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IGN Reviews – Hard Reset Game Review

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IGN gives its video review of the new shooter game Hard Reset . See whether Flying Wild Hog’s classically-styled shooter in worth the nostalgia trip.

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  1. you kidding this game sucked like so much, i played it once for two our and never looked back. this is the standard/definition of repetitive games. boring as fuck, in fact i'm watching this to make sure i'm not deleting a good game.

  2. Pc has no games.. only kinda better graphics…

  3. no games? have you heard of steam, origins, gog and others…
    "only kinda better graphics"…kinda? have you seen a game run on a pc on ultra settings in 1080P??? have you seen the masive ammount of mods for skyrim, minecraft, dota 2, and others?

  4. half-life, dota2, LoL, hl2, tf2, diablo 1 & 2, torchlight, age of empires, and portal 1&2… and not to mention we can play all console games through emulators

  5. there is absolutely no emulator for the 360 or ps3.
    Also, Portal 1 and 2 are on the ps3 and xbox 360 basically the same as in the pc.
    diablo is nothing worth bragging about, Half-life 2 is on ps3 and xbox, and Half-life 1 is on ps2, so you can play it on a ps2 or a ps3 compatible with a ps2…

    Age of empires is the only game out of all of those that is worth mentioning.

  6. Actually PC has an exponentially bigger number of games than any console in existence.

  7. It's older… And this generation most of them are pay to win games, MMO's and crappy indie games.

  8. show me proof. Show me a video of yourself playing a ps3 emulator..

    Those aren't ps3 emulators, you naive bum…

    those are just virus.. there aren't emulators for ps3 or xbox 360.. the pc would have to be too powerfull..
    If a good pc can't run a wii emulator always at 60 fps, and sometimes they drop like hell, imagine something like an xbox or ps3..

  9. As opposed to last gen visuals on dumbed down triple A shooters that all try to be call of duty and bastardizations of old franchises that simplify and dull every challenging or thought provoking element of their predecessors for the sake of the drooling masses.

    Just saying, each platform has its issues. This is coming from a man with both a 360 and a gaming pc. I'm just saying that in the end regardless of how you choose to label or dismiss said games, PC has more games. Thats just math.

  10. has more games because of past gens.. but in what counts triple AAA games, and games that people will still be playing or at least remember in 10 years, pc this generation lacked so many of them!

    Even multiplatform games sometimes suck ass on pc (i.e. Assassin's Creed series, Sports games, Black Ops, etc…)

  11. yeah thats great. First three words of your reply…'has more games'. Only point i was making. Could give a fuck about what counts or what you think people will be playing or remembering in ten years.

  12. What was wrong with assassins creed on pc?

  13. most memorable PC games of 2008-2012: Crysis, Minecraft, Amnesia. The end.

  14. *google ps3 emulator*
    huh, all I read was they don't exist. you must be either ratted or blind.

  15. There is actually an emulator bro, but it doesn't emulate games. yet.

  16. sigh.. why are kids like you, do you even search? i said it does not play games it emulates de software you can play SMALL read the word? SMALL homebrew games, it is not fully development yet. It is called RPCS3 and search for revision 52. Do your homework kid.

  17. That's not even an emulator. Doesn't emulate the menu, doesn't do anything.

    It's a fucking joke.

  18. see.. are people like you why i don't even bother commenting.. jesus christ.. so emulators are built in zip zap? it doesn't give you the menu but it's emulater de hardware and software do you get it in your small little head? i'ts a start every emulator begings like that and knowing they are building a ps3 emulator this is fucking good and it's gonna take time. Ignorant

  19. This game is fuckin awesome for fuckin real! Scoop it up, you will have a hard time puttin' it down!

  20. took me about 20 seconds to want this game. I bet someone has mods for it 😛

  21. This is a really cool game. Graphics are great and I really enjoy blowing this up.

  22. Great Game. I wish there were more like it.

  23. this game is impossible on insane, and im a pro player

  24. £2.49 on steam right now. Plus it's the extended edition :')

  25. Over all the review is pretty neutral saying a equal amount of positive and negative and giving it a just rating.  But with a 7.5 rating why do you leave a negative last comment?  "If all you wana do is blast shit and look at the pretty colors"?  a better last comment to a game that just got 7.5 would be, If you are into old school twitch shooters then this game is for you, something along those lines.  But all in all a pretty good review from  IGN.. Oddly lol.

  26. kkmaurosm MrRubik: Really? I put it on insane first time i played it and it seems like a good balanced difficulty, fun but challenging. Haven't gotten to any part that seems like it might be unbeatable :/

  27. Didn't play this but I love Shadow Warrior .

  28. I got to say , i really enjoy the oldschool-style shooter way more , than the modern cover-shooter- auto health regen. shooters

  29. way too soothing music for this game review.

  30. Right on steam for less than a dollar and im getting it.

  31. From the steam sale which ends tonight i bought this game for a dollar and The new doom for 20 dollars and honestly this game is much more fun to play than doom.

  32. Neanderthal Tom Cave Beast Sociopathic Parasite - says:

    $1.99 on PS4 right now so this seems like a solid game to impulse buy.

  33. No multiplayer….blow stuff up…no strategy aand level grind….ahhhh IGNs nightmare and my ddream

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