how to write great video game reviews -

how to write great video game reviews

Rogan Chahine
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A lot goes in to writing good reviews, and the process can be tough. Here are a few tips on how to write great video game reviews, and get all your thoughts out onto the page.

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  1. Everytime i finisha game I just want to express how i love the game so ill just do this

  2. I wouldn't entirely limit the reviewer to not watching other reviews, not only for inspiration but for a particular mindset and sense of direction to create one. However, I would say to not watch a review on that specific game the reviewer is intending on making a video or article on because like you said, some people follow WAAY to closely and end up plagiarizing the entirety of the review.

  3. Starting 1st review soon for job resume when down! Thanks dude. 😊

  4. I've always thought I'd omit issuing a score. Reason being, scores carry different meaning for different people. Even if I assign my own meaning to a score, everyone has their own "map" of what it means. If I score a game a 6 which, to me, would be "above average", but to someone else, anything under an 8 is trash… then that's how they're going to see it, no matter what I say.I've always thought I'd rather just give a list of "pros" and "cons" and a "final thought" about it. And leave it up to the reader/viewer what that means to them.

  5. A lot of great tips in here. Subconscious plagiarism is a think I was just talking about the other day, I learned it when I was making music. It’s ok to watch reviews in general but when making your own piece of content it’s best to put yourself in a bubble while in your creation phase

  6. Full view and like #6 from Bits of Real Panther!
    I'm reviewing your video here, and will soon provide you a critique under the name Pseudomembranous. Have a great day!

  7. so in creative writing enrichment we are assigned to watch this video and it was very helpful we actually we are writing a zeen about video games its very exciting and an overall great experience this helped my group form a well worded zeen.Keep up the great work and make more videos on this topic:))

  8. Nice video. I’m making my game review soon subscribe to check it out

  9. Dude this is great content and by the quality of the video I thought you would have at least 100k, then I looked and I was very surprised. Keep at it man, I believe you can make it to 100k 💪

  10. Great tips! I'm trying to create my very first review and this is the first thing that popped up when I searched on how to create one on Youtube.

  11. For sure I got my own way. I do a full tutorial of what the game has to offer from start to finish because that is what matters to me on a review. I want to know what is in the game. How much crafting or actual gameplay it offers and so on. For sure a solid advice for those seeking for it 😀

  12. When we want to obtain gameplay footage for our game review videos, do we need to obtain permission from developers the same way we would if we were trying to make a lets play? Or does all of this fall under fair use in a sort of educational way?

  13. BIG FACTS on the review scale, we have all 10 numbers, why are games that are ok starting at 7/10?

  14. I will take this into mind. I will also try to not watch too many reviews to not seem like I'm taking others opinions.

  15. I am not hating I am only tell you what I see. All love here. You say you write a lot of reviews or essays or whatever but I only see 1 game review and 2 more essays. I’m really trynna look for someone with the experience and the proof to back it up. All love tho. No hate

  16. Try to play the entire game
    me finishing the game 3 times to get more than one perspective.

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