truthfully, the action can be a little sparse sometimes, in favor of the story, but when it does come and the music is blasting, I fall in love all over every time. This is also a really well written story and I haven't played a game since Witcher 3 where the faces so perfectly convey the emotion of the characters.

    It's very linear, but that's been a somewhat welcome change. It keeps things feeling balls to the wall forward, rather than slowing down for fetch quests.

    Play this game.

  36. where's the AoE review this video hints to at the end? Am I blind? Don't see one on your channel

  37. Ngl I was avoiding buying this because i was such a fan of the Telltale version.

    I should just bite the bullet

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