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IGN Reviews – Bastion Game Review

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IGN gives its video review of the new DLC game Bastion. Does the beautiful looking RPG Bastion start Summer of Arcade with a bang or a bust?

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  1. the story was perfect wtf are you talking about

  2. I'm a simple guy, I hear Greg Miller's Voice, I dislike.

  3. Weak story? How? The characters and world are amazing, just because they didn't serve every little plot point on a silver platter doesn't make it bad – quite the opposite in fact

  4. Weak story? Are you kidding me? Maybe if you guys stop getting a hard on for a grown mans voice and actually follow the story. Maybe you can see that the story is touching and amazing.

  5. the story for this game is beautiful! wtf are you on???? when I first got this game I couldn't put it down due to all the different modes and things to collect. I haven't played it in about three years since and fogot some bits but on replaying it you can't help but be totally drawn into the story. it's not spoon fed to you and you don't have to go looking for it either. it's teaching you the lore and take of the game as you play it and you come out of it just knowing the world you're surrounded by and the history of it more so than you might know earth's.

  6. The story is like the best part of the game together with the music.. what..

  7. Bastion does deserves no less than 9. But weak story? Did you play the game? It may be not as elaborate as some other games but weak? weak? weak? I loved the narrative style(some one else narrating our story). How can you call that weak? Weak is so far from what it is.

  8. Who agrees that this is the best game evet

  9. 3.75 CDN on PSN now,
    Is it just me, or does the narrator sound like Drebin from MGS4?
    I looked up the voice actors and they're not the same person

  10. In this world Bastion isn't a war machine but instead a boy that has powers

  11. this game is crap, i dont get why everyone likes it, the story makes no sense and gameplay is mediocore.

  12. i finished the whole game in one sitting, was very proud. i didn't really go through the dream scenes but i did finish one without any idols revoked lmao. still a pretty good game and has some sort of replay value to it (mostly for achievements)

  13. I love the poster for this game,it's like an innocent little kid being thrown into chaos.I only wish they would have used a kid's voice actor.I hope there will be a sequel one day or turn it into a Netflix series plz.

  14. Beautiful game, but I agree, story needs more development to make care for the characters.

  15. Yea… it's a 9.0 but weak story? WTF! The story was its strong point along with the soundtrack. Is the reviewer a little kid lol?

  16. 'Weak story' shows just about how much of the game youve played. Dont get me wrong, im not hating or saying that the story was a revolution in gaming. Of course there are better indie titles with better plotlines than bastion, like hollow knight. HOWEVER. calling the deep intricate painting that which is bastions storyline is doing it injustice, and i heavily object. Also, WEAK STORY MATE?
    Keep in mind the damn game is an indie title. It was mindblowing how much they made me care about the characters and the plot. Bastion remains one of my favourite games

  17. Ppl. React to this reiw as ign coid be taken seriously. ITS well know that for proper. Reiws its best to see out independednt content. Creators..

  18. Just picked this up on Switch for $3! Never played it, but have heard great things. Very excited to play it tonight.

  19. I guess they forgot about Who Knows Where?

  20. It's about time I owned this. Just got this and Transistor for around 5 bucks on eShop sale.

  21. Damn, that narrador nevers shuts up. Just talks and talks and talks. I feel the game a little Boring too. I prefer playing cat quest. (Talkink about the switch)

  22. Weak story? How…
    The story of bastion is one of the best there is!
    Not to mention he didn't mention the amazing soundtrack the studio has tailored the gaming level to…

  23. Bastion.. Transistor.. Pyre..and Hades.. supergiant is gigantic .. wat an incredible gaming library ..

  24. Someday I will make a movie trilogy about this game, you’ll see

  25. How can they say the story is weak?
    But hey its Ign, what did we expect🤦‍♂️

  26. Finally played this game. Even 9 years later it holds up. Art direction, gameplay, story are top tier. Timeless game. Supergiant really created something special.

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