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IGN Reviews – Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows Part 2 Game Review

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IGN gives its video review of the new Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows Part 2 game. Is Harry’s final adventure worth of Gryffindor’s legacy? Find out.

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  1. oh man,..to be honest the first three games of the series was totally awesome..then sucked big time after the prisoner of askaban,.

  2. make a harry potter RPG where we get to be a student at hogwarts, that could be awesome! one where we can customize a character and get sorted in a house. that would be that bedst game ever!…if they make it right…

  3. All potter haters shut da heck up this game is the best one the 3 rd stunk bad.

  4. I luved the books and the movies were anazing

  5. I loved the harry potter and the halfbloodprince game. Just loved it. why did they make the deathly hallows into a call of duty with spells?

  6. Havent played the first game but by the looks if it…2 just seems like a much better game and you dont need the frist game.3rd was one of my favourite HP games.BUT i really dont know why the hell were ppl so pissed about HP 4?They tried something else and it worked really good i liked the game a lot even better than 2 but idk was the exploring if hogwarts that fun?In all of those games hogwarts is just a big school with some secrets(ok!)but with a small outside area in 1 & 2 i really dont know whats the big deal?TGOF was brilliant IMO if someone could explain why it sucked then please do

  7. I remember playing a Harry Potter game for my PSP. It was open world, and had many places from the movies. Why aren't they doing this?!

  8. You're right, it wasn't the last we saw of Harry,, we got Harry Potter Kinect two years later, and we all know how good that was

  9. As pc games are preferred to last longer, the developers should have taken advantage of this and told the story by the book, like Dumbledore's life and Harry's secrecy of the Hallows. That would make the game much more interesting.

  10. Still higher than Tony Hawk 5 for the PS4. So disappointed on the game.

  11. Way to high… An insanely short (2 HOURS!!!!) repetitive shooter for 50 bucks? 5.5/10???

  12. Imagine bethesda or cdpr making this it will be amazing and a huge open world with ton of side mission

  13. And the lego one is ten time better than this crap

  14. they need to make a new game where you get sorted they could link it with pottermore and make it for xbox 1 and ps4

  15. 5.5? what have you been smoking? this game is god awful – varied shooting in a game that is not meant to be a shooter is a plus so big that everything else can be forgotten – like story, decent animations and everything else? wtf IGN, instant unsubscribe – Angry Joe is at least unbiased

  16. Jesus christ it's more call of duty than harry potter. How stupid do they think people are? Pure lazyness.

  17. She lost her mind better than part 1? Both are my favorite

  18. did not knoew they made a game for each movie . in what world do i live in?? 😮

  19. If I could use Hermione, I'm fine with that hehe

  20. Wish they make an open world harry potter game. Like the witcher 3 or the elder scroll series.
    An RPG like diablo would also be freaking awesome.

  21. Is this game available on the ps4 ? Is it an online game ?

  22. Disagree. Definitely not better than Part 1. It’s extremely repetitive.

  23. Is part 1 or part 2 better? And what do you think of the voicecast?

  24. How are the spells? I heard the spells were very bad in part 1

  25. I actually like all of the hp games i guess im just a hardcore potterhead. Deathly Hallows are fighting games and i love that. The first games are everything than fighting and i love that too

  26. "Hopefully this won't be the last of Harry's video game adventures " It's been 8 years and there's still nothing else for Consoles😒

  27. Can I buy it now ? If yes then from where as I am unable to find it in origin

  28. Everyone wants an harry potter version of GTA 5 so why does rockster,hp and Ubisoft not want to make this the hole world knows harry potter make it

  29. Varied shooting
    Well which one is it?

  30. 5 hr game well yes for regular gamers but speedrunners no appsalutly not the wr is like an hour and like 5 minutes I still beat the game myself just because I like timing it and I did it in 1 hour and like 40 minutes but either way rather if it takes 6 hors 5 or less than 2 hours it's still really short and unsatisfying game when I first got the game beat it just a day after getting it and I wasn't all that happy I thought that was easy should of made the final game much harder it is my least favorite game out of the series witch is why even though it is the shortest one I still beat the other 7 games more than I beat that one I like speedrunning most of them there fun but the final one was just to short and to easy

  31. I got this game around when I was a kid and had decent fun, mainly on its combat aspect of the gameplay I always found it fun to do a certain flow to it, stupyfy if they raise a shield expeliamus to break and then use a big attack like confiringo or that scatter shot move. It was also fun to play as other characters to

  32. Harry Potter should have been unique. First Person Shooter doesn't work. Fighting reminds me a bit of game James Bond Bloodstone.

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