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Ico and Shadow of the Colossus | PS3 Video Game Reviews

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Two classic PS2 get remastered for the PS3 – are they better than ever?

Fumito Ueda created two of the most beloved games of the PS2 era, Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. Each drove the video game medium in a daring new direction, and created an emotional connect that remains unsurpassed, even years later. Now, as his next game, The Last Guardian, nears completion, Sony has reissued both PS2 games on one updated, high-resolution blu-ray. Do they hold up to modern standards? Dan, Jeff, and Alex explain why these classics cannot be ignored.


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  1. Although both are very short games, about 5-10 hours, it can have a infinite replay value. You know when you play them

  2. really shadow is a an epic. its great. period.

  3. You just compared my favorite games to my favorite director, Malick, this show is totally rad

  4. Please help me, should I get this or MGSHD?

  5. @Ps3GamerVideos i just got this today and bought MGSHD couple of months ago soooo get both

  6. @d4rKAcE3 If you have a ps2 you can find it cheaper. I own it on my PS2 and this game rocks. PS2 was one of the greatest consoles ever. Ico is superawesome too especially after you unlock the subtitles. Great Masterpiece there isn't that many creators like thus guys around. Can't wait for Last Guardian. Jap Dev at its best!

  7. @Ps3GamerVideos Get this NOW, and MGSHD later. These are truly 2 of the greatest games I have ever played, and Ico is my all time favourite game. If you get it, play Shadow of the Colossus first, and Ico last, because Ico's ending is so much more satisfying to end on.

  8. LMS if you know the code in the background.

  9. I'm far too jaded at this point to weep at a game, but I came pretty close. It's one of those games where you just have to sit in a stupor for 30+ minutes after completing it. I have no trepidation naming it my favourite game of all time either.

  10. I wouldn't say it's sad. If it fits with the theme of the game, roll with it. I might do it myself, if I had an ounce of musical talent in my body. :p

  11. Oh, well I've only seen a few of his videos. First video I did see, he seemed very thoughtful and articulate, so I subscribed to see a few more videos. He strikes me as more indignant than angry thus far, but like I said, I've yet to watch more than a few of his vids.

  12. They should play Heavy Rain by Quantic Dream

  13. I feel like i'm watching a discovery channel show

  14. Dear totally rad show- Ive played and loved these games for years, but what is your opinion of the emotional experience that you get with these games (more speifically shadow) compared to journey?

  15. Ive played the two games on ps2 and ps3. Ico was amazing on ps2 and on ps3 but shadow of the colossus was amazing on ps2 and shit on ps3. I like the hd on it but they made the game so much more harder then the ps2 version i am pissed that they fucked up the best game ever

  16. MONSTER HUNTER!!!!! sorry just had to yell that :p

  17. How did they make Sotc so much harder on the ps3 version?? I'm curious because I was actually about to pick up a copy…

  18. guy with the glasses totally wants to bone with the other two

  19. If Miyazaki made games these would be them

  20. Lol, so cute how he loves this game so much, he gets overly excited as he speaks and wants to say a 100 things at the same time.

  21. @shanemastro
    Idiot, the game is the same as always fucknuts the difficulty hasn't changed, you've just got crappier.

  22. I watched a interview with the people who made the HD remake. They said the only thing they did to change the games was the graphics. So they didn't change the difficulty. You just suck.

  23. Thats funny cause i beat the game in time attack twice on both difficulty on the ps2 and when i played the ps3 version i couldn't beat the 3rd colossus on hard time attack cause ive heard is that the colossus move a lot more which makes the game more difficult and if you don't believe me then try it out yourself

  24. I have. In fact, I beat the game and did all the time attacks on both difficulties, and I didn't find any difficulty changes.

  25. i beat both games on both difficulties on time attack but look at the comments of these videos watch?v=OmQ395LhIvQ watch?v=8y8QclBlSlg oh and heres a forum gamefaqs.com/boards/998181-the-ico-and-shadow-of-the-colossus-collection/61190496

  26. beat the game in hard mode in an hour is was awesome

  27. yeah it makes the game more exciting huh they do move more but its better

  28. i dont mind it anymore but the thing that makes me mad is the trophies my system wont let me unlock some trophies but other then that i love both games

  29. shadow of the collosus really has a princess mononoke feel to it, idk why…also ni no kuni!!!!

  30. why??? I WANT TO KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Best GAMES EVER!After Zelda Ocarina of Time!

  32. Bore of stop making it all about you just wanted to see the graphic not have my lifeforce drained by your drivel tbh. I can't play the game if I am in a coma from boredom can I ?

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