Guardians of the Galaxy Review -Surprised- "Buy, Wait for Sale, Never Touch?" -

Guardians of the Galaxy Review -Surprised- “Buy, Wait for Sale, Never Touch?”

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Karak reviews Guardians of the Galaxy Review “Buy, Wait for Sale, Never Touch?”
PC and Xbox code supplied by Square Guardians of the Galaxy game. Tested on xbox, and PC.
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  2. Unplayable on PC for me, refund. Constant crashing.. Guess I'll try again in a couple of months.

  3. The gameplay does not look varied enough. Looks boring imo. I love Guardians, but I think I'll pass.

  4. Sweet. I had a good feeling about this, but It is sealed. I'll get as my Xmas cinematic game. Thanks for the review.

  5. The way he runs and shoots reminds me of Syphon Filter

  6. Single player games are the best. Multi player games usually have a short shelf life

  7. Well this looks actually not disappointing
    I'll be grabbing this one 😁😁💯💯

  8. I don’t remember liking the actor of main guy in movies at all, like a reason not to watch the movies.

  9. I had a, "YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" moment catching a freakin' Walkman.
    Fun game that belongs in a collection with Spiderman, Ghost of Tsushima, God of War, Horizon: Zero Dawn.

  10. Looks like the Guardians are fighting all the creatures from Spore.

  11. Is the game still enjoyable if I have never seen the movies or dislike the music?

  12. You gotta watch Worth A Buy's review of this game. You won't buy this game after watching.

  13. Its 2021 and the only game I will buy this year might actually be a single player, marvel game…I legit never thought I would say that lol

    Also, great reviews as always, only place I go to for reviews 🤙

  14. I preordered a while back because I love Marvel and Gog. The game looked good anyways. So gar the game has far exceeded my expectations. It looks phenomenal on series X but I am playing on quality mode as performance looks significantly worse.
    I honestly am enjoying the story more than spiderman, though maybe I'm getting a little tired of spidey.

  15. This games existence wasn't even on my radar. Looks much better than the Mass Effect titles. Your enthusiasm around the writing and how it avoids cliche twist and turns, makes me all the more interested.

  16. Can someone explain to me why on steam it said 80gb download but at only 28gb installed it finished and game was playable?

  17. Another triple A game for the brain dead, that has to hold your hand at every single corner just in case you had to actually think!

  18. Review NASCAR ignition . It gives cyberpunk a run for it's $$

  19. Games so detailed graphically like its made by rocksteady no cap

  20. Some are complying the gameplay is too easy. I’m playing on hard and so you have to learn the controls. Not a massive learning curve and not an absolute challenge. So I play the game on the hardest setting possible. Ie reduced star lord shot damage, hints off etc.

    Worthabuy rightly say it’s too easy, I concur if you have it on these easy setting. The game is linear but the humour of Drax is legend.

    Two games I’m playing at moment are GoG and hell let loose. Chalk and cheese and both good in their own way.

  21. I had no interest in this game but after watching several reviews I'm going to go ahead and pick it up. Just to support the dev team and to hope they continue making games like this

  22. Huge fan of these characters from their reincarnation in the Annihlation storyline and considering the writer of that is the game writer, it’s no wonder how much fun and enjoyment I’m having playing each night since release. There’s a good amount of heart to this game that I think many will not expect unless you’re familiar with Abnett.

  23. Can't buy because i cannot buy an Xbox series X, so yea.

  24. This game was a beautiful fever dream with 80s music

  25. I thought this game would be like the Avengers game.

  26. can someone help me…so I'm new to pc gaming and my question is how do you open up guardians mode? i see a picture of an arrow but I can't find out how it works..I tried the arrow keys then the arrow in the number pad and finally thought that the arrow had a mouse pad in the background but it doesn't make any sense i obviously cant move the mouse upwards because it says to hold with the arrow pointing up and thats impossible …i can't progress until i tell the tree to make a bridge…and i can't seem to post on steam only look at posts

  27. My goodness, that was an atrocious attempt at alliteration. I thought my computer was fucking up. Aside from that, good review. Hopefully this spurs more studios to make games like this because shocker, people will buy and support good games. Word of mouth and good faith is still worth something.

  28. Well, this is not the kind of review I patroned ACG for. I'm sad the man gave up but glad that he had found his niche.

  29. Wow, a company that learned from their mistakes.

  30. Yo, Karak – you’ll never been everyone’s cup of tea and that makes you special, genuinely. You’re a hell of a writer man; i appreciate your no nonsense approach to things and your turn of phrase. Keep doing your thing 🙂 cheers!

  31. I dont understand why everybody wrote this game off, what exactly was the issue ? When i watched the trailer for the first time the writing seemed cheesy but the game looked pretty cool, the graphics and the worlds seemed like something new. I never played avengers so i dont know if gotg reminded ppl of that but didnt they say it will be single player game from the beginning.
    Was it just like a bandwagon thing ? like someone said its sucks and then everybody hopped on cause avengers sucked and logic dictates so will this 😂😂

  32. I'm thinking, don't want poor performance on PS5 but then again on PC it has Denuvo and because of it I had tons of problems in some games such as Deathloop…

  33. Never saw the movie and I don't know who these characters are but I'll buy it because its single player and has good performance.

    These games must we support

  34. ACG you are the best and quite frankly the only gaming channel i watch ! As for game i also did not expect this game to be good but people seem to really like it so im surprised..

  35. is it just me or is anyone else on pc having random fps drops? Even when I lower the settings is still happens and I have to pause the game and wait for the fps to get back to normal.

  36. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised by this game. I was really anticipating something along the lines of all the bad that I heard of with Avengers. I just finished the game honestly, I want to jump back in and see how some dialogue choices affect things.

    Still one of the best moments for me was with Rocket and Drax in chapter 3. It really blew me away with the interaction in that scene. I didn't think I would be this impressed and I do agree, the character's and their VO Actors really knocked it out of the park here. Like you I loved the movies, and Pratt will always be Star Lord, but Jason just did such a phenomenal job, I think it will be hard hearing Pratt, Bautista, Zoe and Bradley as the Guardians again.

  37. This game surprised me. I love the team here more than the movies.

  38. What I love about this game is the quick saves, they have gotten me out of some bugs in the game where my character is just stuck in place and the cutscene won't run. UNLIKE another game I played this year.. cough cough cyberpunk. I was able to reload back and continue with my game.

  39. This game is great. Couple of bugs here an there but other then that. Just love it. Great story. Combat system is nice. Character interaction is nice. Solid 8.9/10 for me

  40. This game is INCREDIBLE. Easily in my top 3 for the year. So so good. I'm glad I watched this review and decided to pick it up.

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