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IGN Reviews – Gears of War 3: Game Review

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IGN gives its video review of the new Xbox game Gears of War 3. Epic Games’ finale to the Gears trilogy delivers the definitive expression of the series.

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  1. The Gears of War Trilogy, one of the few game series that keeps getting better.

  2. So, will it be compare to The Division? lol.

  3. GOD DAMN this game was so freaking good.

  4. the third one is way better than the fourth
    weird but true

  5. did wil wheaton do this interview sounds alot like him

  6. I got all the gears games and I've been playing them in order. I got them with gears 4 and I'm really excited to play it. I need to get through Judgement.

  7. Am I the only one who thinks Cole looks like 50 Cent in that Blood in the sand game with that hat?

  8. In my opinion this game is ok but very competitive.

  9. 9.0 for Gears 3? Because of story? Does nothing please IGN?

  10. Game deserved a 10. The story is great, multiplayer is great, content is awesome. Although the AI have issues sometimes.

  11. My favorite Gears of War game… Sigh, the nostalgia

  12. Anyone else randomly get derailed in multiplayee?

  13. Still the best Gears of War game out of this series. Gears 4 is just milking the glory of past titles.

  14. In my opinion, I like this Gears of War 3 better than 4 and I think it's better than it overall. But Gears of War 4 has the best graphics in the entire series.

  15. i never felt that i was a badass in this game, cover is for the weak, but still a great game

  16. Finished 1 and 2 and now playing 3,sheer class:)U can tell the developers listen to the fans,Nice one Epic…

  17. Who's still playing gears 3 as of today? I never stopped

  18. New to Xbox and LOVE the Gears series. All on Game Pass so I said what the heck, try it out.. Am on Gears 2 now, frickin awesome! Should have picked this up on PC years ago……

  19. Went back and started collecting the older games on 360. This is one game I never bought back then and I just bought this and rise of the tomb raider. The price of gears 3 was £1.80 and tomb raider was £9.00, I must say they both look very similar obviously not quite as good but almost, in fact there's comparison videos on YouTube, definitely for tomb raider. The graphics and gameplay are amazing for such an old console. I actually prefer my 360 it's the best console I have, I have an Xbox one, Xbox,PS2,PS3, was gonna get a 4 but since the 360 I think personally Microsoft started doing it better than Sony.

  20. Is it butchery of the story/series to play the 3rd game before having played the 1st and 2nd game? 😇

  21. Nothing like the gears gnasher gunplay

  22. Teammates were a little overpowered. I remember walking through this game(on normal of course), because my team just killed everything for me.

  23. Gears of War 3 = Best third person shooter of all time.

    Borderlands 2 = Best first person shooter of all time.

  24. Just beat Gears 1, almost done 2 moving onto my personal favorite in 3 soon then to play the new games which I have not played. Gonna be interesting to see how 4 & 5 compare to the OG trilogy.

  25. “There are lot more Carmines”
    Ohh i couldnt stop laughing, seems like every installment was destined to kill 1 carmine 😂😂😂

  26. Watching this while re-downloading gears of war 3 because gears 5 is worse than 4 in my opinion. Gears of war 3 multi-player is by far my favorite in the franchise.

  27. Love this series and this game especially. Put hours into it, might have to download it on my Xbox One again!

  28. I don't care what people say
    Gears is the most fun series of games ever
    Gears is the type of game that you buy without looking at reviews because you know exactly what you are getting

  29. Can new players play Gears of War 3 without playing the others?

  30. why does it have a lower score than judgment. are they ok

  31. I still got gears 3 2 1 and judgement

  32. I’m going to pick this up trying to build my Xbox 360 Collection

  33. Playing this for the first time. Beat the first 2. Can't wait to finish out the remaining 3. I never owned an Xbox to play these so im excited to finally sit down and beat it.

  34. back when they knew how to make GREAT games!!! miss those days

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