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IGN Reviews – Forza Motorsport 4 Game Review

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IGN gives its video review for the new Xbox 360 racing game Forza Motorsport 4. Has the Forza franchise cemented its position as the true king of the road?

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  1. and so you should my friend.. dont fall into the shit trap that is known as "GT5"

  2. Yup, Horizon runs at 30fps and 4 runs at 60fps, and both games are 720p HD

  3. Shitbox? Really? And if you want a racing game for PS3 wait for GT6

  4. everybody flag the shit out of this comment

  5. I wish this game was for ps3 or pc because i wont buy the xboxes

  6. Sorta, and like I said, just wait for GT6 on PS3

  7. But i don't like that it doesn't have customization

  8. Well I can't help you there, does Drive Club have customization?

  9. Lol totally forgot about that game, not saying gt6/5 is bad or smething btw

  10. Gt5 got 8.5 rating. And Gt6 is stupid. I don't understand how someone would want gt5.1 on the same console when you could get a brand new and better forza 5 which is on the next gem console. There's no point of comparing anymore between these two

  11. Gt5 vs this game idk I love them both to much. But it have to go with gt5 cuz it really is the car lovers game. And I LOVE cars

  12. the only thing i hate about this game is what happens when you go off the track

  13. TheGamingExpert - Games, Airsoft & more! says:

    Getting it for christmas ;3

  14. We had this, now we have micro transactions. Thank you Forza publishers

  15. Amazing game with amazing physics and graphics

  16. One of my favorite games of all time. Nothing else can cater my needs as a JDM lover like Forza 4 can.

  17. As soon as Forza 5 dropped with like 200 cars and no Nurburgring, I swear everyone who didn't already have it went out and bought Forza 4 straight away.

    Every EB games, Futureshop, Bestbuy, Gamestop I went to was sold out of Forza 4. I had a hell of a time tracking down a new copy. So relieved when I got it. 

  18. This is a great game, but saying it's better than 5 is a bit of a stretch in my opinion, at least in terms of overall gameplay. However I'd say content wise this is better because they don't force you to buy DLC cars and had a lot to begin with.

  19. I had forza 4 since last year, how whenever I go online no ones playing it?

  20. Add me on xbox. I like to do challenges like budget drifting and budget drag and many others, my gamer tag is zapperKING09

  21. Ive been a PS3 user for a while now (Since 2008) I got fed up of the RROD on the newly released Xbox 360 console (2005) but i bought n elite for £50 and this game was one of the first games i had to get and it really does kick Gran Turismo's arse into touch… P.S. I also got Bayonetta on 360 and its way ahead of the PS3s version! (Great stuff)

  22. "Automobiles from around the globe . You won't find 165 nissans and and just 12 Ferrari here" . huge stab at Gran Turismo 5. I hated that about Gran Turismo five. 70% of the cars are Japanese .

  23. just bought this used at futureshop. donno why i didn't buy this sooner. great game

  24. do you have to unlock the cars in quick race?????????????

  25. This is the evolution of mario kart forza is more intense.

  26. If you want a copy of this game for $30 used once message me.

  27. Forza is my second and favourite racing game series after Mario Kart

  28. I love gran turismo but this is good too. We should all stop arguing and just enjoy the game. Isnt it what there made for fun.

  29. cough DLC… cough 
    FREAKIN DLC is so annoying 
    but it could've been a good game

  30. Ive got a ps4 ps3 ps2 so im mostly a ps fan but I like xbox for its forza games so i got a 360 for my birthday a while back and I only got forza horizon 2 on it and some other games like gears of wars so im thinking of getting this game cause driveclub is getting boring so should I get this

  31. I have the PS3 and the Xbox 360 and this is way better than Gran Turismo but The Last Of Us is worth a PS3 on its own.

  32. i sitll think Forza 4 is better than any forza currently

  33. Thank you ign I love this game sooooo much and I'm glad you gave it the praise it deserves 🙂

  34. Just need some reassurance from the YouTube community.

    I already have Forza Horizon that I haven't really played yet. I'm tempted of buying this game today. Just wanna know if it's worth it or just stick with Horizon?

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