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IGN Reviews – Asura’s Wrath – Game Review

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IGN reviews Capcom’s latest action/adventure platformer Asura’s Wrath. Combining a creative art story and unique art style, Asura’s Wrath is like nothing you’ve ever seen, but is that enough to justify the purchase?

Release Date: February 21, 2012
Platforms: Xbox 360, PS3
Rated: T
Genre: Action
Publisher: Capcom
Developer: CyberConnect2

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  1. Waited 4 years… Got it for $12. Can't wait!

  2. from what I see, it seems like Asura's wrath is a game secretly directed by Michael Bay. Every 30 seconds. BOOM!

  3. Envy really is one of the worst Sins and a serious thing to deal with…all these Asura's Wrath haters are beyond my brain's capacity…hating on a masterpiece like this game just by the most idiotic and foolish reasons that come to their mind.Some people really need to be studied,even in 2016…

  4. wow my anime dvd has interactive button commands on it

  5. This game needs needs to be remastered, who agrees with me?! spam the sht out of capcom forum!

  6. IGN is brain dead for giving it a 7.5… thats totally a 8 or higher

  7. it's that James kidd voice reviewer again!

  8. 7.5 is a horrible rating. il give it a 8.5 to 9.

  9. this game is so underrated. i loved it. this is why i love Japanese games. western people will never understand what a epic game it was. Silent hill, persona, gravity rush or yakuja sold poorly in US! ill never get that

  10. I remember this game.
    Episode 12, "Gods of Death" always made me tear up.

  11. this is such an underrated game easily one of the best video game experiences iv ever had

  12. The game is in my top 3 best games ever made. I loved the artistic style, graphics, story, gameplay, cinematics, the various fighting conditions and situations, from falling out the sky to having no arms the fighting was incredible, even the 1 on 1 Street Fighter fighting was dope! I love all this game had to offer!

  13. Nice game but he has too much strength so that's da downfall

  14. For my opinion I'll give this 8.0 out of 10 the pros are Great story telling, Great Soundtrack, Emotional moments and cons is light on content

  15. Angrier than Kratos lol absolutely beautiful though even with QT..

  16. "He punches alot of people in things in the face"

    (2)Would beat Kratos

  18. Can’t believe I’m playing this on my Xbox One!

  19. please make it on unreal engine 4 for current gen consoles

  20. This game is pure art… design,soundtrack, fights , emotions

  21. Would rather have this as a tv show then a game

  22. It really makes you feel like a overprtective dad.

  23. I have beet this game more then ones and everything she says is true

  24. 1:21 "Japanese Mythological! " …..oooo please…….
    There are lots of references taken from Hindu Mythology…. Even the name Asura is a Sanskrit word….. Nd lots more

  25. Who killed chakravatin and cried
    (Cried because asura died not chakravartin)

  26. This game is great but I do agree with this review sometimes it forgets to be interactive and most of the time you just watch. Asura is a badass though much powerfull then Kratos.

  27. If this game came out today, the femtards would be crying toxic masculinity.

  28. This game is definitely a 10/10 for me… Deserves a remaster (but with a little bit more gameplay tho)

  29. This game is on sale for $3.99 in the Microsoft store right now.

  30. when it drops down to 5 bucks ill buy it …that's including dc and all

  31. So a 7 hour run time movie huh?! I’m in. Perfect for the Pandy

  32. Please make remastered of this game this is masterees peice

  33. This game was a big let down
    DLC ruined it for me
    And everytime screen would go blacc durin cutscenes

  34. Is it even fair to call this a game? It's mostly long cutscenes and QTEs, even Quantric Dream games have more gameplay.

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