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IGN Reviews – Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Game Review

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IGN reviews the hotly anticipated RPG epic, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. But does the latest installment in Bethesda’s RPG series live up to the legacy of its ancestors? Watch the review and find out!
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  1. For a soon to be decade old game, this game (the base ps3/360 game) still looks amazing! Skyrim was like my first love and will always be special to me.

  2. Incredibly immersive game. And literally the best symphonic/orchestral soundtrack I’ve heard in a long time (video game or otherwise) Jeremy Soule is an amazing composer. The game score is available on Amazon Music and iTunes. I take it with me while backpacking in the mountains and it’s been an indescribably enjoyable experience to hear those sweeping tracks whilst journeying through breathtaking backcountry.

  3. 6:02 That happened to farkas when hi tried to swing at a giant 😂…the game can be hilarious at times,fallout players know.

  4. I feel bad for anyone who hasn’t played this game honestly

  5. Who's still waiting for TES6 in 2021?

  6. I played ac oddessey id didn't like the rag quest mechanics should I buy Skyrim?

  7. What's up! February 11th 2021 bored on the toilet and this is great video to watch.

  8. Skyrim maybe the best but oblivion has the best intro in all of the series

  9. Who's still playing this in 2021? I know i am

  10. Oh and fortnite has a higher rating smh

  11. Jesus 9 years and I’m still playing this game.

  12. The special edition is available on Game Pass 🙂

  13. November 11 will be 10 years of Skyrim already

  14. Skyrim didn't even get a 10 but TLOU2 did….

  15. Annnddddd time for another playthrough 😂

  16. Assassins creed odyssey and fortnite got the same score as this masterpiece let that sink in

  17. And now almost 10 years later I'm playing this in VR with mods. Crazy.

  18. I've just bought this game for £1…never played it before

  19. I've put more than 8000 hours into this game since 2011 and regret nothing.

  20. Skyrim feels like home. That's why people always return to it after all these years.

  21. Fortnite: 9.6
    Skyrim: 9.5
    Witcher 3: 9.3

    Ign please stop trying at this point you are clearly smoking crack

  22. This is undoubtedly the most immersive, creative, open world game I've ever seen. The fact that every single rpg is compared to this game says everything. Absolute masterpiece

  23. there's a difference in open world games with a lot of creatively designed content, and open world games with a lot of boring tedious and repetitive content, like skyrim has.

  24. Why this review makes this game so shallow

  25. havent played it yet, planning to get it on switch

  26. Almost perfect about everything then why just not 10?

  27. This is back when ign used to make actual reviews

  28. Attention all Bethesda gamers – when you are annoyed waiting for es 6 remember, in the meantime to keep appreciating this amazing title we gamers have been lucky and blessed with.

  29. Skyrim also has incredible modding communities!

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