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IGN Reviews – El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron Game Review

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IGN gives its video review of the new action game El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron. This game took a mighty swing, but was a complete miss.

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  1. The reason it was probably 8/10 on gamespot is because they took in the fact that the characters are based on religion and the story kinda pinpoints moments of the Bible and most people don't realize this and see the story as lacking. Which is perfectly fine in my eyes 8/10 on this game is an acceptable review to me I give it 9.5/10

  2. It's not based off biblical scripture. It's based off the book of Enoch, which isn't biblical canon though there is at least one reference to the book of Enoch in the bible. However I loved this game and I think I may replay it after I finish Tales of Xillia.

  3. D: Jelly me is Jelly I wish I had tales of Xillia I love the Tales series

  4. The combat is boring but this is the most beautiful game i have ever played

  5. I picked this game up on Xbox Live for $5, played it for an hour and shut it off. I felt everything the reviewer felt. Gorgeous game but it's incredibly boring.

  6. So did I, though i really am enjoying so far.

  7. Bull shit this game is a lot of fun to play.. Ign only gives cod and bf and all the big name games good reviews… U know they are a lot of great games that are not big game titles.. Fuck ign

  8. And cod has the same look to it year in and year out same online but it get a 9.5 out of 10 every time.. And the story is only like 5-6 hours if that and they complain about other game being too short..

  9. Nice one Colin! Oh wait, you just didn't get it. It's sad how much people bash games that are truly original.

  10. 99 percent of cod players don't even play the campaign anyway, so the developers don't even care about it.

  11. Gamers just aren't what they used to be, I mean you only played 1 hour and shut the game on. That's a far cry from giving El Shaddai a chance. You need to pay attention to whats going on and I'll agree that I was super confused at first, but after the first quarter of the game I got what was going on. Give it a try and dont give in to IGN's idiocy.

  12. The combat isn't about mashing the X button, that's what I expect how a complete idiot would play the game. The combo system is based around using one button but with timed assertions and pairing it with blocking and dodging. So, basically, fuck IGN.

  13. I bought this game when it went on sale for $2.99, and I still feel ripped off.

  14. i think the game is pretty badass in my opinion. i can tell how some people wouldnt like it, but if you give it a chance it keeps getting better. the battle system is a little weird at first but once you figure it out its pretty fun!

  15. IGN you completely missed on this review.  El Shaddai's artwork is amazing, and the 2D platforming is something that games of new have completely abandoned, which is a shame.  I will say the weapons and combat could use more depth.  Since you mentioned Castlevania, I think mimicking SOTN weapon system and discovery factor would be perfect for El Shaddai 2.

  16. El shaddai 2 PLEASEThis game is beautiful I love this game. amazing game. Again PLEASE EL SHADDAI 2.

  17. El shaddai 2 PLEASEThis game is beautiful I love this game. amazing game. Again PLEASE EL SHADDAI 2.

  18. Is this review a fucking joke? Did you have a bet at the office to see how many times you could say nonsensical in a review? I hate the stranglehold that IGN has on the gaming community, I type in El Shaddai review in and this piece of shit is the first thing to pop up. I knew I was wasting my time before I even clicked the link, I should have known better.

  19. Christ, this game was the biggest piece of shit i have ever bought. 5/10 is way too generous

  20. so thats what happens if ign isnt getting their money

  21. "button masher" what did he do, only play it on easy? If you try and button mash even in some sections of normal difficulty you won't get all the way through.

  22. I thought pff looks like a fun game ign's full o crap I'll get it anyway.
    Turns out yeah, they were right, it's pretty boring.
    Just sayin

  23. … sad that is is what IGN has become… 

  24. You know something's wrong when "overly artistic" is used with a pejorative intention.

  25. lol omg wtf is up with this dude. I couldn't disagree with him more.  This game is fantastic imo.

  26. My mom got me this game yesterday and said that I would like it if I liked Final Fantasy. Now I'm debating if I should play this game or not. I mean I feel like I should so that it wouldn't be a complete waste of time/money and I don't want to be ungrateful about it.

  27. The game looks bad. I trust Colin's opinion on this one.

  28. says the group of people that thinks call of duty a 10/10 you guys are unworthy to be game reviewers

  29. Nako IGN wala nang maganda sa inyo. LOL

  30. Overly artistic? We need more developers who are willing to try new things you say? and thats what you say to them with the game? you think those words you say will inspire them? review is different from insulting. jeez this guy. this company.

  31. I love how people who like the game watched the review then disliked because someone doesn't agree with you

  32. the game is boring, such a great graphics wasted on this garbage

  33. I missed this game back in the day because of this review! Now I really wanna play, and can't find it anywhere! All sold out!

  34. I remember playing this and giving up very early on. Beautiful but tedious from what I recall.

  35. "Subpar voice acting"…Then shows great voice acting…

    "It's based on the book of Enoch, but it's incoherent"….Maybe read the book?

    "Leaving your head scratching which is a big flaw for a plotcentric game"….Isn't that called thinking???

    "I appreciate what El Shaddai was trying to do…"You don't because you don't describe what it was trying to do.

  36. I would have given this game a 7 instead of a 5 IGN. Lol

  37. It doesn't make you FEEL like a Jewish prophet. 2/10

  38. Now that this has finally come to PC, the reaction to this review is bizarre. The reviewer is dead on. The music and visuals are stellar, but the gameplay and story are a mess.

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