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IGN Reviews – GoldenEye 007: Reloaded – Game Review

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IGN reviews GoldenEye 007: Reloaded and answers the question on every Bond fan’s mind: Does it recapture the magic of the original?
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  1. 1:47 you hear the scream which is put into most action films as a joke. A lot of movies do this. I recently heard it in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

  2. Reliving the glory days…. Uuuum goldeneye 64 didn't have health packs.

  3. Good game but Brosnan was in Goldeneye and not Craig. Another thing they should have included Brosnan's likeness.

  4. So the ign gives the Wii version a 9.0/10, the the improved versons on ps3 and Xbox 360 get a 8.5/10???

  5. is it just me or does this look like a call of duty reskin

  6. Doesn't feel like goldeneye without Brosnan

  7. Very excited considering the original was my 1st shooter so I'm def getting this!! Looks good

  8. the game have sixaxis option for the original game aiming?

  9. Like this woman can make a good game even though she can't aim

  10. This game is a forgotten masterpiece we need a remaster

  11. Call of duty trying to be james bond 007 Goldeneye edition.

  12. I don't see anyone today playing multiplayer in this game when I first got it it was filled with people and now it is always empty. It is a shame because it was the first fps game I have played and one of the best imo. I have it on Xbox 360.

  13. The thing that made the orig on n64 good was the cheat rewards. It made the replay value insane. And I'm assuming there aren't cheats, like every other game these days.

  14. Not defending this game by any means, but how the hell does it "deviate from the original storyline" exactly?

  15. “Generic Characters”? Is that not 006, Auric Goldfinger, whatever Christopher Walken’s character was named, etc.?

  16. It's really sad that more people aren't playing this. The campaign is short, but sweet. The multiplayer and MI6 Ops were fun. This game despretly needs a remaster!

  17. When I play this game i feel light headed. Is that normal?

  18. Enjoyed the game. The stealth was excellent.

    There needs to be a 007 game for the PS4.

    Glad I kept my old systems to play GoldenEye, TND, TWINE, AUF, NF, EoN, FRWL, Bloodstone, QoS.

  19. damn the nostaligia i thougth i had it on the wii but does that exist? it was 6 years ago so i dont remember

  20. I bought this game today for $2.00 this game is fuckin hot….

  21. This should be rated a 10/10 since the fact that it SHOULD be built upon the original rating of the Wii version (9.5)

  22. I wish the original would be put on Switch

  23. I really liked this game when I played it on my PS3

  24. She says "generic characters" as Red Grant, Kananga, Goldfinger, Tee-Hee, and Max Zorin show up on screen. Lmaoooo

  25. I remember when I bought this game for the PS3 and the first thing that I said is where is Pierce Brosnan? The second thing I noticed is how Call of Duty was heavily involved with the physics of the game. Those 2 flaws alone completely detoured me from ever wanting to play this game again. I would rather stick with the N64 version with outdated graphics than this garbage.

  26. 1k subs but with no videos challenge says:

    YouTube: marks it as "No Mature Content"
    What The F💥

  27. I know it’s been 9 years, but these people act like this game was based solely on the n64 game. You do realize that it is based of the movie, right?

  28. Why is there a woman reading someone elses review?

  29. The game should be remastered to next gen

  30. Why haven't I ever heard of this?
    TF ?!?!?

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