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I Don’t Feel Comfortable Doing Game Reviews

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Just a little insight into the reasoning why I won’t do video game reviews or review movies either for that matter.


  1. So a channel that criticizes political correctness is not reviewing games to be politically correct and not hurt the feelings of others… if you don't see the incoherence here i don't know what to tell you.

  2. Somecallmejohnny, Caddicarus, Yahtzee, Ant dude, The Completionist, Scott the Woz, etc. Those guys do great game reviews.

  3. I think that the reviews for the movies on sites like rotten tomatoes are really stupid i mean the 3 star review is meh it killed the time but 3.5 stars is i would recommend it…so close the margin between good and bad and a 3 from 5 star cant be a meh rating, it must be good or mediocre not bad….

  4. Love yuh Jeremy, but this was a bad take. Everyone's entitled to their opinion. I'd much rather hear your thoughts on something and have a discussion about why I think you're wrong. I'd rather do that instead of having you censor yourself because you're afraid to hurt someone's feelings. Honestly if the people getting upset or offended aren't mature enough to talk it out or accept your opinions, then they shouldn't be here watching your videos. Feel free to be You! Don't let the snowflakes keep you down.

  5. You're not wrong about Fallout 76. I hated it when it released but its getting better now many fixes / patches keep coming, just had another one on the 16th. They are not introducing Npcs in the future etc. I f ind the game a lot of fun and the community is 99% positive. Hope you'll get a chance to play it again later on to see some of the fixes

  6. Fallout 76, Anthem are absolute trash, honestly people are blind to not realise how greedy EA & Bethesda is doing.

  7. I'm going to trust an aggregate of a thousand user reviews over an aggregate of a hundred shillsters.

  8. sorry dude, you dont do reviews because your a trend following boomer drama channel

  9. So as a reviewer you would have a UNIQUE VOICE that doesn't just blend in with the masses and that's why you can't review stuff?
    Cool. You know you could have been honest and just said its because you like money.

    You realize that everyone has these quirks, right? You don't see it in game journalism because OPINIONS CHANGE when money, viewership, fan donation, etc is involved.

    I hated GTA4 and was left bored by Skyrim….I also consider Hard Reset Redux to be one of the best FPS games ever made. I can say this and could review things like that because I have no outside influences pressuring me into collective group think. Should I think Cyberpunk 2077 is shit I could easily say so without fear that a 1/3rd of my subscribers would be lost and I'd be forced to defend/ignore criticism against said opinion for YEARS after the fact. You won't review things because your opinions come with real world financial stakes.

    If you don't agree with what I'm saying look no further than someone like Jim Sterling when he used to review things and gave a game like Breath of the Wild a 7.0. Consider how many times he's brought that up in videos since and how often its appears in comments. He did not gain a following for sharing his honest opinion here. His bottom line took a hit for that month and this was just one game. Imagine what would happen if Jim LOVED Fifa 2020 despite loot boxes and give it a Jim Sterling game of the year award. His revenues and subscriptions and patreon would PLUMMET all for being 100% genuine which is what was always 'expected of him from the start.

  10. I'm sorry I don't think that's a good reason. If people feel bad about liking a movie because someone says they hate it, it's their fault. I don't care if people hate a movie I like, I respect their opinions. Opinions are subjective. Nobody who understands how subjectivity works would feel bad because of a different opinion.

  11. Not like I can trust game reviews anyways. There's literally no way to tell undisclosed sponsored "review" apart from an honest review. Even user reviews get bought somehow. Only reason I even watch/read reviews is to find out about problems in games, which sponsored videos never cover anyways.

  12. I love how you tend to dunk on oversensitive people, but when it comes to reviews you kind of sound like one. I mean seriously, you don't want to hurt someones feelings? Like why don't you stop reporting on Bree Larson so you don't hurt those peoples feelings? Look I get it, you don't want to do reviews that is fine, but I do feel you have bit of double standard on whole whose feelings you "protect" and whose not. Plus it is bloody review, it is not supposed to be moral support and it is not supposed to make you feel good about your purchase, it is supposed to inform. Job of review is to inform user of what they are buying, first part informative, second part good stuff, third part bad stuff and as conclusion a summary that reminds viewer that not all is bad after hearing bad parts. And another thing good review should do is to look at game and see if it fits any target audience, be it intended one or maybe audience they didn't intend, but would appeal to. And beyond that, it is up to viewer to make their own mind whether they agree or disagree. No reviewer is perfect and that is why I always recommend people to view multiple reviews. There will always be some level of subjectivity in review and that is fine, you are reviewing for humans and not robots. As long as you can recognize whenever you are going too far with subjective. And as viewer, if you have any amount of self confidence in you, negative review shouldn't hurt your feelings. I had fun with negatively reviewed games and that is perfectly fine, I would admit those games are garbage, but I will also say that I had fun and not really feel guilty about it. Like whole mentality of sheep herd here is ridiculous. You don't need approval of anyone to like a game and you shouldn't feel bad if you go against majority. That is fine. I just find this whole hurt feelings ridiculous and going towards, "don't you dare to speak bad about game I like, because my feelings got hurt". Well boo f***ing hoo princess, welcome to the real world and being yourself, not just liking what other people approve. And in case you want to know, I for example enjoyed Duke Nukem Forever, it definitely wasn't worth the wait and all, but still, it kind of was fun. Another one is Godus, bad game, but I found it interesting whenever I needed something to just lightly tinker around and I have it on my phone. Don't recommend either of the games, regardless of not being that bad for me, but there you have it. And I don't really care about whether someone tells me that both are garbage, I agree. But don't expect me to feel bad about it and I have no problem watching negative reviews about them either, I will agree with quite a lot of points. This doesn't mean I can't find them enjoyable. And I would have same mentality for Fallout 76, if it was fun for me. Sorry, but that is my whole thought on people getting their feelings hurt because they see negative review of game they love. And by all means, I don't think anyone should feel bad for liking Fallout 76. I will always say it is a garbage game. But if you start thinking about it, what matters more, you having fun with Fallout 76 or some reviewer or random guy on the internet saying your game is bad. I would say former is more important, so stop worrying about latter.

  13. Nice to see a fellow fan of Fester's Quest, I loved that game as a kid!

  14. If I think somethings shit I'll call it shit. It might not be shit for everyone. But if someone's so emotionally invested in a game that they think my dislike for it equals a dislike of them…..
    Then they might want to have a hard look at their life. I don't moderate my opinions to spare others feelings. But yeah Holywood as a general rule is arse and has been shit for the past decade or 2. The problem is a lot of quality movies can slip well under radar and not get the recognition they deserve purely due to millions of dollars studio's plough into the hype machine for their latest bug budget turd they want to claw back their outlay on. I would rather see a loads of lower budget chances taken on scripts that are more out there than a small amount of 200+ million budget movies released by the same studio per year. More movies equals more chances at a winner. And any winners can get a bigger budget on the sequel

  15. It's fine Jeremy, your resources is best used elsewhere. There are several good YouTube channel that reviews game with honest opinion, not selling themselves out like the leftest trash of IGN, Kotaku, Gamestop and all.

  16. subjective reviews are a thing for good, as totalbiscuit said and i agree:
    urinalist articles on how something is sexist etc are like a magnet for gamer attention, because gamers can go by their reviews and know that the game is actually a good game, that the urinalism wants to trash
    your reviews could help the viewers make an opinion, regardless of whether they like something or not

  17. I flew from Hawaii too NY just tah watch glee live😂😂😂 final tactics when it first came out best year of my life😘music hepcat😍

  18. I really want to use exclusively games.

    However I forgot my login. This should be an easy fix.

    Unfortunately by the time I recieved the password reset, a week later, the link said it was expired. I repeated this two more times with the same result.

    I try every few weeks and no longer even receive the an email.

    I would really like to use the site but I can't login.

  19. Cool. So when are you planning to make a video calling out the people who use triple parentheses or otherwise blame Jews for everything? It was particularly bad in your "secret Brie Larson movie" video.

  20. Jeremy, I find it very odd that you are anti-SWJ, but are concerned with not offending people over something as harmless as a review. As long as you don't mock people or try to hurt anyone with reviews like Kokatu or Polygon, it shouldn't be a big deal. But hey I respect your decision.

  21. I remember signing up for HBO to watch Game of Thrones season 8 (this post isn't about that). Between the shows I was trying to expand my horizons to justify my 15 bucks, lol, so I saw this shark movie "The Meg," and ended up watching it. I don't watch much TV at all, and this damn movie had me hooked from the beginning to finish. Like, I would have given it a 8 or 9 off the bat, because I was feeling soo good about it.

    Then later when I had some spare time. I wanted to see if anyone else had exciting things to say about this shark movie. And boy, all I found were people shit-bagging it. And it was a real buzz kill.

    So I appreciate TheQuarter's passion to "not be that person." Thank you!

  22. Going through life you don't think about certain behaviours, and than you listen to some dude with beard from the other side of the globe, and you have to revisit your point of view…
    You have definitely some good points there – I won't spoil an entertainment for my close ones.
    In the other side I think if you are looking for informations about things in the Internet, then there have to be someone who can share his opinions with you – maybe this opinion should be laid in wider perspective: what other things you like/dislike in a particular topic.

  23. The way I see it "this game/movie is bad/good" is an opinion. "I didn't or did like it" is a fact.

  24. You should watch 5 Centimeters per Second. I think you'd like it.

  25. I watched Paul Blart: Mall Cop last night for the first time, and I LOVE that movie. LOL it's so bad.

  26. Do you even play games ? Like honestly, for all the news about games and game-related things you do, from what i understand you barely play any games at all…

  27. Reviewing these days should just be talking about a movie or game. Your peronsal opinion. Enthusing about all the cool things you personally liked about it, and even saying what you hated about it. It doesn't mean you're making somone else feel bad about it. It just means you're opinionated and every different personal has the Diversity-Of-Thought enough to like a piece of media/entertainment specifically for their own reasons.

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