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How to Review Games on YouTube

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Video game reviews are a pretty common format for video game channels on YouTube. But, if you’re new to reviewing games you might need some help on how to craft your review into something your audience will appreciate. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to brush up on some video game review principles on YouTube, you should find something helpful here!

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  1. This video is really helpful. Beforewards I was afraid to do game reviews because I don't knew what to do. Your video is basically how to improve, but in reality it taught me how to do reviews. Now I can do my real comeback. I used to be a YouTuber and my channel was hacked and deleted by some hacker. That channel was not having a healthy growth too. Now I think I can make my comeback even more exaggerating

  2. Good Good video. Hope life is well. I enjoy game reviews just never feel I could do them myself.

  3. Great video man! Never thought of doing reviews… hmm… “Uncle Barry reviews Mega Man 2…. “ Lmao! Keep it up dood!

  4. This I can use. I've stayed away from game reviews because I'm so afraid of botching them.

  5. The last of us is not perfect! Its too perfect which makes it have a flaw too much perfectness which in turn makes it not perfect!

  6. 1st piece of Device… don't do anything I do!! Nice Lolipop Chain saw screen saver!

  7. I don’t think I could ever do reviews but I think I could totally do impression videos. Hmmm. Especially since I tend to play games that are easily overlooked or not widely known. You have my wheels turning now lol


    swinging fists

  9. Great video! You explain the points very well and don't come off as sounding pretentious. A lot of these are very good points!!

  10. Great video. States here that I'm the 13th comment. So, happy Friday the 13th!!

  11. Reviews are tough. I stopped doing them simply because I didn't have time to play the game thoroughly enough to get the basics down. I review games on whether or not you should play them and some people critique the game like a movie. Both are fine, but I think there's a real lack of "Should you buy this game and why" reviews out there and I wanted to fill the gap. One day I'll have time again.

  12. I used to write video game reviews years ago for an independent site called Dax Gamer. I wrote a bunch of reviews for them, which were well received. Unfortunately, the company no longer has a website. Instead, they have a Twitter & Facebook page and that's it. When I used to write reviews I always focused on several different topics.
    1- Plot and characters
    2- Combat and weapons
    3- Single player campaign and multiplayer (when applicable)
    4- Graphics as well as (set piece moments, facial animations, water effects, fire effects, character models, etc)
    5- Audio (voice acting, soundtrack, explosions, gun shots, etc)
    6- Difficulty and level of challenge
    7- Bugs or glitches (if applicable)
    8- Overall opinion and conclusion

    Thanks Josh for another awesome video that's very informative helpful. I really appreciate it. Keep it up!

  13. Great video, you could defintely remove "or girl" it throws of the flow and comes across as unnatural.

  14. Last Of Us was perfect. But seriously, I want justice for game reviewers. On your #1, obviously you should play the game first, but I see PLENTY of huge tubers reviewing games they’re lying about having played and using stolen footage. And then my in depth review gets 20 stinkin views. I reviewed an NIS game that comes out Tuesday. Why don’t you check that out and rate my work? Id like to hear your opinion. I may not be the best, but I’m improving and I keep it realer than a mofo.

  15. 6:24 “…or steal it from a friends house” 😂😂😂 Great video Josh. Have a great weekend!

  16. Reviews can be a tough cookie to swallow. It can be a lot of work to put together a combination of good commentary and gameplay. And I agree that showing the right gameplay clips at certain points in the review when you are talking about it is crucial for a solid review.

    I've only ever done one review so far for a game, that being "A Hat in Time". People from my channel want me to review the metroidvania games I talked about so I guess I'm going to have to do a review or impressions video eventually on said titles when they release lol.

    Thanks for the tips my friend, they will serve me well when the time comes 🤞.

  17. The Last of Us is pretty close to perfect if you ask me, but nothing is. ; ) I'd really like to do more reviews again and there's always room for improvement (especially my vids). Great info!

  18. OK, I could waste your time thanking you for another quality video, but instead I'll get right to the important question: What was that game that looked like an updated version of Rastan?! Must have!

  19. Another awesome video! I thought about doing reviews but like you said it's super crowded and besides I've always prefer niche games over big releases… and besides I don't think that doing rpg reviews would hold up because it's not popular enough to gather a lot of views unless you already have a big fan base… I prefer doing live streams because I can talk about what I like and don't like while playing the game and it's fun to interact live with people! Great video and keep up the good work!

  20. Great vid lots useful info love that u make vids like this

  21. Man your super close to 3k subs super awesome

  22. I liked this game because the main character completes his goals, kills the bad guy, and lives happily ever after….. and his partner dies….
    I didn't do that right did I?
    Great video and good information!

  23. Excellent job on this video dude!! While on the surface much of this sounds obvious, I wish I had seen this video before I got into reviewing games.

  24. The spoilers one is an odd one. I’ve had people get mad at me for ‘spoiling’ NES shmups, games I considerable to be unspoilable.

  25. This video was a HUGE ego stroke as I do ALL of these things and I while biased- couldn't agree more!! ESPECIALLY with relevant footage AND backing up your criticisms.

    I also found you from Tarks! I'll be binge watching (or rather listening…At work atm) Great video!

  26. Good advice. There's one thing in here I really try to focus on. Any time I criticise a game for how it works I feel it's necessary to point out how that could have been done different or improved. Doing so kind of gives statements some weight I feel and helps people understand your angle better, and therefore makes it easier for them to come to their own conclusions on things. Great video!

  27. This is certainly helpful. I do believe I follow a few of these tips already when reviewing games, I just need to make sure that the quality of my reviews remain consistent. Also, writing notes is something I really should do.

  28. Some great tips. I personally prefer to see and use game-play with no subtitles, as to avoid plot points etc. Last of Us is definitely not perfect, however taste is subjective. You stand your ground mate! Most important tip from me (new to youtube, not to reviewing) Be honest. Don't be afraid to say if you dislike something, however do it tastefully. Always remember people like different game-play mechanics.

  29. Serious question about gameplay footage: do you have to have some kind of legal permission to upload gameplay footage? Please someone enlighten me.

  30. It would be interesting what you thought of Witcher 3

  31. 1.12 If dont know the full potential. Dont make a game review people. Simple as that.

  32. looking into making a high quality game review, I personally made a Game Code of Conduct for myself so that it encourages someone to buy the game without giving spoilers

    the way it works is that you dont show game play footage nor do you show anything related to the story, and mainly have the camera set up on your face with the case in the background. While this may seem boring, you also try to give a objective and subjective side to the argument of purchasing a game, meaning you explain why you personally like or dislike the game, while also giving the opinion of the people and also giving a history of the development of the game itself if you can find that said information. Honestly, I tend to do YouTube on my free time which is not very much of a thing anymore and Im trying to make videos after this "cancel culture" thing is over with, but when I make a script which I just started doing, I dont go for correct grammar more so of how I felt about playing at the time, taking notes while I play the game whether it's excitement, sadness or even boredom or just a bad vibe. I personally think Bias is okay, if you can give a valid argument as to why you have that bias

  33. I'm saw videos about why you shouldn't play that game. I don't like it. Why someone try to convince people not to play that game. Everyone is different and everyone likes different games. I don't like race or sport games, but I don't tell anyone "don't play this game because sucks". I like watching game review cause they have objective point a view about game. I would said why I don't like Dragon Age one and two, because there is a lot of it (like weak voice actors from my country). Of couse some things are nice there, but I wouldn't recomend that game.

  34. This deserves many more views for the content provided, one of the closest videos to how to make a game review I have found so far, many just go in to equipment used instead of a further deep video, Do you have a video perhaps, or please mind me when I say, a channel you promote that takes YTuber's through the actual process of the review, like voice while jumping through gameplay, is that done on the fly or a different method, sorry if this seems basic, but I struggle with some concepts of flow?

  35. Do you mind having a look at my reviews? 😀 Might be worth your time.

  36. Thanks this is very helpful and the game I’m planning to review is Lego marvel superheroes

  37. thanks, im gonna be reviewing one of my favorite games, left 4 dead 2!

  38. you speak fast but honestly I like it giving the information quickly without any dead air just found this video and subscribed looking forward to binge watching the channel buddy best of luck

  39. Just wanted to say thank you for the video! I'm hoping to start doing some video game reviews and I thought that your suggestions were excellent. You presented your points very well

  40. Do u need gameplay in the background to review a game only asking cuz I don’t have a capture card so I can’t rn lol

  41. The last of us 2 sucks
    Death standing sucks to

  42. I’ve been playing Returnal since release day. I really want to do an impression/review, but I haven’t done one before. Your video is helpful and I thank you! Wish me luck! 🙏🏾

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