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I Watched 287 of the WORST Game Reviews Ever – Caddicarus

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Well, more accurately, Caddy watched 555 worst game reviews. But whatever, it’s still too much. FUNDED BY MY PATREON SUPPORTERS! Subscribe and hit that bell. ▼ FOLLOW MY SOCIALS ▼

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We’re STILL all stuck indoors right now, because the world outside turned into bricks. It’s now Day 39, and Caddy has jumped from watching the worst youtube video ever in his collection of worst youtube videos ever from his past, to watching 287 – nearly 300 – of the worst game reviews of all time. No exageration. These might very well be more than a load bad game reviews – we’re not talking Irate Gamer – no AVGN rip offs – this is public access tv. It’s creepy, it’s unsettling, and it’s not very well written or presented – it’s Gaming in the Clinton Years – formerly known as Flights of Fantasy, and presented by the great George Wood. Filled with questionable statements, best quotes and plenty of fodder for all of your out of context twitter accounts – get ready to absorb every minute of the time Caddy had to watch 555 (in total) youtube videos in order to find the worst ever. Doesn’t even matter if there’s no context – they’re still the worst game reviews of all time. You’ll see. Special thanks to the NAVGTR youtube channel for archiving Flights of Fantasy and starting the George Wood ARG, and thanks for acronyming the show to ‘GITCY’. Cos that’s funny. Tomb Raider, Toy Story, Tomb Raider 2, Crash Bandicoot – they’re all here and ready to make your jaw drop.

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  1. god, the way he bitches about a fuckin stadium gave me some eerie tucker the tucks carls*n vibes

  2. 13:00 is the bit I keep coming back for because you can tell that is the point where both Caddy snapped and fell in love with this absolute nonsense

  3. Holy crap, I thought I was the only one in the known universe that knew about these! Ole Georgie makes IGN look like Masterpiece Theatre but dang it does he try lol

  4. This reviewer reminds me of Tucker Carlson for some reason 🤷‍♂️

  5. was George being filmed from his room in a mental hospital

  6. The Retsupurae nostalgia is strong with this one.

  7. Cheat to win
    Winners never cheat
    -too much recursion

  8. "People don't spend sixty bucks on a game they know they can beat."
    I'm sorry, what?

  9. His Baltimore Orioles tangent makes since when you consider the fact he's from Maryland.

  10. I know what the next show is!
    Theatre in the Lincoln Years

  11. I'll be serious when I say this. Why that name? Idk why exactly they put Clinton in this, but it's obviously something to do with the fact it was during the time Clinton was President of the US.

  12. The controls are good, you'll notice how good they are. As opposed to; not knowing bad controls because you don't notice them??

  13. This video has compelled me to want to make poor video game reviews

  14. Legit the funniest guy I've seen on YouTube, you really do make me bubble & squeak!!

  15. I am very happy I rediscovered Caddy. he was an essential youtuber of my childhood, and I'm glad I found him again. love you caddy!!!!

  16. The most interesting about this for me is seeing beta elements because the reviewers needed a prerelease version of a lot of games. That spot in front of hyrule castle during the ocarina of time footage doesn't exist as shown in the final game, the Mario 64 footage uses some sprites that are not in the final version (like the life counter).

  17. I can't stop laughing at the Tomb Raider 3 joke.

  18. Holy shit. I actually guessed Resident Evil

  19. 29:00 ResEvil vs Mario – I think it was part of a mindset about weather you should get the PS or the N64 and which game you'd like more

  20. This video was made using Silicon Graphics Computers.

  21. Still lower than the clintons bodycount.

  22. Hmm i clicked here expecting sonic unleashed's ign review

  23. "No one buys a game specifically for multiplayer options" I mean yes those were the nineties, but didn't purely online games like early MMOs already exist then? 😅

  24. Is there something wrong with George? There has to be.

  25. Can we talk about he call most games hard, but he calls earthbound very easy…

  26. Golly that screaming brings me back to my childhood. Such fond memories. I guess:.(.

  27. George Wood is the Tommy Wiseau of video game reviews.

  28. Some of the greatest names in media:

    Avengers: Infinity War
    Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker
    The Fast and the Furious
    Gaming In The Clinton Years

  29. It makes me feel better knowing that Caddy, like me, has the handwriting of a deranged lunatic.

  30. How to make a character more meaningfull : give them a tumor.

  31. Can't wait for his Doom eternal review

  32. Those reviewers were just trolls but way ahead if their time.

  33. GITCY is nothing more than one huge psychological experiment on what subject in videogames triggers people's brains to watch more about…

  34. Fun Fact: George Wood has his own Twitter. And all of his Twitter posts are outlandish…on purpose. No connection to other tweets nor game links. Just tweets about certain games or just bizarre stuff like him saying this: "Use two pigs in your endeavors." 🤣

    And he's still active today. 😂

  35. RIP Lara Croft, who carried on despite her illness.

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