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IGN Reviews – Assassin’s Creed Revelations Game Review

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It’s the last ride for Ezio and Altair in the game Assassin’s Creed Revelations.IGN gives its review for their final adventure.
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  1. I dislike the voice actor and is that a mustache?

  2. I found the gameplay just boring i never really got into it so playing for 100% sync was just punishing

  3. best and most underrated game of the series

  4. your criticism doesn't make any sense

  5. In the games defense, Den Defense really only happened once and played a very small parts. The story was absolutely fantastic and thought out to perfection. Deserved at least a 9.

  6. My most favourite AC games are –
    (1) Assassin's Creed 2
    (2) Assassin's Creed Brotherhood
    (3) Assassin's Creed Revelations
    (4) Assassin's Creed Black Flag
    (5) Assassin's Creed Rogue
    (6) Assassin's Creed 3

  7. "Eh, I think they might have rated it too high…"
    *hears the Ezio theme at the end
    "10/10 from me"

  8. Felt like constantinople was too small

    But story is Great

  9. 10 | Rogue
    09 | Unity
    08 | Syndicate
    07 | III
    06 | I
    05 | Origins
    04 | Black Flag
    03 | Revelations
    02 | Brotherhood
    01 | II

    I refuse to play Odyssey

  10. To me this is better than AC2 ac 2 i overrated

  11. I love the ACB and ACREVELATIONS incredibly. I also love ACROGUE and AC4. These games are my favourite, I need to check out Altair’s trilogy tbh

  12. i think this is the one handing us the whole thing

    which is to realize you're just able to unknow the knowing

    that one should only make the present count

    and shouldn't as well can't make so either the past or the future

  13. When Assassin's Creed wasn't A$$a$$in'$ Creed

  14. Den defense isn't that bad
    In fact,I like it

  15. roaming around istanbul was the best part. Nostalgia so many memories with this beautiful place. For this alone easily it is one of the best assassins creed games for me if not the best

  16. Points off for den defense? Lol what a joke. However, Constantinople was boring to run around in, everyplace looked the same and the characters were boring.

  17. Amazing soundtrack. Amazing writing. Honestly the cutscenes are so well written and directed it's great.

  18. Revelations was a fail for me. There was just nothing truly inspiring about this game. It should've been a DLC or something. Desmond looks so weird in this. And the actor who voiced Altair in the was absoultely horrible. Why change it? Why?

  19. Still love this game, best AC Ubisoft ever made

  20. I Really Enjoyed This Game, Definitely One Of My Favorite AC Game!

  21. The game seems kinda meh to play it (specially cause I don't care at all about Altair) So I'll go to ACIII

  22. I play assassin's creed revelation on 2020

  23. Unpopular opinion: Brotherhood>Rev. Although I'm playing through Rev right now to test that theory.

  24. I just finished Ezio Collection and Revelations wasn't bad. I didn't understand the Den defence, I mean I don't know what I had to do in order for that to happen. They showed me the tutorial and then it never happened not once in the game. I even forgot that was a mechanic in the game. The other thing is that there are not many things to do. I couldn't complete the Mediterranean missions because they take time and I had nothing else to do meanwhile

  25. What I miss in the newer ac games is there is no cinematic cutscenes apart from maybe a few .. I hope with valhalla they have a really direct story , I am currently nearly finishing ac oddsey and its kinda disjointed

  26. its the uncharted 3 of the assasinscreed franchise lol

  27. I actually like this one a lot and it's my second favorite

  28. The controls are clumsy, mechanics are horrible & AI are ridiculous. It’s horrible

  29. This is MASTERPIECE game if anyone knows what MASTERPIECE looks like

  30. Altair – The True Mentor
    Ezio – The Tragic Hero
    Connor – The Unstoppable Warrior
    Edward – The Badass Pirate
    Haythem – The Misguided Monster
    Achilles – The Fallen Father
    Adewale – The Lost Liberator
    Shay – The Honest Traitor
    Arno – The Hopeless Romantic
    Jacob – The Bare-Knuckle Brawn
    Evie – The Backstabbing Blade
    Bayek – The Scorned Father
    Alexios and Kassandra – The First Fighters
    Desmond – The One

  31. 8.5 is an insult. Best one in the whole series. 9.7.

  32. I burst out laughing when he said it was the best so far. Such disrespect to AC2

  33. If u play the game well u only play den defense once, as the den defense tutorial

  34. Anyone knows what's the music played at the beginning of the video?

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