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IGN Reviews – Battlefield 3 (PC) Game Review

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How does DICE’s new shooter game Battlefield 3 shape up now that it’s in the wild? Check out the IGN video review to find out.
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  1. if I observe, what's so great heck of a game, the creator does not seem serious about completing this game maker, see the weaknesses of the other characters, besides our arms fill time seems funny, as appears to be replacing ======== magazen, just pretend just replace  magazen,

  2. Lol everyone's bitching cause the game got a 9/10. I love battlefield but goddamn i swear it has the most annoying fan-base. They think every fucking bf game is perfect and anybody who says differently is a cod fanboy

  3. I have a question; would an EVGA gtx760 4gb be enough to max this game? I would guess so, but I'm trying to join the PC master race and don't want to waste money. Also, how would it do on Crysis 3 @ 1080p (A couple notes: 1080p res, 1 monitor, trying to go for a nice high framerate, as in over 60 fps, probably at least 80 if not more; and this is for BF3. Crysis, I'm just hoping for a playable framerate at ultra)

  4. I have another interesting thing in why bf3 it's better than 4 and ardline. Nobody talk about this even ign, gamespot, etc. I know it's not so important but make the game a little more better and i'm the only one who talk about this, the back weapon. When the soldier choose his secondary weapon, he put the primary weapon on his back. That make the game a little more realistic. In bf4 and hardline, you choose the secondary weapon and the primary just disappear like if the soldiers are a bunch of freaky wizards. Another score for bf3.

  5. Hey guys! I am kinda a newbie "battlefielder" (i've had 3 since 2011 but haven't gotten into it competitively"). I'm thinking of getting into the Battlefield series…and after playing a few matches…i think i've finally fallen in love with the  series! So the question is… is premium worth it for Battlefield 3?

  6. BF3>BF4 because it has a unique gamemode called "RUSH"

  7. can someone help me i have a GTX 770 i5 and it doesnt lag at all but when i aim and shot and then stop there is some lag can someone explain that?

  8. Battlefield 3- takes weeks or even months to unlock everything
    Battlefield hardline-i mere one week to unlock everything

  9. Wow, COD fanboys disliked because well, their game is inferior and they're butthurt
    and BF fanboys disliked because they think this game deserved a 10/10

    Poor IGN…..cant please everyone…

  10. They should make bf3 for ps4 with 64 players and all the dlc too 🙂

  11. Is anyone still playing this? I have Hard line now but its not as good as bf3….or should I just get bf4?

  12. can someone please tell me why this has so many dislikes it's not call of duty

  13. trading bf3 for bf4 was one of the worst decisions of my life

  14. they said the exact same thing in the console review about the campaign

  15. this and the console review are legit he exact same…fukin ign

  16. am i the only person who thiks the canpaign was awesome

  17. guyz should i get dis or bf4 theyre both 5 bucks on origin right now so i cant choose between bf4 and bf3

  18. Am I the only one who thinks the graphics is cartooney?

  19. Only thing that prevents me from buying this game are the hackers, aimbots, etc. Those people ruin the game.

  20. am I the only one that thought the campaign was better than most shooter campaigns nowadays, far better than the majority of regurgitated cod campaigns, or cod ghosts which campaign made 0 sense and it was an extremely on rails experience

  21. seeing this in 2017 and realizing that it has 5k dislikes i'm like : WHAT?

  22. My PS3 is dead and i want to play this game again :´(

  23. Just came here to say that BFV blows I wish more people still played on PC.

  24. It's 2019 and I started it's campaign yesterday

  25. I can’t believe this was almost 9 years ago

  26. Nobody likes IGN, but this is a great game.

  27. little did they know games 9 years latter look like real life

  28. Who is here since it is free with amazon prime

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