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IGN Reviews – Jurassic Park Game Review

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IGN gives its review for the new Jurassic Park game. Does this new dinosaur packed game come even close to the movie’s epic scale?
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  1. I was thinking of buying this game, until I saw that the game is just all a f***ing cutscene

  2. I loved the game it's very exiting in my opinion.

  3. So we didna give this a pass from the makers of The Walking Dead?

  4. I'd love a good dinosaur horror/just-running-away game.

  5. The Telltale that made this game, isn't even recognizable from the Telltale today

  6. this is on the PS Store for PS3 right now for .99 cents for a limited time. Not buying it though

  7. just got it during the flash sales on PSN. I dont care if its rubbish. Its 99c. 

  8. FYI, all Telltale games pre walking dead game are $0.99 in PS Store!

  9. If you're a Jurassic Park fan and own a PS3, buy this game this weekend. If it sucks, who cares it cost 25 cents per episode.

  10. I thought it was awesome and even creepy at times

  11. I'm glad this was only $1, only worth the 50 trophies.

  12. So not as good as The Walking dead & The Wolf Among us

  13. Whoever reviewed this probably didn't even play episode 2. All the characters were well developed. 

  14. Game was quite fun but so rushed like sonic 06

  15. I loved this game no matter what anyone says.

  16. I just played this game and it was fucking awesome i would defenitly give it like an 8.5 or maybe a 9 but i just love jurassic park so that could be it

  17. Such an awful game, I loved the first jurassic park but this game is just shit. Bland and uninteresting. Don't listen to the 3 retards saying it's 9 out of 10. It's trash in a garbage can

  18. this game has a much better plot and interesting characters than JP3

  19. they should bring back the one for sega cd or make it similar. I haven't played that 1 since it came out but i really liked it

  20. This game is not even remotely close to the Walking Dead game from the same company. This game is just flat out boring and it doesn't even matter what choices you pick in the dialogue. The results are going to be the same regardless.

  21. a million times better than the new movie Jurassic world

  22. this is a telltale game??!!! i thought this was a crappy game by a different dev. telltale was ruff in 2010-2011.

  23. This game is seriously all quick-time events as a substitute for actual gameplay? The fact that the only positive point they had was "dinosaurs!" just proves that this game was garbage.

  24. I bought it only cause it was $2 many months ago on the PSN. I like screwing up on purpose and watching them get eaten by the dinos. Im funny though what ever game I buy I need to play it and beat it. Yea the game is shitty but w/e I love Jurassic Park.

  25. Wanna feel even older…

    This video is now 5 years old…

  26. Story and characters were incredibly well written, yet the gameplay wasn't very good. I love QTE moments, yet the ones in this game were poorly made. This guy is foolish to say that the characters aren't well written, they actually were. I agree that playing as every character was unnecessary and confusing, we should have only been able to play as Nima and Gerry. This game was far superior to Lost World and III. Those were cash grab sequels with terrible writing and "Mor Actun !" I still loved this game, yet not as much as I wanted to.

  27. Did you know that gerry was in the first movie

  28. This review is a little harsh, the game is not that bad… I got it for a great price and so far i'm really enjoying it… Glad I got it..

  29. Not every chapter ends with them about to get of the island chapter 2 ended at the parasaurolophus enclosure with (the second) pack of raptors witch the game explains in the virtual guide in the pause menu

  30. How do you not know who you’re playing as it’s not that confusing I thought it was an effective and interesting way to display the world its convoying

  31. Weak story? Are you kidding?
    This game has a much better story than Jurassic Park III! And it's a game…

  32. i hate that type of combat. looks like a walking dead game with dinosaurs

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