I will now talk about game reviews for just over 30 minutes - bestvideogamereviews.com

I will now talk about game reviews for just over 30 minutes

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TotalBiscuit brings you a video in which he does exactly what it says in the title.

Reviews referred to in this video.

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  1. 15:25 clearly you don’t understand how Mac from Worth A Buy does things

  2. RIP …Total Biscuit
    I hope these older videos stay up. I for one continue to enjoy them and the " WTF is…" Series

  3. I really liked TB and his stuff that I recently discovered until he started talking about femism a topic in which TB has zero agency or knowledge. Which is really frustrating, the rest of TBs work is absolutely amazing how could be be so fucking clueless when it comes to sexism…

  4. Rest in peace TB much love. Hopefully youre sticking to the topic of video games wgwre ever you are because you are talking out of your ass here buddy.

  5. Despite being gone, John remains one of my most watched channels. He is seriously just a beacon of good journalism

  6. What happened to all the comments? (testing out if I can comment)

  7. He just said that 7.5/10 isn’t the same as 75/100. I’m pretty sure British public schools are better than that.

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