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Hades Review

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Hades is a one-of-a-kind experience that sets the bar for fully utilizing the medium of video games that should be experienced by all — if they’re up to the challenge.

Review on PC by Nick Limon. Also available on Nintendo Switch.


  1. This is like the best ign review I’ve ever seen

  2. Dead Cells did something similar way before Hades came along. I’ve probably played that game over 500+ times.

  3. This is so a 10. Dialogue, Combat, and Mechanics. 10/10

  4. all yall talking about beating the game before run 30 and im on 25 and cant beat theseus and the minotaur

  5. something about the greek mythology, art style and gameplay remind me of Herc's adventures on the playstation 1. I don't know why. Watching the review reminded me of the game.

  6. A really well-written and poetic interview!

  7. Hades is what everyone wanted Minecraft Dungeons to be like

  8. You Switch users are rather coy. This is one of the greatest games I've ever played, and y'all have been like "It's fine", for the past year. This game is a freaking masterpiece.

  9. Absolutely Crap…For A Next Generation Console Game…?

  10. Ugh. Can we get a linear game please? Every indie game is either a pixelart metrdriodvania, or procedurally generated rougelike. Enough already.

  11. can someone tell me Hades is compared to what, is it like diablo o like twin stick shooter but sword fighting?

  12. what does the reviewer mean by "street fighter-style assists?" street fighter is a 1v1 fighter.

  13. This is the first game in years that's had me in my seat for a solid 10+ hours of non stop playing. Solid 10 for me

  14. Wow this game is epic , what make this game so unique is the fact that they manage to bring merit to characters just by taking even though there are no single cut scene …

  15. guess im the only one who finds this game boring

  16. Your review put me onto the game, but my family resent you


  18. Awesome game, and review guy did great. But outed himself as a n00b by saying lucky tooth is better than Olympian keepsakes (just joshing)

  19. I’m 25 attempts in and I’ve only gotten to the third boss. It’s hard af lol

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