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IGN Reviews – Infinity Blade 2 Game Review

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The new Apple iPad, iPod, and iPhone game Infinity Blade 2 is much more that pretty graphics. Watch as IGN gives its review of the mobile title and find out if the gameplay matches the impressive tech.


  1. Look up a guide, but it's basically sliding across in the shop from a shield across past the 'worn axe' that you've mastered over to the 1 million blade and clicking sell, it gives you 1 million!

  2. To me the story line was bad but gameplay is perfect the story line is too short with a terrible storyline

  3. Guys on my channel i have a video that tells you how to earn unlimited money on this game easily!!!! go check it out!!!

  4. Guys on my channel i have a video that tells you how to earn unlimited money on this game easily!!!! go check it out!!!

  5. I've been waiting for Infinity Blade : Dungeons for like,2 already if they take that long to make something,hopefully it will make the game a lot better

  6. Wow, the third 10 I've seen in the IGN video reviews.

  7. hm i like the game but is there really only those 3 wards, than the last boss and the bonus boss after you beat all to do? I know theres a ton of items but i'd like more optional bosses

  8. Dude it was already announced as cancelled.

  9. Infinity blade dungeons was cancelled:(

  10. Glad is was because it looked nothin like infinity blade 1 or 2

  11. infinity blade 3 out today yay!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Just got Infinity Blade III in the morning. Can't wait to have a look

  13. didyouknowthatiloveyousomuchthatimadeareallylongnamebutmaybejustmaybeiloveyoutoomuchthatidiedtheend! says:

    no it shouldnt

  14. Okay fine, if the game is not cancelled, then why hasn't it released yet? Research before your comment, and do not curse when it is not necessary, and last, yes this is a late respond.

  15. They said it is still better than infin blade 2 lol

  16. This is how you do a sequel, bioware take notice and look at what you did to Mass Effect 3 and Dragon Age 2.

  17. Did he just say that this game takes 6 hours to beat and the first only 1 hour? Thank god I didn't buy this.

  18. Y'all gave this iOS game a 10/10. Meanwhile, y'all just gave The Witcher 3 a 9.3/10. Figure that shit out

  19. don't you need the infinity blade to finish the first game.

  20. this is proof ign are c0ck sucking tr0lls

  21. Dank caves means something different in 2017

  22. I am a total android user and I hate everything about apple. However, I would willingly BUY AN IPAD just so that I could play this goddamn beautiful game

  23. And i just redownload! Going to start a new character!

  24. well, vault of tears, nothing at all just items or holy band ring, and the skycages unnecessary fight to get items only.

  25. infinity blade three, seriously quest after quest, yet still need to kill radriar only.

  26. first zero mech, second defeat radriar, third defeat worker of secret.

  27. Ib 1 (ok) 6/10 weird dialogue and repetitive

    Ib 2 (great) 7/10 too many of the same characters from the last game
    And the too easy

    Ib 3 (crap) 4/10 oh boy bad dialogue horrible controls slow plot lag and overall boring plot and that f*cking dragon

  28. I am SO mad that epic games removed the IB franchise from the app store

  29. Lol and raid is bosting about being the "best moblie game with the best graghics and amazing story" when infinity blade was years ahead of them

  30. I like how he talks about IB1 being repetitive, Bloodline 5 is considered early for all you casuals out there :/

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