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IGN Reviews – Dear Esther – Game Review

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Dear Esther might not be your traditional game. In fact, you might not even consider Dear Esther a game. Without any actual gameplay, your goal for this game is to journey through the island and enjoy the beautiful yet haunting scenery it has to offer. Check out the review for more!

Release Date: February 14, 2012
Exclusively on: PC
Genre: Experimental
Developer: thechineseroom

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  1. I did a playthrough of this, if you enjoyed Dear Esther I would appreciate it if you guys could check out my gameplay! Thank you all 🙂

  2. You know what? In 2016 this is quite a good game for VR

  3. this is such good game.the only thing is, is that I've seen other plot dinamics in similar games that have made me rethink what games can do. the best part about this one though is the open atmosphere you never fell forced to progress throughout the game and it is simply buetiful.

  4. whats the difference reith the landmark edition and base

  5. Kinda reminds me of S.T.A.L.K.E.R – how I wish that someone would remake the series with similiar engine.

  6. Hmm I don't feel the lack of interaction ina story driven game where the player has no impact of the continuation of the story would be a "game" not to my liking.

    It seems it would be like listening to a audio book where I traverse a pretty environment with no other player use.

  7. 2:02 in the upper left corner there is something black walking on the cliff. is it a shadow?

  8. like No Man's Sky without the ship or the mineral extractions.(or the melee attacks) if you just want to take a little stroll in a place other than your own neighborhood, try going to the park.or better yet, get a fishing pole, go to the lake. this game has little more than that(and no fishing allowed), except that odd voice in your head of the british guy who is poetic about stuff.

  9. 1:34

    Except for Silent Hill 2, Dark Souls, Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, and Amnesia: The Dark Descent… all games that convey the same (if not a greater) amount of isolation, loneliness, and suspense without actually being devoid of life… but of course this is "far beyond what traditional games could ever achieve"

  10. I love games like this. I loved Everybody's Gone To The Rapture and Firewatch.

  11. For people saying this is not a game; the goal of a game doesn't need to be killing enemies or collecting points. Dear Esther is a beautiful riddle/mystery you need to solve and understand and that makes it have a goal on its own.

  12. Esther brought me back to gaming… so inovative and fresh. Thx chinese room.

  13. I bought this in a goofy mood, not reading up about it beforehand, wanting something different and i have to say i haven't played anything like it for whatever thats worth. It's hard to recommend this to friends as they tend to be closed minded to gaming experiences that don't mentally challenge you or involve like she mentions gun, puzzles ect.

  14. Game looks terrible. No surprise that IGN gives this Peppridge Farm bullshit a high score. Fuckin morons.

  15. It will be so much fun if it was with vr

  16. So basically Dear Esther is not a "game" at all, but an emmersively visual experience of walking through an excellently written autio book story.

  17. So this is what Tom Holland was doing before Spider-Man.

  18. This game is pure gayness at the highest level!

  19. This ought to be a VR Game…if immersive is what they were going for then VR would be the way to go

  20. They leave me feeling light headed and at the same time in a form of peace. Games like call of duty rile you up and make your adrenaline pump every few seconds. But these type of games just draw you in and let you appreciated the natural beauty of gaming worlds and their stories that are often overlooked for dramatic action sequences. Cod w rn looks amazing and overall draws you in. But you don’t actually get to appreciate the beauty of it because your always too busy fighting someone. It’s not a bad thing but honestly I like having games like this to simply make me feel at ease. Especially when I’m going through a hard time and need to relax…

  21. I was looking for a peaceful game like this. Only thing to improve is some more daylight environments and maybe the odd pleasant person to meet.

  22. I don't know what I did in this game but it was nice

  23. It is a video game. Just becuase mario and call of duty are so siddferent doesnt mean one isnt a video game. A video game is just a type of entertainment we choose what to do and make it happen.

  24. Same amount of visual presentation can easily be achieved in real games.

  25. This game made me cry and I'm not sure why.

  26. What happened to Edith Finch is the same genre of game and outstanding

  27. Why the hell does this video need ID Age Proofing to confirm age over 18..
    Nothing remotely age related content are shown..
    All those G.. D… EU restrictions are getting way out of hand..

  28. If only Richard Burton was still around to do the game's voice over

  29. 8.0 is too high as a score for this beautiful little game non the less.

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