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IGN Reviews – Battlefield 3 (PC) Game Review

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How does DICE’s new shooter game Battlefield 3 shape up now that it’s in the wild? Check out the IGN video review to find out.
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  1. Why -4 points for not being on steam , its not like you have to pay for origin

  2. I'm a Colonel 30 on xbox. Just got a PC good enough to play this game on ultra settings. I will NEVER go back. 64 players is insane. The big maps are so much more enjoyable. 2 Years later. I give console Battlefield an 8 and PC battlefield a 9.5.

  3. I have bf3 on every platform and I must say PC is best

  4. Why so many dislikes? I agree with him a lot. The multiplayer is loads of fun, but the single player campaign is dull and has lots of cheap deaths.

  5. I love the mission going hunting, that mission saves the story for me. Multiplayer well I don't know the maps that well because I'm always in Jets or helicopters or in TDM.

  6. Battlefield 2 modern combat was my first battlefield. I first played it in 2008 I was 10 and never heard of COD!

  7. This is the same as the console review, except replacing lines like "It's not about choice, but mashing X at the right time" to "It's not about choice, but mashing space at the right time".

  8. It was a limited offer for $5. And that was without expansions.

  9. it took me 1 week to download this game but it only took me 5 hours to finish the campaign…this game is good but too short..

  10. took me a few hours to download and install the game

  11. I agree with BO2 … But BF3 is the best 2011-2012 fps !

  12. I can honestly say that playing BF3 in consoles in useless..the graphics isnt superior…I liked Blackburns personality…took me a while to understand the story…But I prefered the Dima missions which had a "COD feel" and maybe those aircraft missions…. maybe BF4 willl be perfected

  13. No … I mean just FPS …. BF3 and Borderlands2 we're the best ! Black Ops 2 was a fail in campaIGN … but IGN liked it !

  14. Yaya humble bundle. I wanted this game but didnt want to buy full pricewith bf4 round the corner

  15. How come this got the same score as the console graphics and multiplayer is better!

  16. yeah but dude….. its cod…. so its crap…..

  17. The console and PC reviews have the same voice-over. Way to go, IGN…

  18. BF3 is nice on the hard campain! And the glitches you're talking about is what makes BF to BF :p

  19. hope they put more effort in the campaign this time
    because BF3 campaign is way too short
    don't make Battlefield the next Cod and Halo, a mutliplayer game with a cheap throw-in campaign with a whatsoever story that are only 5 hours lol
    I don't want to pay for a $60 multiplayer map pack…..give us a great story campaign !
    don't let people think that campaign is skippable in a FPS ! ! !
    look at Killzone franchise !
    a shooter with amazing multiplayer but also an amazing 10/10 campaign ! ! !

  20. So much people butthurt. 9 is still a good score, it dosen't have to be a 10/10.

  21. Many people would argue that Halo has a fantastic campaign, even much better than Killzone. I agree that CoD and BF3 haven't had the best stories, but Halo 4 had a cohesive story that kept me caring until the end.

  22. Yes I agree HALO4's story was fantastic..

    I will remember it for as long as I live.

  23. I agree with it being best on PC, but why would you buy it on every platform??

  24. the review is just the same as the review of CONSOLES!!!Nice work IGN.Nice work

  25. BF4 got 8.5 soo yeah this game is better or what?

  26. if you guys have concerns about getting this game or bf4 get bf3 or just wait for bf4s problems to be fixed

  27. Part of the reason BF3 is better than BF4 is because of the maps. Not only the design, but the settings of the BF3 maps were much better. Central and Southwestern Asia make for some much more interesting settings than boring China. There were forest, snow, mountain, night, day, rain, desert, urban, sea, industrial, fields, summer, winter, etc. maps in BF3 while BF4 is pretty boring.

  28. Everyone who does not have it, it is free on origin for a limited time

  29. Guys, Battlefield 3 is FREE on PC until June 3rd! 🙌 Here is how to get it!
    1. Go to origin.com and make a free account.
    2. Download Origin to your GAMING PC, or any PC that plays games without lag.
    3. Under Free Games, click On The House.
    4. Download your FREE copy of Battlefield 3!

  30. i got this for free on origin. one of the best shooters ive enjoyed.

  31. Downloaded through ORIGIN just in time, they've fixed the key issue aswell. 

  32. at the end of the day, it all comes down to the player. people should play the game themselves instead of relying on what ign says. you may hate the multiplayer but love the campaign. its just that simple.

  33. This is a really bad review this game is better for what ign says it is.

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