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Hades Review

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Hades is a one-of-a-kind experience that sets the bar for fully utilizing the medium of video games that should be experienced by all — if they’re up to the challenge.

Review on PC by Nick Limon. Also available on Nintendo Switch.


  1. Honestly. I've played 17 hours. I don't get the hype.

  2. 6:09 … street fighter style assists? i think you are talking about a different fighting game

  3. Is this game coming to ps4 – ps5 anytime soon?

  4. I love the game, but beating 'Doom: Eternal' out made my eyes roll..

  5. What bothers me is that they depict them at their own Image.That is really disrespectful towards the source.They keep making egyptians african-american like,greeks white-american like.Why does every humanlike character have blue eyes in this game?WTF no ancient greek had blues eyes or blonde/white hair(not to mention facial features).Some of them had goldenlike hair but not blonde.
    You might say it is a game or movie.Yes it is but it doesn't remove the insult torwards the source and the cultural appropriation and not informed people take it as a real depiction.

  6. I wonder if WB is going to sue for using a system too close to the Nemesis system.

  7. Did you know that Supergiant doesn't allow workers to have crunch time which is absolute genius

  8. I only play indie. Indie is for “real gamers” imo. This game has it all, if you’re an indie fan

  9. looks like any other game iv ever seen….sigh

  10. so like deadcell but 3D with amazing graphics and voice acting

  11. Zagreus: Daddy!
    Hades: Yes?
    Thanathos: Yes?
    Hades:… excus-

  12. Im maybe two hours into the game, and im hopelessly hooked.

  13. It’s fun but people saying this deserved game of the year over TLOU2 are outta their damn minds

  14. Hades isn't roguelike but it is roguelike-like.

  15. Supergiant will be the goat when it's all said and done

  16. Heroin or🍾 on Nintendo Switch in Video Game Form. You will become addicted.

  17. 9? Sounds an awful lot like a 10 to me 👀

  18. Only reason it didn't get a ten is because James Woods didn't voice Hades in it

  19. If you subscribe to IGN you are anti-gamer.

  20. Is it just me or Nintendo Switch is becoming a magnet for Indie games, Getsu Fuma Den Undying Moon and HollowKnight Silksong to name a few

  21. Cannot wait to get this on game pass already preinstalled

  22. The underworld of Hades is not the same as hell. Every mortal went there.

  23. My mom said the artstyle is horrible. So anyway I'm an orphan now.

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