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IGN Reviews – Captain America: Super Soldier Game Review

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IGN gives its video review for the new game Captain America: Super Soldier. Captain America is reporting for duty. But is the game worth recruiting?

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  1. I'd luv it if they would mention some of those better alternatives on the way and make that sentence meaningful. Also better alternatives is subjective.

  2. as movie tie in games go this was a pretty cool game.

  3. This game, while is a tie in, its not supposed to be the movie in a game. Besides, what would be the point of a weak Steve Rogers moment. This is from someone who has the game and loves it, and I’m not afraid of judgement. As for the graphics, it was 2010, what’d you expect? I can agree on the platforming, it’s hard to get a perfect timing, but that just adds to the challenge. I don’t know why you be hating on this game.

  4. I just beat this game for the first time ever and it was really fun

  5. Got some valid point but I still like the game

  6. I remember really liking this game, they should remaster it for ps4.

  7. I'm sorry but Chris Evans is just The Wrong pick for Captain America He was really Funny as The Human Torch

  8. Nostalgia of watching the gameplay videos.

    Because I was never able to get the game

  9. Really a 5.0, ok this this game has its flaws I can admit but come it should be 7.0

  10. Brah i just found this for $5 at a flea market (its a rare game now) and i have to say, its REALLY fun. They are not truly that bad and a fun way to pass the time. Sure it could be ALOT better but the level designs (as far as collectables goes) and combat keep me coming. Plus its not as short as some other 360 games ive recently played. Give it a try, if you can ever find it

  11. I want a true cap game. sorta like spiderman ps4 was

  12. The game was incredibly fun nowhere near perfect but the combat and beat downs can be very satsfying.

  13. Wait, this game was only supposed to take 6 hours?! That’s….. 10 hours less than it took me!

  14. This game is awesome. This guy just doesn’t like it.

  15. it would be nice to know what system you are reviewing it for as it was released on the 360, ps3, wii, ds and 3ds and if that's what it looks like on the ds i'm very happy and think it looks amazing.

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