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IGN Reviews – FIFA 12 Game Review

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IGN gives its video review for the world famous football / soccer game FIFA 12. Can this title truly capture the power of the world sport?

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  1. I've just bought this, I do believe there's significant rubber-banding in this game, the very thing which I hate in my video games, especially when it's blatant. Case in point, I've played 5 games in a season playing as Hull City. I've had 4 goalless draws, and a 1-1 draw, and in said 1-1 draw, they scored first and I somehow managed to score mere moments later. Now I ask you… what's up with that!?

  2. With the exclusion of Madden 13 it is the best FOOTBALL game around

  3. How can you talk about fifa without bringing up ultimate team?!

  4. Александръ Герасимовъ says:

    fifa 12 is better then 13

  5. maybe to see the differences from fifa 11 so you don't have to watch for them yourself. lol

  6. i dont want to spend much on games, should i get 12 or 13? reply ASAP!!

  7. too high…. this game is too straight forward and easy to make to get such a hifh score

  8. If you play as a Manager or Player-Manager, do you get to watch the match in 3D if you so desire without actually playing the match?

  9. Really Hoping I can get this for $1  on Origin tomorrow  : D

  10. How can you even make a better Fifa than this?? 12 is Simply the best.
    better than 14..

  11. This game was easily the best fifa high rated players were good not just super fast through balls

  12. Ign Logic:
    Fifa 12: 9.5 
    Fifa 13: 9.0 
    Fifa 14: 9.0 -__-

  13. Digital games fucking suck be cas I got gta 4 for 9 bucks yesterday mk the new one and cod bops for 12 bucks lets see u do that psn or xbla or eshop etc

  14. fifa 12 may be slick but it feels like a dark souls version of fifa,because thanks to the addition of tactical defending you will always concede goals no matter what you do.

  15. I played this on ps 3 and its the most horrible game i ever played,defenders just watch the opponent dribble pass them.The automatic player  switching is broken and botton response takes forever.

  16. Hey guys, i'm interested in this one for my pc laptop, and i was wondering: Will it be playable with a simple, pretty old non-brand controller?

  17. According to me, this is the best Fifa ever, after Fifa 05, 06, 09 and 10. Now let's see what Fifa 17 provides us with the story mode.

  18. had a good soundtrack too. but career mode loading times aaahhhhhh!!!!!

  19. Been playing 2018, thinking of playing 2012 just to see the difference, it's been sitting untouched on my shelf for years

  20. Even if I have Puyol , Terry strikers like Benzema can go through

  21. Why am I watching this I've never played fifa before

  22. Waited till 2021 and got this for 50p 😂

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