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IGN Reviews – From Dust Game Review

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IGN gives its video review on the new downloadable game From Dust. Gorgeous, memorable and thought-provoking, From Dust leaves a lasting impression.

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  1. too challenging.. you play games to have fun not raise your blood pressure..i went through enough of that in my child hood trying to play sonic spin ball… and platformers.

  2. Why did they have a 7-year old austrailian review this?

  3. did he actually gave the game a minus on base on it's difficulty level…. Dude go play
    Sims 3, it should suit your difficulty level…. My opinion of this game, ITS EPIC!!!!

  4. this game is great and quite confusing didn't expect much but blew me away

  5. the developer must be a great fan of ye old Popolous…

  6. Australian? That don't sound like any Australian I know sounds more like British or Scottish

  7. i cant believe they got a robot to review this

  8. I got it for under 4.. hehehehe… . Worth that price, But wouldn't pay more.

  9. your watching this because of the steam daily deal

  10. you guys are 'tards, the reviewer is a English lass(woman), where the hell did you guys get Scottish or Australian from?

  11. OH its a lady? couldve sworn it was a teenage boy lmao.

  12. not100% percent positive its a girl but sounds like one, and yeah he or she is english (im english so I should know) lol

  13. $5.09 for another 40 minutes, guys. :))

  14. lol i just bought it with like 20 minutes left 😀

  15. I don't think a game that challenges you is a negative thing, as long as it comes from difficulty the developers intended and not shoddy controls. which you said this game has, but I saw none of.

  16. Enough about the game already, what did you think of the narrators voice?

  17. good review! I personally loved playing this game, it was great!

  18. This game sucks. Play Black and White 2. I got bored with this game in the first 5 mins.

  19. the introduction is repetitive, always the same, they always emerge from a hole from an underground. lol i got bored too. so i uninstsall it.

  20. Lol. I painfully pushed myself to the 3 level. You're right, it's the crap over and over, just with a slightly different challenge. zZzZz, oh shit, I fell asleep just thinking about it. Anyways I hope LionHead makes a B&W 3

  21. Waste money and time. although graphic was nice.

  22. yeah the graphics, and physics mechanics were the only good thing about the game.

  23. any game , preferrably strategy, mind recomending?

  24. I´m pretty sure i heard her say she was Irish in a review of The Last Story. Besides, being Irish also means being British so i don´t really get you point. 😛

  25. Anyone tell me if this game is worth £5 on xbox live? 🙂

  26. its free too on the others 10 million RIP ilegal games pages

  27. why is free in google crome and it cost on consoles and amazon for pc???

  28. Good question.. idk who wnats to hear a 7 year old australian

  29. This game reminded me so much of Populous, also Black & White

  30. WHY HAVE THE PUT "difficulty spikes" AS NEGATIVE?? As long as it is playable, which it is, then difficulty is good. Ign just can't play games

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