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IGN Reviews – Amy: Game Review – 2.0 out of 10

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Although the genre is a little stale and full of crappy titles, we still love survival horror games. That’s why we were excited for Amy, a game based on an interesting premise and a unique gameplay mechanic. But unfortunately, the game is, well, horrible. We think IGN editor Colin Moriarty puts it best when he says, “Rarely am i tasked in reviewing a game that makes me wanna throw my PS3 clear across the office, out the window, into the San Francisco streets below.”

Whether its the tiresome approach, confusing storyline, or dreadful gameplay, Amy fails to deliver. We suggest you stay as far away from the game as possible. If you are not a believer yet, check out the review, but don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Avoid the contagion! Read our full review of Amy on IGN:

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  1. Lol this is like 5 bucks on xbox live, gonna get it, i love playing bad games with my friends, we have fun as hell with games like ride to hell, alone in the dark, jumper etc xD

  2. I'm glad I checked the Internet before buying this lmao

  3. I never played this game but Christ 2.0/10? is this game really that bad or was ign being a bit harsh here?

  4. The entire video is him just repeating that it's terrible without actually explaining what makes it terrible.

  5. I thought Amy was ICO with zombies and totally brilliant? I mean IGN did say that in a trailer.

  6. I actually really enjoyed this game and looked up a video to remember how much I loved it…. thanks ign

  7. This is what happens when the check bounces lol

  8. I felt like seeing a review where ign is harsh towards a game and I was not dissipointed. Also he didn't rate it 1 out of 10 because there were some ok things like the graphics, I think.

  9. Ah, before IGN was EXTREMELY corporate and didn’t give 6 points for starting

  10. Graphics processing problem?
    Upgrade PS3—:switch disc hard drive with SAMSUNG Solid state drive $80 250 GB.

    Should fix it. Maybe gameplay combat will be better….like CALL OF DUTY GHOST.

  11. And yet they give big brain wii a 7.6 out of 10…

    AMY was the cause of the "outbreak…mutagenic change…"

    MARCELO: "…you were on that train? It crashed into here…monsters came out…"

    Or other theory:
    Dr. ELLEN "only people who were born in silver city are infected."

    & when AMY, AKA the cure, was taken out of "silver city", everything was downhill from then on.

    Could do another AMY REDEMPTION GAME, from the "EVIL" doctors POV! Explaining what was really going on, & we'd play as team/solo soldiers to contain outbreak/kill mutated bosses, AMY DIDNT FIGHT IN GAME, & recover samples like RESIFENT EVIL generic soldier did!

  13. “Fundamentally sound idea”? The whole thing is an escort mission lol.

  14. I like the storyline but the fighting and graphics just doesn’t fit. “My opinion”

  15. this may in fact have been the first strand-type game

  16. I came hear when DANI made a video which has a scene from this video

  17. this should be replaced with tlou2

  18. For some reason I just felt like watching this again

  19. What not give it a 0 or 1???
    Why a 2??
    That implies that it scored 2 points out of 10, however the review doesn’t reflect this.

  20. 2/10? That’s better than 1/10 and way better than 0/10

  21. I keep mistaking the title for Ana or something else

  22. This is one of those games that make me think

    “Is the developer intentionally making a bad game in order to troll/torture the player”

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