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Halo Infinite Multiplayer Review

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Halo Infinite Multiplayer reviewed by Stella Chung on PC. Also available on Xbox.

It’s so nice when a game actually lives up to sky-high expectations! Halo Infinite has been one of the most anticipated games out there since it was first announced three years ago, and for its multiplayer component to so fully deliver on the series’ classic feel while also keeping up with the modern-day competition in the FPS genre is a huge achievement. With some fantastic map design, a collection of straightforward but highly engaging modes for both large and small groups, excellent weapons and gear options, and those delightfully bouncy and sticky grenades, Halo Infinite’s multiplayer modes put it in the top tier of competitive shooters. Impressively, it manages to give nostalgic veterans the best of what they remember Halo multiplayer feeling like while also smoothly introducing new players to the joys of Spartan combat.

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  1. "Halo Infinite really makes to feel like Halo"

  2. Why did they get a person who’s never played Halo before to review the newest ones gameplay online? Should you get someone who’s been with the series?

  3. It's great fun but the progression is horrifically bad

  4. The head only becomes a crit spot once shields are down, there's nothing wrong with their damage reward system for headshots

  5. “The bulldog is my favorite shotgun” girl, it’s pretty much the ONLY shotgun at this point. What do you mean?

  6. Im just hoping they dont release a Battle Royale mode lol. But you make a great point about multiplayer. Halo is proving that it's still the best at it and the OG.

  7. Really great game, bring back great memories. Wish the reviewer actually shoots to kill rather than 90% melees every enemy

  8. Why is this a review of it’s the beta???????

  9. Man she was slapping those lobbies up🎯💥 🦍 been waiting for Halo to return to glory. And it's free. And I'm on PC nowadays. Playing it a ton. Can't help it. 💯

  10. Sounds like a fornite squeaker commentating

  11. Eh it’s nowhere close to 2 and 3… it’s tailored to mouse and keyboard the way the shooting dynamic works

  12. If they don’t let people pick the game mode they want, this game might fail. Not everyone wants to play objective in ranked and it gets tiring when it’s obvious that your teammates are just going for kills when the game mode is odd ball or something. Idk it’s just really annoying that we can’t get traditional stand alone game modes. And no SWAT? Come onnnn

  13. well my first session.. meeeh…. halo 3 remains the best… the gameplay feels wrong… aiming.. speed… accuracy… and dieing every minute becouse you are never lonley against one or max 2…. everytime some one is behind you…

    and weapons.-… meeeh

  14. It's not fully released! Why make this review now with a fraction of the maps and not being able to pick your game mode

  15. Obviously haven’t played the past Halos 4:02 smh 🤦‍♂️

  16. What in tarnation a woman talkin bout halo?

  17. omg an IGN review with someone who actually knows how to play a video game.

  18. Your first experience with a halo launch and they have you reviewing it? Why? Who did you? What did you?

  19. This game is almost perfect, fix the progression and the punching

  20. “The commando takes too many extra shots even with headshots”…. It’s a 1 shot headshot from any range once their shields are broke.

  21. “all of these game modes are equally fun”
    Oddball: I’m not that guy bud, i’m not that guy

  22. My only gripe is that melee does way more damage then guns,leading to alot of players just using melee weapons, it's a one hit kill.

  23. Def not a 9 in my book more like a 7.1 or so….. it’s rather repetitive and boring

  24. Will the free multiplayer still be available when the full game releases?

  25. Hear there is an unfortunate high number of hackers already as well

  26. PS fanboy crying a lot, look the dislikes…

  27. OMG a incomplete – stripped back shooter that every other F2P shooter does better.

    IGN is a joke

  28. If an enemy were to go down in two or three shots it would be exactly like COD and apex which what makes Halo great in my opinion.

  29. watching this makes me miss the old Unreal Tournament days.

  30. Plasma pistol and standard pistol are the best guns in the game . Og halo players know this

  31. Giving away the oddball strat for Streets in the first 35 secs of the review is hilarious to me

  32. I’m so confused and surprised so many people like it and think the gameplay is great. The standard in gaming really has got low

  33. The random playlist is what's making this game so much fun the minute they allow everyone to pick what game mode they want it will die as all the sweats who love repetition and want every match to be exactly the same as the last will do nothing but play team death match constantly leaving the other fun game modes to die and it will just be another FPS

  34. Gameplay is very fun and nostalgic. The UI is awful but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to play lol hopefully it has some patches on the way.

  35. main thing this review misses is that the MP experience is incredibly shallow and at the moment gets old really fast compared to other shooters. There's a lot of nostalgia love here and if you didn't care for Halo before you won't care for it now. If you loved it it's fun with friends but you'll find yourself wanting more within a day or two. Here's hoping they support it for the long run and the campaign is memorable.

  36. Thank gosh they didn’t rate it lower than Cod vanguard

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