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IGN Reviews – Forza Motorsport 4 Game Review

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IGN gives its video review for the new Xbox 360 racing game Forza Motorsport 4. Has the Forza franchise cemented its position as the true king of the road?

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  1. This game is perfect but 55% of the cars are DLC. I bought the Season Pass and there are like 12 DLC's left

  2. that's is for being the best of the best forcing you to buy it , means that R* made a great game

  3. Forza 4 is miles ahead of gt 5, and this coming from a "ps3 fanboy". I do consider to buy a xbox 360 just for this game.

  4. Forza Horizon's an awesome game, so it really depends what you want. If you want advanced tweaking and iconic race tracks, Forza 4 is for you. If you want a great open world racer with the same feel as other games in the series, go with Forza Horizon.

    Forza 4 handles slightly more realistically, and it runs at 60fps, but that doesn't make it the better game, it's all down to the type of game you prefer.

  5. There's really no point in telling him this since he 'Cant Read'

  6. 4 has over 500 cars, while Horizan just has over 100. Try out the demo of each game in the Xbox Live Market and see what'cha like!

  7. forza 5 looks insane, but i cant see myself buying xbox one just for that

  8. So I've been a playstation user this whole generation. Now I'm thinking of getting a 360 to play the exclusives that I missed. Is it a good time with the new model 360 that just came out or should I wait for a price drop or something. Please save your hostility if you answer to my comment. I am no fanboy I am simply a gamer looking for the opinion of other gamers. Thanks in advance.

  9. i just got forza 3 and its not bad, but this looks unreal!

  10. id say so, theres astill a good few yrs left in the 360 and a whole load of cheap or pre owned games to be enjoyed, DO IT! lol

  11. @malcolm garret, what is the problem with xbox now? i mean no policies, awesome exclusives, great online servers and more

  12. He really honestly said not one bad thing about this game. Why didnt it get a 10?

  13. It didnt get 10 because its a exclusive exclusives but the last of us don't get 10

  14. I think Pro Jared (whose reviews everyone should be watching) said, "Games don't start at 10 and have points subtracted for something bad. They start at 0."

    Not every game deserves a 10. If they did, 10 would be meaningless. Besides, are you really complaining about a 9.5?

  15. Forza 4 crushes gran turismo 5 win for xbox 360!

  16. Depends on the type of gamers you're looking for. If you like FPS, JRPGS and racing games then I'd say not owning a 360 is a huge mistake. The Forza series is a must play, the gears trilogy is amazing and Lost Odyssey is the best Japanese rpg i've played since ps1. There plenty of other exclusives in the fps and jrpg field that are must haves for the 360. Use to be a sony gamer but the 360 just had the games i wanted sooner this generation.

  17. i own both and played both forza wins easily even the reviewer said so so eat it chump you love crap haha

  18. Regret selling this game. I am thinking about getting this game again but have seen Dirt 3 and I am now stuck between getting Dirt 3 and forza 4. What should I get?

  19. get forza again,dirt 3 was fun for a while but i got bored with it quick,forza never gets boring

  20. Hey, is the multiplayer dead on this? I am thinking of buying it 😀

  21. Forza Motorsport 4 is te best racing game i ever played!

  22. I think this is 999999x better than Forza Horizon.

  23. Looking for anyone to help get me achievements on this game.

  24. I have played Granturismo since i was small but forza looks so mutch better i gotta buy a 360 😀

  25. no it's not, i have gt5 and it's not so great.

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